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Today’s Story-Modern Bikini

On July 18, 1946, the bikini swimsuit was first introduced in Paris. The striptease lady Mitchard Bernardini showed bikinis under a pool for the first time at a swimming pool. The journalists gathered in awe. The original bikini swimsuit consisted of three cloths and four straps. The bra was used to cover the breasts. The back was almost completely naked except for the straps. The crotch of the briefs was lifted up as far as possible, exposing the crotch of the hips to the greatest extent. The form is simple, small and exquisite. The fabric used is less than 30 inches and can be kneaded into a match box.

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The 50’s was hailed as the “most elegant” fashion design era. Swimwear design also holds this elegant and sexy beauty. The aesthetic needs of the era of breast-breasted breasts have allowed corsets to return in fashion, affecting swimwear designs that also allow the waist to be slimmer and chest fuller through the underwear keel and fillers. The integration of various design details is also influenced by fashion. At this point Siamese swimwear is still more mainstream than the split body, although the bikini is still only a very few people can accept the style, but with the gradual liberalization of ideas, it seems to have begun quietly into the hearts of people.

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From mid-summer to midsummer, seaside vacation is an essential way for people to relax. In addition to coconut trees and blue sky, Bikini beauty has become a unique and charming landscape along the coast. What are the great opportunities for actresses who are keen to show good stature but also good fashion taste? Let us approach the beach together to see if the hot dresses of the female stars also add some new ideas to their bikinis.

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