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This lingerie brand has a good plan to close the female orgasm gap

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We are in a charming period of the feminist movement. In the past six months, #MeToo and #TimesUp hashtags have lit up social media to remind the world of rampant rape and sexual harassment in our society. But as time goes by, the conversation becomes more detailed. What we’re starting to think about is not just bad or problematic sexual activity – it’s also about women’s good sex.

Melanie Cristol could not prepare for the conversation. Years after serving as a healthcare lawyer with a prominent company, she quit her partner tracker career two years ago and created a full-time product to help more women enjoy oral sex. Her new product, Lorals, is Cheap Sexy Lingerie made of thin latex, similar to the materials used in condoms.
It is designed to feel luxurious to the skin, but it is very thin and flexible, allowing oral and finger penetration. New products can be ordered on Indiegogo today and will soon be available on the Lorals website.

While nonporous latex blocks fluid, the primary goal of undergarments is not to prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases, although Cristol is currently using the FDA-approved product as a medical device. “My company’s goal is to get more women to say yes to oral sex,” she said.

Kristol has long been criticizing the sexual pleasure of women. As an undergraduate at Columbia University, she is an advocate of the Rape Crisis Center. She also advises Just Ask Alice, a sex education agency in the health center, as a counselor. In her ongoing dialogue, she became aware of the “orgasmic gap” because women were half as likely as men during sexual activity.

A study by the author of the journal Gender Diaries found that 81% of women had orgasms during intercourse, about three times more than during intercourse. However, in a survey conducted by Christopher, she found that 80% of women rejected oral sex when they wanted to say yes. “Women reject oral sex for many different reasons,” she said. “They may be worried that they have not taken a bath, have just returned from the gym, or are at the end of their period, and they may be worried about the taste and smell of their sexual partners.”

On the other hand, men seem to be less inhibited. According to the Canadian Journal of Human Sexuality, they are twice as likely to receive oral sex as women.
Through Lorals, Cristol hopes to create a product that helps women overcome some self-awareness. Lorals are black and look like any other sexy underwear, but they are disposable.
Cheap Sexy Lingerie
The idea is to have a woman have Cheap Sexy Lingerie and be able to put them in the right place before oral sex. This, of course, means adding another step in the process of sexual activity, but Cristol believes it should be fairly easy to introduce this new behavior into the process.

She said: “I hope that grabbing a pair of Lorals will be as natural as catching condoms during sex.”

And at the moment, when we question what kind of gender consent really means, taking the time to pause and put on a pair of Lorals may add another layer of positive consent, Cristol said. “When I beta-tested the product, some wearers specifically mentioned that they appreciated Lorals giving them a chance to say ‘yes, I want this,'” Cristol said.

Like many women with leading health brands, Christopher has been working hard to market her new products on social media. Twitter temporarily closed her personal account, although she did not have any specific words or pictures. Although she never got a definitive answer, she believes it is because she released a Mashable article on male dolls and in her profile says her goal is to help women “love spoken English forever.”
When she tried to market the product on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, Christopher foreseen troubles. She is a member of the Sex of Tech Tech women’s group and sees many other members of the group experienced similar struggles.

But she is preparing for the fight because she wants the new Cheap Sexy Lingerie to be the norm in the bedroom for women. “There are so many terrible things in the world, but good sex makes our life better,” she said. Studies show that orgasm can reduce stress and physical pain and increase self-esteem and even human life expectancy. “I want to make women happier, and good oral sex is one way.”

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