The Confidence Boost of Best Bodysuits: Feeling Empowered and Beautiful
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The Confidence Boost of Best Bodysuits: Feeling Empowered and Beautiful

Everyone deserves to feel amazing but women often have a hard time accepting their real bodies. Similarly, they have a hard time finding the right clothes that make them look and feel good at the same time.

For this reason, we are talking about bodysuits because they are flexible and look amazing on everyone. So, it means you must have a bodysuit for yourself as there are endless options available. This means that you can easily find something for yourself. They can be used to boost your confidence. So, if you want to know more, we are sharing the details!

Top 5 Benefits of Purchasing a Bodysuit

A bodysuit was considered lingerie not so long ago. However, the trends are changing because you can use them to feel and look amazing. The shirts can come out and don’t offer the perfect fitting. However, when you go with bodysuits, they don’t bunch up and stay in for a long time.

It will give you a sleek and smooth look (who doesn’t want to look all polished, right?). Now, let’s have a look at some other benefits as well!

· Good-Looking Fits

Bodysuits are made to hug your curves in all the right places. This makes you look slimmer, which can make your natural shape look better. Each bodysuit style will look great on a different type of person, whether you’re short, plump, or plus-size.

· Shaping

A lot of bodysuits have shapewear features like smoothing panels and light compression. This can help to smooth out trouble spots like love handles or a tummy pooch, giving you a more sculpted look. In fact, Feelingirl has seamless bodysuit shorts available that will help you shape your thighs.

· Comfort

The bodysuits are made from comfortable and soft fabrics to make sure they feel like second skin. This means that you can move around all day without feeling off.

· Suitable for Different Occasions

You can wear bodysuits on different occasions because you can style them in thousands of ways. For instance, you can wear the black bodysuits with pants and blazer for office look. Another option is to wear your lace bodysuit with jeans and boots for a brunch date.

· Easy Layering

Bodysuits are great for adding layers. You can wear bodysuits under jackets, cardigans, and kimonos. You can also pair them with open tops for a casual summer look. They make you look classier and keep you cool even when the sun is out!

Tips for Finding the Best Bodysuit

Since there are so many styles and fits available in bodysuits, making a final choice can be hard. For this reason, we are sharing some tips to get you started.

The Body Type

If you have a pear-shaped body, you should choose something with a sweetheart of V neck. That’s because it creates a more balanced shape. You can also have a bodysuit with ruching to add some volume.

If you are apple-shaped, empire waist or wrap bodysuits can help hide your middle and make your waistline stand out more. We recommend going for fabrics with a little bit of give.

If you are an hourglass shape, you are lucky because you can try different types of bodysuits. For instance, you don’t have to stick to the same straps and necklines because most of them look amazing on you.

If you are petite, choose bodysuits with shorter chest lengths to keep them from bunching up. A style with a high waist can also make your legs look longer. You can also go with a v neck thong bodysuit.

If you are curvy, look for bodysuits made of high-quality, stretchy materials that will fit your curves well. If the style is too tight, stay away from it.

What we love about this discussion is that you won’t have to visit different shops to buy bodysuits. That’s because Feelingirl has a lot of options available and they are all suitable for different body shapes and sizes.

The Fabric

When choosing your fabric, think about the event and the weather. For daily wear, fabrics that let air flow, like cotton or modal, work best. For special events, a shapewear bodysuit made of a mix of nylon and spandex might be a better choice.

Feelingirl Deep V-Neck Thong Bodysuit
Feelingirl Deep V-Neck Thong Bodysuit

Feelingirl has chosen the recycled fabrics, which are soft on your skin and easy on the planet. In addition, their fabrics have the stretch and flexibility you need for proper fitting.


You’ve to look for features that can make your silhouette look better. For instance, you have to look for ruching, lace panels, or strategically placed seams.

Ideas for Bodysuits for Every Occasion

Bodysuits are great because they can be worn in many ways. These outfit ideas should help you decide what to wear.

· Professional Look

You can wear a black turtleneck bodysuit with a skirt that fits you well. That’s because it is a professional and formal look (you can also add a jacket). We recommend that you add some bright earrings or lipstick to add a pop of color.

· Weekend Casual

On the weekend, wear a bodysuit with a graphic print with high-waisted pants and sneakers to look good and feel good. This is a perfect outfit if you want some cute picture for your Instagram as well.

· Night Out

You can wear a suede or lace bodysuit with a leather skirt or high-waisted pants for a night out to look more stylish. In fact, Feelingirl has lace full bodysuit that looks sexy for the night-outs. The lace surely turns up the heat and you can wear a blazer on top too.

· Easy Elegance

We recommend wearing a white bodysuit with wide-leg pants and a straw hat. This is perfect for a classic and classy look. We recommend this look for summer breakfast or a shopping day.

Your Confidence is the Most Important!

Even though the right outfit can make you feel better about your self-esteem, real beauty and strength come from inside. Don’t forget that a bodysuit is only there to help you feel good. Accept your body as it is and be proud of being yourself. All in all, if you need a place to shop from, Feelingirl is a great choice!

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