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How to Wear Women Suits in Chic Way

The first thing that pops into your head when I say ‘office’ and ‘formals’ are – suits. Yes, they are trademarks of an authentic office or meeting set up. Women often wear these to any important conferences or meetings. But just to challenge the old fashion trends, here are few ways in which you can style your suits to make them look trendy and better. Yes, they will still be the formal wear but will also make you look stylish.

Wear your blazer and pants with a tank top. Yes, if you haven’t tried this yet, then you should do it. Instead of going for the same old formal shirts, this is a safe alternative to make you look classy and fashionable.

If you are okay with wearing different layers of clothing on you, then this one is for you. Over your formal shirt, put on a t-shirt! Then you can wear regular blazers with jeans pant or the regular suit pants. This is the nerdy look that will draw you a good score in the fashion game. Pair it with cool, black-rimmed, cat-eye glasses and you’ll make heads turn.

Scarfs are life saviors! If you use them to cover your face against the dust or simply like to tie them to your sling bags, you should consider wearing them with your suits too. Take a scarf that compliments the color of your suit and wrap it fashionably around your neck. This is going to transform your look visibly.

Suits that have bell-bottom pants are going to make you look slimmer and better. I would say, go for the satin silk shirt and a slightly tight blazer, unlike the loose ones that the office going ladies choose.  This is going to make you look professional and also fun-loving.

Go for the bright colors! People end up buying suits only in the black, white and cream colors. Get out of that zone and choose vibrant colors like neon green, Blue, Red or Magenta. They will make you stand out in the crowd.


Whatever you wear, just keep your confident face on and rule the world like it’s no one’s business!


5 Dresses That Will Flatter Your Figure

When you are walking towards a store while ogling at a dress you love, then a lot of thoughts keep running in your mind. How are you going to look in that dress? How would you mix and match it up if you need it to? For what occasions can you wear that dress? Blah blah blah…There are different dresses for different body types. The dress will vary according to the cuts and sizes. Thus, all you need to know is your body type and what dresses will suit your body. That’s it! Once you know what exactly suits your body, you will be confident in buying all the dresses you love. We are going to help you get the perfect dresses that will flatter your body.

Women have different types of body. First is the apple-shaped body. It is when you have a heavier upper body compared to the lower section of the body. People with this type of body have bigger shoulders and a bigger bust line. For the apple-shaped body, the best option is to wear the A-line or the empire cuts that are just perfect.

Wear printed dresses or patterned jackets that will add a layer to shift the focus. Opt for the monochrome looks, dark colors and full or 3/4th sleeves or dresses. The flowy tops will also help you. You can also wear flared bottoms, palazzos for creating a balance. Also, since the shoulders are broad for the apple-shaped body, make sure you wear the right innerwear.


Hourglass body is another form of body shape for women. This is considered as the best body shape. It is the most balanced of all with a proportionate top and bottom part along with a well-defined waistline. Opt for the cinch at the waist because it will be the best fit. Opt for the V or plunge V and sweetheart necklines to flaunt the upper body. Opt for a belt at the natural waistline.

A pear-shaped body is another form of the body that women have. Your thighs and butt are visually bigger than the upper body. Thus, let’s make some space for the base ladies! The advantage is, you can create an illusion of an hourglass figure. Opt for the wide-legged pants, the A-line skirts or dresses with the patterned or ruffled tops that will add definition to the upper body.

If you have a rectangle-shaped body, you can opt for the A-line skirts or the ruffled and layered tops. These dresses will add definition to the bottom and necklines. You can also choose the sleeveless, strapless or sweetheart lines.



Find Beautiful plus Size Dress under $100

Are you planning to add some fun, fashion, and fabulous style to your wardrobe? Then these plus-sized beautiful dresses are the best option. At present, the plus-sized dress styles are the one trend that is not going to go away. The mini and midi dresses will still have their way in your wardrobe but the maxi dresses are the versatile ones that can save any day. They are gradually taking over fashion trends all over the world. In the following section of the article, we are going to share the best plus-sized dresses that come under $100.

The first one on our list is the V-neck chiffon sleeveless short A-line dresses that come with tiers and ruchings. The dress is available in different colors and you can choose one according to your body-type, skin-type and color preference. The back style of this dress is a zipper low-back and the sleeveless dress brings a tinge of hotness into it.

The next one on our list is the chiffon bateau neckline tiered sleeveless gown. You can own it in custom measurements. The best part is, it comes in multiple colors for your preference and events. This is a knee-length dress that comes with a scoop neckline and a zipper back style.


The third one on the list is the sequined strapped V-back short plunging neck dress. It has got the desired A-line with a knee-length hem. There is a v-neckline with a zipper style low-v-back design as well. It has got the empire style waist that makes your lower portion of the body look slimmer. It comes with chiffon fabric. The best part of this plus-sized dress is it has got crystal detailing and ruchings as embellishments.

The fourth one on our list is the sweetheart criss-cross sleeveless chiffon prom dress that comes with a broach. This is a floor-length dress that has a sweetheart neckline and an open-back zipper style. It is sleeveless and the fabric is chiffon. The embellishments are made of beads, ruchings and split front.

Finally, you can opt for the A-line sleeveless layered lace detail dress. It has got an a-line silhouette with empire cuts. The hemline is knee-length, and a scoop neckline. The dress comes with a zipper back style and it is sleeveless. The chiffon fabric is extremely smooth and it has embellishments of lace and ruffles.

Top Trendy Yellow Crop Top Shirts

Yellow is the new trending color that all the girls are looking for. Many girls are confused what clothing pieces to buy in yellow color so it can look beautiful on them. here are some amazing top trending crop shirts in yellow shades that you can try:

Floral yellow crop shirt

Floral print is very popular among the girls nowadays. you can include small floral patterns on  the yellow crop shirt with the boho sleeves. these shirts give you the perfect summer vibes and you can easily pair this shirt with white flared trousers or white jeans to get that stylish look. you can choose the hem work detailing in  your top as it is very trending and gives extra structure to your top.

Pleated flared sleeves in crop shirt

Pleated volume sleeves look amazing on every body type and you can choose the lime yellow color for this crop shirt. Lime yellow color looks very fresh and eye pleasing. It also makes you look more girly and beautiful. Many girls go with the bottom knot in the crop shirt as it defines the waistline properly. Pair it with any of the ripped jeans along with the high heels and you are ready to go. You can also go with the simple multilayer chains on your neck to enhance the look.


Satin yellow crop shirt

Satin material gives you the chic look and this shiny cop shirt is perfect for the date nights. Satin feels amazing on the skin and you can easily wear this shirt throughout the day. Pair it with the black trousers and with some simple neck jewelry. You can also go with the big hoop earring instead of neck chains if you want.


Lace detailed

Lace detailing is always pretty and you can easily get various designs online. Yellow lace work compliments all the skin tone and any girl can rock this crop shirt easily. Pair it with your favorite skinny or boyfriend jeans and you are done. Take the statement glasses or handbag along to comp0lete the entire look.


Yellow high neck crop shirt

High necks are always in trend and you can buy these types of shirts easily at the very affordable price range. These crop shirts can give you the perfect casual look that you want and can be paired with any jeans. You can choose the length of the sleeves according to your desire.



These Easy Comfortable Outfit is An Alternative to Your Classic Look

Fashion is all about being comfortable in what you are wearing. Confidence is the key to rock any look and make your simple causal cloths look good on you. There are many clothing pieces that are extremely comfortable and look classy too. Here are some trending outfits that you can go for:
Simple tees with solid color waist hem trousers
This outfit is all about comfort and causality. You can wear this on the regular basis when you go for shopping or hang out with friends. Choose the simple tees and pair it with the complimenting hem trousers. These trousers look amazing on every body type and complete the look by wearing sneakers. You can also thro crop cardigan on the top of the tees if you want some extra layering.

Oversize patterned blazer with slim fitted jeans
Nothing looks more chic and classy than the oversized blazer on girl’s body. Don’t go for the too loose blazer as it can ruin the entire look. Choose the detailed patterns like geometrical lines to get that detailed fine look. Pair the blazer with your favorite slim fit or boyfriend jeans. Add some gold jewelry pieces on your neck and ears and you are ready to the day dates or important events.

V neck jumpsuits
V neck cutouts are always classy on every girl and you can go for the comfortable v neck jumpsuits for that gorgeous look. Choose the slid colors avoiding bold patterns on your jumpsuits to keep it minimalistic and chic. Pair your jumpsuit with simple chain or bracelets along with the statement handbag to complete the entire look.

Graphic t-shirt with loose cardigan
Graphic t-shirts are very trending nowadays and you can get the amazing look by pairing it with the high waist comfortable boyfriend jeans. Top the t-shirt with the detailed loose cardigan to get that beautiful look. This outfit is really outgoing and you come towards the street style look. you can complete the look by wearing statement glasses or going with the beautiful clutch.

Long shirt dress
This outfit is very relaxing and classy at the same time. You can go with any light color long shirt dress and pair it with the ripped slim fit jeans. This look is inspired from the runway model and is very common over the social media. Complete the look by wearing classy wrist watch and point high heels.


Vintage Grandpa Jeans Trend 2019

Grandpa Jeans are very similar to the flared jeans and can style with ease to get the perfect vintage look. These jeans are having extra volume at the lower end. Many girls get confused what to wear with these trending grandpa jeans and how to style them. However there are many amazing ways by which you can make your look more exciting and unique from the rest. Some ways to style your grandpa jeans are:

Grandpa Jeans with loose t-shirt

These jeans are having a great volume and give a perfect casual look without doing much on it. You can pair them up with your solid color loose t-shirt. They will look picture perfect with a unique style. You can complete the look by going with your favorite sneakers.


Grandpa Jeans with oversized blazer

With the grandpa jeans and over sized blazer you can rock the city streets. This is the perfect fall dress and with the layering you can also make this look perfect for the winter as well. Accessories also play an important role in this look. You can amp your outfit by statement glasses and your classy wrist watch.


 Grandpa Jeans with the crop top

Crop top can make any pair of jeans better completing your entire look. You can choose the volume sleeves or well fitted sleeves on your grandpa jeans as per your desire. You can also go with the off shoulder tops or graphic tees. Add some simple jewelry pieces for that extra charm.



Grandpa Jeans with turtle neck top

Turtle neck always looks amazing on every girl. You can pair it up with the grandpa jeans to get that perfect vintage look. You can also go for the long earrings and pointy heels to enhance the overall look. try to go for the solid one color turtle neck top.


Grandpa Jeans with loose sweater

If you are looking for the cozy vibe, go with the loose sweater which is very trending nowadays. Pair this sweater with your grandpa jeans and get that comfortable and relaxed look. You can complete this look by the pair of boots or sneakers.