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Simple Exercises That You Can Do Them Easily

The way society functions makes it difficult for us to find the time to fit exercise into our schedule. With jobs to do, errands to run, and the constant pull of our media devices. It can be all too tempting to devote our free time we do have to Netflix, YouTube, and games. But what if we told you there was a way you could accomplish both – stay active and enjoy your favorite shows? This blog post is all about making exercise part of our everyday lives. Just closing into easy, enjoyable workouts that we can perform alongside our favorite movies and TV shows. So forget the excuses and embrace a healthier, more active lifestyle!

Why exercise while watching TV?

Exercising while watching TV involves making the most of commercial breaks to engage in high-intensity, brief workouts. Just taking advantage of the approximately 11 minutes and 20 seconds of ad time per hour. If you watch TV for three hours, these mini workouts can accumulate to over 45 minutes of exercise. It will burn around 180 calories for a 150-pound person. It’s essential to vary your exercises, focusing on bodyweight movements, and consider individual factors like gender and fitness level. Always prioritize safety, and consult with a doctor if necessary. And ensure you have a spacious, hazard-free area for your TV workout.

Exercises to Do While Watching TV

Watching TV is a beloved relaxation activity for many but for those with sedentary routines or a desire to boost daily movement. You can incorporate exercises during TV time is a smart choice. This elevates daily activity levels but also allows you to work on various aspects of fitness. Such as increasing strength and flexibility and transforming leisure moments into opportunities for overall well-being enhancement. Here are some exercises you can do while watching TV:

#1: Lunges:

Lunges are a timeless and effective exercise that has stood the test of time for good reason – they deliver results! Much like squats, lunges are fantastic for sculpting your legs and buttocks. To perform a proper lunge, maintain an upright upper body with your chin up and engage your core muscles. Take a step forward with one leg, lowering your body until the front leg forms a perfect 90-degree angle. Ensure your weight remains centered on your heels, then push back up to your initial stance. Aim to complete 20 repetitions with one leg before smoothly transitioning to the other leg. All the while reaping the benefits of this fantastic lower-body workout.

#2: Lower body exercise:

During the first commercial break, engage in lunge variations to sculpt and strengthen your thighs, glutes, calves. And core while elevating your heart rate for enhanced calorie burn. Start without weights, gradually adding them for increased intensity. During the initial commercial, step into a forward lunge, then alternate legs throughout the 30-60-second break. Transition to side lunges during the second commercial to target inner and outer thigh muscles, and for subsequent commercials, switch to backward lunges. If more than three commercials air, revisit the front lunge sequence. Maintain proper posture by ensuring your shoulders align with your hips, avoiding any leaning towards the moving leg. If you experience knee or joint discomfort, keep the front knee aligned with or slightly behind your toes.

#3: Strengthen core:

While watching TV, you can focus on strengthening your core, and it’s simpler than it might seem. Try doing a basic plank exercise, either with your weight on your hands or elbows, and hold the position without letting your hips drop to the floor. Since most commercials last around 30-60 seconds, aim to maintain the plank for the entire commercial duration. At first, you might only manage 15 seconds, which is perfectly fine. With practice and consistency, you’ll extend it to the full commercial break, lasting three minutes or more. To make it more challenging, experiment with different plank variations that engage various parts of your midsection.

#4: Jumping jacks:

Jumping jacks are a classic exercise that can really get your heart pumping. As long as you’re mindful of your neighbors below! During every commercial break, challenge yourself to do as many jumping jacks as possible. And ou’ll significantly increase your heart rate while torching a substantial number of calories. According to POPSUGAR, just one minute of jumping jacks can incinerate eight calories, making it an efficient way to boost calorie burn and overall fitness while enjoying your TV time.

#5: Sit-ups:

Traditional sit-ups remain a valuable exercise, and you can perform them conveniently on a yoga mat. As suggested by Cosmopolitan, aim for 25 repetitions twice during the commercial breaks of your favorite show. Be sure to focus on lifting your head towards the ceiling to ensure proper form and engage your core effectively. This simple yet effective routine lets you make the most of your TV time by incorporating a beneficial abdominal workout.

Closing Thoughts

Incorporating exercise into your TV time might be the missing piece to your wellness puzzle. It’s all about seizing the opportunity to stay active, even during those cozy binge-watching sessions. By integrating these simple exercises into your daily routines, you can make strides toward a healthier. And a more active lifestyle without sacrificing your favorite shows. So, next time you settle into your couch for some quality TV time. Please remember that it’s also an excellent opportunity to take a step closer to your fitness goals. Get moving, stay entertained, and enjoy the benefits of a balanced and active life.

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