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Saudi Arabia to allow women in bikinis at new beach resort

The ultra conservative kingdom of Saudi Arabia has announced the construction of oneLuxury resorts in the Red Sea, women will be allowed to wear Bikinis nightclubs insteadHaving the body completely covered up by oneself.

Experts believe the ambitious action initiated by the heir to the throne of Saudi arabia,Mohammed bin Salman Prince is another attempt to modernize oil dependence on the economy.Saudi law stipulates that women face extreme restrictions, including inability to drive orTravel without the permission of a male relative. Women will also be coveredTheir bodies are in public, making womens bikinis sale nightclubs traditionally unacceptable.But the government says the resort will be legally bound”.

International standard: “the resort will cover 50 islands and is expected to attract.”.”Visitors from all over the world are relaxing visa restrictions.

More: Saudi Arabia finally allows girls to participate in sports, which is a big problem.More: Saudi women drivers say to women, “you have been deprived of your rights, not given.””.There is no doubt that Prince Mohamed’s vision is 2030… increaseIn dealing with women, the image of the kingdom of the world is relatively lowMassoud Maalouf said, in the middle of the former diplomats and advocates of women’s rightsNortheast africa.

According to the law, foreign women can wear Western clothing in their clothing, he said.Compounds, but they must cover the whole body of robes, robes, and costumes”- public. However, this law has not been strictly enforced and foreign women can.Sometimes western style clothes are worn in public. Foreign women andSaudi born people do not need to hide their faces, he said.Saudi Arabia, like the United States, has a rich regional culture. coastalCities tend to be more relaxed when the central part of the city tends towards the city.More conservative, “says Fatimah Baeshen, director of the Arabia Foundation”D.C.,” so foreign women and Saudi women put on skirts and put on some clothes.No one else wears a headscarf. Some cover their faces,Others chose not to do so.”

Baeshen, a Saudi national and social economist, believes the resort will openThe kingdom is for domestic, regional and international visitors. “Saudi Arabia hasThere is a strong brand in religious tourism. This is also a broader diversification effort.To enhance the pedestrian traffic including religious tourism and leisure as well, “Fatimah, TianyuanSaid.

Saudi Arabia is under great criticism for its strict regulation of women’s rights.Clothing。

Last month, a young woman was arrested for wearing a skirt and buttoned her blouse.Virus video. She was released free of charge after hinting at clothes.The Washington Post news agency said the incident caused an international sensation.The apartheid system is unfair. This is a great insult to Saudi Arabian women.”Foreigners have more rights than locals,” says Sarah Leah Whitson,Executive director, division for human rights watch, Middle East and North africa.Whitson says she wants the new initiative to be more open, but it’s a mustThe right thing is that Saudi women should enjoy full rights.”

She said she was allowed to wear swimsuits before announcing Saudi womenThere are only women’s swimming pools or some enclosed buildings in the stadium, but…The resort will be the first open place for Saudi women to wear Bikinis nightclubs.The belief that women’s rigid rules will not change rapidly in Saudi arabia.”There is no sign that Saudi women will be relaxed in the near future.”. However,The vision of Prince Mohammed 2030 may allow more flexibility on the road.”Women dress up,” he said. “Now there are so strict rules, it’s hard to predict.”.A swift and radical change.”

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