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Annoying fashion clothing is popular at the moment, especially if we are talking about the 2018 fall fashion show of the 1980s. Think of Tom Ford’s Rodeo Drive babes, Technicolor leopard prints, Marc Jacobs’s large shoulder strap zoot suit, Isabel Marant’s sequined metal mini skirt, and other styles.

Fashion is returning to the era of supermodels and material girls, proud of its fabulous, apologetic excess. In addition to these major brands, there is also a new brand that has injected a bit of glitz into the swimwear market. Oceanus swimwear was launched this spring by best friend Hannah Attalah, former designer of Jenna Packham and Donna Karan, and Alexia Frangakis, who has held various positions in the fashion industry for the past three years.

The swimsuit was inspired by the common details of the evening dresses of the 80s, including the embroidery of crystal and gold bars. The Oceanus mix includes premium one-piece neon green leopard prints and coral high-waist bikinis, waterproof velvet and metal details. As the designer pointed out, some people should wear tops or tights.

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Attalah and Frangakis cited a tanned Donatella Versace and Sharon Stone as Ginser McKenna’s debut as a debut in the casino. “The 1980s was a dramatic period,” said Atra. “It is full of excess, self-expression and rapid change. Given the current combination of political and cultural activities, we should have expected this comeback, which naturally leads our ideas to that statement era.”

Attalah and Frangakis also believe that the new generation is about to “embrace” more ‘more’ styles and excessive personality.” Therefore, designers believe that despite the popularity of the 1980s on the T-stage, the prospects for the swimwear market are not optimistic. “I think we have found a way to bridge the gap between luxury eveningwear and swimwear through a rich mix of basic fabrics and embroidery,” Frangakis pointed out. “At the time, people were eager to experiment. There was no equipment or hair.”

At a glance at the appearance of the Oceanus, it is clear that Attalah and Frangakis are not afraid to take fashion risks. This photo was taken in a modernist villa in Palm Springs, which includes two sunny bleached blondes with strollers, toy babies and a bag of groceries in the backyard. Can the wild swimwear from the pool to the house to the grocery store go to the wild night? What time is alive.

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