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Confession booth: What is your bikini waxing machine really thinking?

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You don’t wax the vagina like waxing, like a leg. There are many other factors to consider: loose skin, back pressure, hidden hair, and even menstrual blood.

But mainly, those who put their most intimate parts on the table are much more vulnerable than those who simply extend their legs to strangers. That’s why I think I have become a counselor for my clients. When they are half naked, I am playing around in their private area. I have seen it all. There are no obstacles. It is an automatic, mandatory intimacy. They believe that I will not judge them physically, so I think they believe that I will not judge them morally.

When I was waxing them, I learned a lot about people. Most customers like to chat. When I was there, women recognized the business. They talk about violent friendships, terrible mother-in-law, husbands who work too much or do not work enough. I got a client who just got divorced, or just found out that their partner is cheating. They believe that waxing is an opportunity to regain control of one’s body. It gave them a boost, indicating that they started thinking about themselves for a long time.

Surprisingly, how many people come to bikini wax when someone dies. Their existence has fallen into chaos, but it is a way for them to control their lives and bodies. This is physically equivalent to sorting your paperwork drawers.

floral semi formal dresses

Nothing shocks me in the anatomy of women. But I have never really seen the vagina in so many details. I am more focused on the thickness of the hair, the direction of growth or the nasty stray hair inside the vaginal lip. I didn’t really understand the big picture. Once the woman leaves the room, I can’t tell you what her vagina looks like. I can wax all of its value. You are completely desensitized to the vision and smell of a woman’s body.

When I waxed, the customer always seemed to be afraid of weeing, but it never happened to me. People do have their time – all the time. They just put a tampons in, I will put some paper towels there, get extra measures and continue to use it. But when this happens, you have to really focus on hygiene and hygiene. Every time I go back to the pot, I put on my gloves and put on a brand new spatula. It’s not particularly cost-effective, but it means customers can come on a regular basis.

However, people do blow the wind across the table. I called the customer once, and I let her turn over and pull her butt face aside, she blew out loud. She just giggled and we laughed. But everyone is worried about farting. I saw people frantically clenching to stop themselves from doing this. But it is not abnormal. If you want to enter that area, it will happen!

Many of my clients are around 28-32 years old, and I also have a lot of people aged 40-45. The younger group tends to go to Hollywood (everything is off), and older people choose more standard bikinis (a neat inverted triangle) or extended bikini lines (deeper than the standard, leaving a smaller triangle).

floral semi formal dresses

When people are single or dating, their dates are ruthlessly regulated; they don’t want to see a piece of hair. There are fewer people in the relationship. They often say that they come because their partners are licking them, which makes me feel a little sad; you should wax because you want, not your partner. Then there is the fitness brigade; those who go to the club to drink green juice. They keep waxing appointments like clockwork, always very neat. If someone is exercising a lot, they may also wax.

These days people are getting more and more urgent, so I have to hurry. I have a customer who even recorded a conference call during the appointment. We set up a tray table at the waist height, and when I waxed below, she was calm and professional from the waist up. The wedding season is great, or any party season, really. People get bikini wax just like they do nails these days. Programs like Love Island mean people talk more about sex and body, so there is not so much judgment about letting your vagina appear in front of another person.

My work definitely has an impact on my personal life, because I spent a lot of time listening to strangers, I think I have become a friend’s painful aunt. But I must remind myself that not everyone or everything can be solved. I am easy to toss and turn around every night, worrying about the customer’s personal life, so I must be wary of this. I can’t bear all of their pressure. Life is impossible!

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