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Oregon oncologist shows breast underwear at New York Fashion Week

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New York Fashion Week has been a pioneering center of excellence and now Dr. Katie Deming, a radiation oncologist at Kaiser Permanente in Portland, Ore., And Salome are now breaking the new fashion world.

Deming’s Cheap Sexy Lingerie series MAKEMERRY debuted on the runway at the Cancerland x AnaOno Fashion Show on February 11 at New York Fashion Week (NYFW). Breast cancer survivors and patients from all backgrounds and ages participated in the Cancerland fashion show reflecting that breast cancer affects anyone and increases awareness of the disease. The show is hosted by Oscar winning actress and supporter Mira Sorvino.

Dr. Deming designed MAKEMERRY Cheap Sexy Lingerie specifically for women with sensitive skin due to breast cancer treatment such as surgery and radiotherapy. Her collection is designed with patients in mind and is licensed by AnaOno, a Philadelphia-branded apparel brand.

Dr. Deming said: “Radiation causes a similar sunburn reaction on the chest, making it extremely painful to wear a traditional brassiere.” “However, women need the bra’s support due to the swelling and tenderness of their breasts caused by radiotherapy.”
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Over the years, Dr. Deming modified the patient’s bra to feel comfortable during the treatment. In the end, she decided to create a solution that truly took into account the needs of women who had cancer treatment.

Deming’s MAKEMERRY Plunge Bra was moderated by Portland resident Kara Skaflestad at NYFW, a cancer survivor and the founder of the nation’s nonprofit Fighting Pretty. This bra is the first of its kind designed specifically for radiant patients who feel beautiful and comfortable during and after treatment. It consists of soft natural fibers, seamless technology and wireless support.

Dr. Deming, a multidisciplinary breast cancer team at Kaiser Permanente in Salem, is passionate about the comfort and beauty of women in their own bodies.

“Fashion is more than just celebrities and celebrating a healthy body,” she said. “For women who face challenges, including cancer, fashion is likely to change, and MAKEMERRY begins to make women feel confident and beautiful when they feel uneasy and unsafe.”

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