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No, Bikini Baristas, your body parts exposed to drinking coffee are not constitutional rights

Sometimes a news story is so absurd that it’s hard to stand by anyone’s side. This is Everett, the only way to present the legal battle between the city of Washington, and a group of young women whooshing out pumpkin spice latte, customers almost covered with the body.
If you’ve been to the Pacific Northwest, you’ll find coffee booths in almost every shopping center with a parking lot. It’s a very cheap way to start business – I see these kiosks sell for only $20000. No larger than the regular cloakroom, each pavilion contains a server and a Italy espresso machine.
With so many kiosks everywhere, the competition is fierce and the owners look for ways to stand out in a creative way. Some offer a surprising set of plugins (peanut butter is my favorite). Some also sell unexpected foods such as cookies and gravy. Someone else’s hand, free biscuits, or fresh doughnut holes, or dog biscuits, dog passengers.
So this is a no brainer, and some kiosks seek out clothing exposure services to attract customers. Since most kiosks have large windows and almost a low level display, you can drink hot drinks free of charge.
This is where the trouble begins. Eight years ago, in a small town, there are many other problems — five Everett womens bikinis sale  was arrested and charged with prostitution, because they accept the “cream show such things as money long-term undercover investigation” (the two division lick whipped cream off each other) and “Basketball” (that is, the customer put money in their catch the underwear barista).

womens bikinis sale
Since then, the city has been trying to include coffee makers using its laws of indecency, and its assistant prosecutor, Ramsey Ramerman, claims to be “totally ineffective.””. Therefore, the Everett City Council unanimously passed a law requiring the barista and other fast food restaurant attendants to wear the clothing, including the minimum position.” Continue:
“Such clothing shall not be worn through full, underwear, and all minimum parts are still covered at any time, including when the wearer sits, stands, bends, reaches, or performs other duties.”
I don’t know what the smallest body is Don’t be afraid – the City Council provides a definition:
“‘minimum” refers to the upper and lower body (breast / chest, stomach, back, shoulder below, hip, leg three inches below the buttocks, genitals and genitals).”
To better measure, Everett also developed a city wide code that defines an obscenity (among other things):
“1. Exposing or displaying a person’s genitals, anus, half of the buttocks, or any part of a woman’s breasts, breasts, or nipples;
2. Exposed to more than half of the female breasts below the top of the areola; prescribed that the coverage area should be covered with opaque material and that the cover should be attached to the areola.
Just to make it clearer, it added:
Body coatings are not opaque materials.
These apparently stupid laws have been subjected to more foolish lawsuits, seven bikini barista and a newsstand boss. Not satisfied with the legal challenge to limit trade fair or restaurants and private clubs – including the group server is not the lawyer went straight to the first amendment, arguing that most of the skin exposed right of self expression.
As Seattle substitutes weekly strangers to lodge complaints, the argument in terms of freedom of speech is “before they go to avoid saying that the bikini barista is in order to Horny People length is ridiculous.”
For example, it says about barista and their Bikinis nightclub:
They express information about freedom, openness, acceptance, empowerment and individuality. Let them act as people through tattoos, scars, and Bikinis nightclubs, and they choose to wear, barista exchanges, conversations and life experiences, customer’s personal choices, and other topics, otherwise it won’t happen. The barista could not express the information, suggesting that the discussions were not wearing womens bikinis sale  to provide unique expression.”
The barista uses the Bikinis nightclub to describe an interesting, carefree image that allows customers to break through quickly in their everyday lives. Bikinis allow customers to imagine the time when they relax or take a holiday at the beach. The barista can not unify this message with another.”
Not only that, the personal barista explains what bikini means to them. The Bikinis nightclub has nothing to do with sex, but with each duplicate license. One explanation is that, her childhood accident in bikinis exposed scar, she tells the story of “to the customers they opened their own stories with their own stories, another person said,” millions of women to fight for our rights.

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