My Fall Wardrobe list —These 5 Basic Jeans Will Be first to Consider
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My Fall Wardrobe list —These 5 Basic Jeans Will Be first to Consider

There is nothing in the world that can replace a pair of denim. You can find thousands of different styles of jeans. New jeans have become trendy in the past few years, including mom-type, high-wides-flared and side-cut boots, jeans, and many more.  

The main problem with us girls is that we buy one pair of jeans and then stick with it till the end. That’s what weakens your fashion game, and you lose all sense of fashion and styling. To follow new trends, you should wear the popular pair of jeans.

Honestly, jeans of any kind can work with almost any type of top. To make yourself a style icon, you better know about the trending jeans that are worn according to your size.

Also, don’t buy everything you see on the internet, but first, make sure to get into the details of the pair of jeans you will buy. Before buying, ask yourself, Will, that pair of jeans work with your tops, or is that type of jeans really of your type?”

After getting into details, you will surely get to a point where you will happily admit that the type of jeans you can wear will fit you perfectly.

Let’s discuss all the basic types of jeans you should have in your wardrobe.

Skinny Jeans

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Skinny jeans as of now and were always an iconic fashion pair of jeans. Although now it’s confined to only worn with a few tops, baggy style jeans are trending. But still, blue skin-fit jeans should be in your wardrobe. If you are tall, it will surely make you look super chic and enhance your long legs and hips.

Wide White Pants

White is a color that makes you look more stylish and iconic. Jeans of white color never go out of style. A new pair of wide pants in white color must be in your wardrobe. It will be the most comfortable yet stylish pair of jeans you have ever opted for!

Mom-Type Jeans

Have you ever seen a lady wearing a pair of jeans that fit from the bottom and is a wide legend around the legs? Those are mom-typed jeans and are highly trending in the world right now. A girl should have mom-typed jeans in her wardrobe that she can easily style with tops and knitwear. You can carry it with almost everything!!

Straight Leg Jeans

Straight-leg jeans are a big essential and are basic for an everyday look. You can wear it with anything and almost in your daily routine. It gives you a clean and sleek look that makes you drool over this pair of jeans.

Flared Jeans

Flared jeans are now becoming a trend and are worn by everyone because they add length to your legs. It goes with crop tops and gives you a street-style look.

Highly Recommended!


This article has mentioned all the trending and basic jeans a girl should have in her wardrobe. I hope you enjoyed it and gathered some information about basic jeans.

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