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Little-known facts come from the history of the development of swimwear. photo

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Bikini is the most popular women’s swimwear in the world. Bikini may be different (and very significant) from each other, but the concept of clothing remains the same.

In other words, women are two substantially separate garments, one (the underpants) covering the groin and buttocks and the other (breast) covering the chest.

Given the popularity of bikinis as a swimsuit, it may be a false feeling that his fashion itself appeared very free at the time and began to spread everywhere.

but it is not the truth. The prototype of the bikini is much faster than many people think; his path is full of obstacles and obstacles, so we can say that our modern world has gradually become accustomed to this fashion.

To understand the true history of bikinis and the reasons for the popularity of this swimsuit, we offer you ten little-known facts about how to create, move people and change.

It is widely believed that bikinis were invented in France shortly after the Second World War. However, humans have absolutely clear evidence that they have been wearing bikini suits for a long time.

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Let us review the past. In the year before our time, the Eneolithic and Neolithic era, which settled in the ancient ceramic era, is called Catal-hüyük. It is located in the southern part of Anatolia, on the West Asian peninsula, and is home to a talented artist.

There are many creative products for future generations. You can witness the local goddess and wear something that looks like a real bikini. However, this is not the only example of a modern swimwear type, although the oldest one.

There are also ancient paintings and ancient vases belonging to the Greek period of 1400 BC. They also clearly saw women wearing two-piece costumes. These suits may be called the predecessor of the modern bikini.

The prototype of the bikini can also be found in the ancient Roman-related culture. For example, the central part of the Villa del Casale in modern Sicily has an extraordinary mosaic.

This mosaic is called “the coronation of the winner.” It shows the running girls and girls playing handball and throwing dishes. Their clothing is one-on-one and the same as a modern bikini. No wonder this mosaic has another unofficial name: “Girl in bikini.

The evidence you can see with your own eyes is not the only fact that confirms that bikinis (or similar things) were worn years ago.

For example, there are many things in the ancient literature that mention these clothes. Ovid is one of the three most famous Latin Roman poets, and he writes that women may hide their love letters.

He mentioned a blouse that was described as a dress with a female wrapped around his chest. Of course, there are different options, but the shirt in the description is very similar to the upper part of the bikini we are talking about now, that is the bra.

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Another Latin poet, Marshall, from the small town of Targonski, Spain, lived between the 40th and 103rd years of our time and wrote a satirical poem. Among them, he laughed at a female athlete who was too masculine.

Martial describes athletes as eating, drinking, vomiting, and is likely to mate with other women. When this appearance of the female athlete, this is described by the poet, the absolute mirror is similar to what we call “bikini” today.

In one of his poems, Marcus Valerius’s martial arts film mentions a fallen woman named “China” who wears a bikini to the pool. It is very dishonest for the poet to understand this woman in a satirical way, because it tries to cover up its true nature.

They said that most female nudes were included in the pool, so the prostitute mistakenly displayed such a provocative outfit. Interestingly, in the 1940s, bikinis were just becoming more popular, also known as suspicious and provocative…

Most of us are well aware that the promotion of many things, including clothing, has largely contributed to the stars of film and television. Bikini is no exception.

During the French Cannes Film Festival in 1953, the French actress and his true sexy symbol of the era, Brigitte Bardot, took a gorgeous photo in a bikini.

The famous photo shoot of a popular actress immediately led to an unexpected increase in swimwear sales in France and throughout Europe. Then, even a bikini that is so open in the United States is still considered a shameful attire (not to mention the Soviet Union).

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