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Madonna’s former friend begged the judge to put his suit on for sale

Madonna’s former boyfriend asked a Manhattan judge to sue the old singer for her plans to auction the singer’s fortune.
She madgesty has filed a lawsuit a month to judge the womens bikinis sale’s former friends, Darlene, Lutz, and the company must have it! From selling her some highly personal items, collectibles, such as a love letter to the late rapper and ex boyfriend Tupac Shakur, a pair of underpants and a snarling comb with her blond hair.
Lutz’s lawyers point out that their new move, Madonna acknowledges the deposition on this unmarked date, has no real reason to believe that the object was taken away.
“Do you have any good faith-based foundations that claim my client, Darlene Lutz, to put these underwear a lot?” “One of Lutz’s lawyers, Judd Grossman,” he asked.
“No,” answered Madonna, reportedly.

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The paper also argues that “a singer like a virgin can’t claim the ownership of her previously worn womens bikinis sale” because she gave it as a gift to the former Peter Shue in the 90s of the last century.
“Underwear is accompanied by a note,” Madonna told Shue. “It’s luck and love.”Although I only know you less than a week.”
Lutz previously said that Shue is behind the womens bikinis sale auction.
“Ms. Lutz received other letters, including a letter from Tupac Shakur (lot number 128), directly from the plaintiff’s assistant,” the article said, adding items to be thrown in time.
Grossman also believes that Madonna can’t refuse his client to sell his “DNA” – accusing her of comb hair, and she fills it with free womens bikinis sale.
Manhattan Supreme Court judge Gerald Leibovitz had previously ordered an auction moratorium, at least for the moment.
He has not yet ruled whether he will leave.

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