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Emily Ratajkowski releases a chin bikini short film, does not apologize for her sexuality and reveals photos


Model Emily Ratajkowski surprised her with her sexy, envious and envious photo while shooting her 20.6 million Instagram fans. Her recent photo was a small beige bikini that stood in front of the mirror and showed all aspects of her body.

The model features a light beige bikini with a separate chest that reveals her plump cleavage. The top includes an extended cord that wraps around her tight, engraved abdomen and front ties. These simple fabric bikini bottoms feature a high-waisted design that reveals smooth skin on the thighs and buttocks. Her long brown hair flows over her shoulders and back, and she licks the camera with the same lips. She uses a simple gold watch on her right hand to decorate her look.

The model positioning next to the mirror allows her followers to see her flawless figure. In the reflection, the viewer can see her curved, slender legs, rounded flank and trimmed belly.

Emily provided the title for the sexy song “Fall in love with @inamorataswim”, referring to her own swimsuit series Inamorata. On the brand’s website, it’s also suitable for models in Instagram photos, called Las Olas, for $150.

Like all models’ swimwear shots, her fans mad about this photo, commenting on how she looks “sexy”, “amazing” and “sexy”. Many of her fans told her that she was a fitness inspiration, while others commented that they wanted to have Emily’s armpits.
One user wrote, “You are my woman likes it,” another user commented, “You are so perfect. I fell in love with your swimsuit.”

According to an interview published this week by the British “Daily Telegraph”, the model responded to the online trolls attacked by wearing a white shirt without a bra and the Supreme Court nomination for Donald Trump in October. People Bret Cavano. During the event, she was arrested along with actress Amy Schumer.

At the time, Emily arrested her own photo of a protest on her Twitter account with the slogan “Respect for the existence of women or expecting us to resist.”

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