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From Cheap Sexy Lingerie to auto parts manufacturers, many of the trademark wars in Amul

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Coca-Cola, Kodak, YAHOO and other global brands at Wimbledon, what in common?! And India, like Amul, Bisleri, Bajaj, Bata, career and Infosys? They are all recognized as “famous brands” and have legal protection around the world.

When the popular India dairy brand joined this alliance last year, it means entering a special brand category, which is protected at home and abroad. This basically means that no other product can be called Amul anywhere in the world.

Amul’s journey started from a cooperative movement in 1946 to become a well-known global brand not only amazing but also full of trademark warfare. In the latest development, it has been in the state of Gujarat High Court of registration in the five city – Delingha City, Mumbai, Calcutta, Chennai and Ahmedabad – has let the other company logo or other similar names AMUL.

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When Verghese Kurien, also known as the father of the white revolution of India, has many millions of centralized marketing and quality control facilities on the edge of dairy farmers. He feels the need for a brand to create a sense of belonging, which is responsible for the quality of products. Another advantage of the brand is that, although the farmers are a rural sport, they have a quasi commercial strength to fight against their competitors.

Amur is a milk and butter milk brand originally written for Anand Union. Amul continues to become a product, Gujarat milk marketing alliance cooperation umbrella (gcmmf) sales. The first milk of the Kayla district cooperation milk producer alliance created Amul 1955 and has already made the brand gcmmf 1973.

In the latest case, R S Sodhi told the executive director of gcmmf, “this is a trademark infringement case.” The Trademark Office in any region can not allow one company to copy a well-known, well known brand in order to launch products in another category. Amul is a well-known brand, with several companies that have used their products from the manufacturer’s Cheap Sexy Lingerie manufacturers. This is a quick way to get the recall of the brand. ”

“We have had a long struggle with this case. At present, the case has been submitted to the high court in the state of Gujarat in Delingha, Calcutta, Chennai, Mumbai and Ahmedabad office, has allowed Amul or other similar names as a registered trademark, “Sodhi said.

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