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Braless Paris Hilton wears her Cheap Sexy Lingerie in a bold tassel skirt, with fiancé Chris Zylka at the iHeartRadio Awards bash

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After a romantic idea of ​​a ski trip, she announced her engagement at the beginning of the year.

But Paris Hilton proved that her sense of fashion did not diminish, because the unmarried Chris Zillaca suddenly raised this issue because the couple attended the iHeartRadio Music Awards Gala on Sunday night at the Deira Nightclub in West Hollywood.

The 37-year-old socialite had no imaginary look and turned to wear a bold fringe dress. When she met with her 32-year-old actor boyfriend, she had a generous glimpse of her Cheap Sexy Lingerie.

In order to protect her humility, the hotel’s heirs chose clothes to ensure that all eyes were truly protected on her body.

The suit was offset by the black fur on the beautiful shoulder and made her cleavage and black Cheap Sexy Lingerie stand out in this stubbornly wearable dress.

Paris’ long blond hair sits on the loose curls on her shoulders, and she polishes her glamour makeup on the party.

When he was wearing a black hoodie, brown trousers and black sneakers, Chris chose a more casual look.

The actor asked this question when she held a New Year celebration at the end of last year, and Paris stated that she has been her happiest time for the past few months.

When speaking at the red carpet of the iHeartRadio Music Awards in Paris tonight, Paris said: “My life has never been happy. I feel like I’m shining. I just don’t know. I’m like a woman, just like an adult.

“I think my life has just begun.”

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Her man also expressed his happiness and pride in his future wife. He said: “I think she is one of the most knowledgeable women I have ever seen. She just gives suggestions from her various aspects.

“I think the better problem is that you don’t like anything and nothing.”

In the past romance, Richard, Chris’s father to Paris, demanded her marriage.

Both parties revealed that they will hold a series of parties later this year to help them celebrate their big day.

Although they were only recently engaged, the couple rarely kept romantic and often kept PDAs.

When the model was on the red carpet of the music award held on the forum in Los Angeles, and when his wife kissed a kiss on the cheek, Paris and Chris were obviously loved as always.

In order to keep his fiancé close, his arm was on her waist, and Chris performed excellently on the red carpet for the camera.

Paris showed off the figure of her statue in a jaw-dropping red ensemble. One leg was placed on the other foot and her legs were fully displayed.

The lace ensemble series features a bold red finish and a pair of glistening diamond earrings with a bold look throughout the embroidery process.

Paris’s trademark gold is tied to her petite shoulders.

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