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Airlines, bikini stewardess, flight to Muslim countries

Vietnam Vietjet low cost carrier has been forced to Indonesia, when the flight attendants will be fully covered its first flight in Jakarta.
The airline announced that it will launch a direct route from Hu Zhiming to Jakarta is controversial because of a split PR stunt airline in 2012.
The airline has not been approved by the national aviation authorities in the case in womens bikinis sale beauty pageant hosted a composed of the stewardess beauty contest, was fined a total of $20 million, $880.
Five women took part in a local beauty contest. They performed a three minute Hawaii themed dance. Passengers recorded on the camera and then released a short film online.
The controversial entertainment is to celebrate Hu Zhiming city and tourist center of Nha Trang first.
So when VietJet announced the maiden flight to the capital of Indonesia, which was tense by conservative Muslim countries, the crew might not be able to completely cover the path of the government.

However, Indonesia’s ambassador to Vietnam, Ibnu Hadi, has confirmed that Vietjet flight attendants will be properly dressed to fly all flights to Indonesia.
“I want to explain, bikini (stunt) is just an event. This is their new line, Nha Trang Airlines launched, this is a tourist city, so they wore a Bikinis club, “he said, citing 6 liputan radio show as indonesia.
“(Airlines) have been their (Vietnamese) gimmicks for the government.”
“Vietjet is cheap airlines, they will open a gateway to Indonesia, no Bikinis nightclub.”. The opening of the airline is still under discussion. I hope it’s over this year.”
On Tuesday during a news conference in Jakarta, deputy director of the Vietjet’s business affairs, Jay L Lingeswara told reporters that the airline only features airline stewardess on special occasions.
“We believe, is committed to providing the best service and the most suitable for the Indonesian market,” he said, according to the Jakarta post.
Lingeswara added that the company also learned from the opening of a flight to Malaysia.
Vietjet also confirmed that the Muslim travelers provide halal food, the Jakarta post reported.
And bikini stunt attracted a lot of controversy for materialized women seductive sexual harassment, and filming local carrier fame, so that its chief executive officer, Nguyen Thi Phuong Thao, the country’s first female rich.
Vietjet currently operates 35 international routes.

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