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4 Affordable Bags That Will Give You a New Look

Bags are things that every woman must have. Not only serves to carry and store certain items while traveling, but now bags have become a fashion item that can show your personal statement. That’s why designers create bags with so many designs, ranging from luxurious, casual, versatile, and even unique. Believe it or not, a bag can change your overall appearance to be very stylish, as long as you choose it properly. There are many colors and bag designs that you can choose to give a different impression and complement each of your outfits.

One of the popular types of women’s bags is the handbag. You must have known and often used it too. Yes, this is a pouch that is used by hanging it on the wearer’s hand. Handbags have many designs. This bag is also made of various materials, colors, and sizes. In fact, handbags come in various types such as hobo bags, tote bags, satchel bags, kelly bags, baguettes, messenger bags, and so on.

The History Of The Handbag And Its Importance For Women

Handbags have been around since ancient Egypt in the 14th century. Then finally in the 16th century, handbags were created more practical for everyday use. The material for making these types of bags at that time was generally leather with fastening buttons on it.

Of course, nowadays handbags are growing in terms of design and materials. From the moment it first appeared until now, there has also been a shift in the function of the bag. From what was originally just for carrying goods, now it has developed into a fashion item that not only shows your sense of style but also social status for some women.

4 Stylish and Affordable Handbag Recommendations

Some people who think that what they wear can show their social status may indeed prefer luxury branded handbags at fantastic prices. However, you also need to know that many famous brands also have a large collection of trendy and stylish bags at affordable prices. Well, of course, you can’t miss this one! What are some affordable handbags that can update your style? Here are 4 recommendations for you!

1. ZARA Beaded Fringing Mini Handbag

This summer, fashion trends are enlivened with styles that reflect creativity and closeness to nature, such as bohemian styles, crochet, beads, and other handcrafted items. This chic and unique Zara Beaded Fringing Handbag can certainly be the best choice for you if you want to update your style to be more trendy. The outside of this bag has a woven design that is beautified with a tassel of beads, while the inside is a satin fabric lining.

2. MARHEN.J Roy Nano Bag

This South Korean brand was founded in 2015 and quickly gained public attention due to its frequent collaborations with K-pop idols. However, it must be admitted that the popularity of this brand cannot be separated from its iconic minimalist designs, one of which is the sharp box design made of canvas. You can choose their Roy Nano bag to match any outfit. This bag will be the perfect complement to your casual to semi-formal style. In addition to being waterproof, this bag is equipped with a versatile strap.

3. FURLA Ginger Hobo Bag

Products from this Italian brand are the target of women who love sophisticated designs. Furla is known as a brand that produces high-quality products offered at affordable prices. If you are a lover of a simple but classy style, choose this Hobo Ginger Bag. This calfskin handbag is made in several different colors and sizes that you can choose from. The design is simple, but the crocodile-print detail and the galvanized gold finish manage to give a luxurious impression.

4. MANGO Big Tote Bag

Supersize tote bags are no less popular than medium and mini-sized handbags, even this year it has become one of the hot fashion trends. Having more space to store valuables, the supersized tote bag has been coveted by many female fashionistas. Because of their simple shape, tote bags usually play a lot with colors, patterns, and details. If you don’t like busy patterns, you can choose a black Big Tote Bag from MANGO. The design is minimalist with an adjustable strap that you can tie into a sweet ribbon accent. Stylish effortlessly!

Looking stylish doesn’t have to be expensive, right? Even with affordable handbags, you can still update your style to be more trendy and amazing. So, which handbag is your choice?

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