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Recently, fast fashion has become a topic that has attracted the attention of various groups due to the negative impacts that occur throughout the world. The tragedy of Rana Plaza in 2013 is one that represents it as well as one of the reasons why we must start shifting to sustainable fashion. In addition, the idea of ​​sustainable fashion was born due to the accumulation of waste from the fast fashion industry around the world. As a result, the fashion industry is considered to be the second largest contributor to waste in the world.

Sustainable fashion is a phenomenon that is very opposite to fast fashion. It is expected to change consumer behavior and make the fashion industry more humane and environmentally friendly.

Fast-changing fashion trends often put us in a dilemma because currently not many designers and brands have adopted eco-fashion. For example, the body slimming undergarment trend is being hunted by many women. Shapewear has indeed been on the rise for the last few years, unfortunately, we rarely find shapewear brands that carry the concept of sustainability.

Coming as a pioneer, Shapellx, which is one of the best shapewear brands, launched its latest collection, namely Eco Series Shapewear. This collection offers several variations of the best quality eco friendly shapewear that are worth buying. Ah, if you are still unfamiliar with sustainable shapewear, the advantages below will give you reasons why you should choose it!

1. Eco-Friendly Shapewear Is More Durable

Materials are known to be one of the main considerations in determining how sustainable the clothes we wear are. While it is essential to choose durable and strong materials, we should also think about the long-term impact of using the materials themselves on the environment.

Sustainable shapewear carries the concept of ethical fashion to prevent environmental damage due to the accumulation of clothing materials that are difficult to decompose. In addition, it also increased the production of shapewear made with recycled textile materials, as applied by Shapellx. Hence, eco-friendly shapewear is made from selected materials that are sustainable and have excellent quality so that it can be worn long term and minimizes consumer spending.

2. Eco-Friendly Shapewear Has Timeless And Versatile Designs

Eco-friendly shapewear not only supports the use of recycled materials that are safe for the environment, but also has a timeless design. Timeless designs are generally minimalist but classy so you can wear them longer without worrying about looking outdated, and this also aims to reduce excessive waste from consumers. Reducing waste and consumerism will mean a lot for the earth in terms of saving energy and resources.

Interestingly, some eco-friendly shapewear comes in versatile designs and functions. Shapellx’s bodysuit with tummy control is one of them. It will catch every woman’s attention because it has a stylish one shoulder neckline design. Of course, you can wear this shapewear as an outfit that makes you feel not only fashionable but also slimmer and more confident. You can also opt for sustainable activewear that you can wear comfortably for workouts or pair them with your favorite outerwear to hang out.

3. Eco-Friendly Shapewear Provides Great Quality

Because it is made from recycled fibers and selected materials, we don’t seem to have to worry about the quality. Sustainable shapewear can provide proper compression to create a sculptural effect on the abdomen, waist, thighs, and buttocks while maintaining your comfort. Because the recycled fibers are breathable and cling-free, the addition of non-slip silicone in certain areas like the waist and bottom of the shapewear will ensure it stays in the right place while you’re on the move.

4. Eco-Friendly Shapewear Suitable For All Skin Types

Sustainable shapewear is friendly not only to the environment but also to your skin, even the sensitive ones. This shapewear still prioritizes convenience, but on the other hand, it doesn’t leave the main goal of creating a bulge-free and smooth silhouette.

Its features compete with the best waist trainer for women, which can make your tummy look flat and give a fabulous curve along your waistline once worn. Even though it hugs you firmly, sustainable shapewear still feels soft and light like a second skin. It also carries an anti-bacterial feature that prevents skin irritation even when worn all day long.

5. Eco-Friendly Shapewear Keeps Our Planet Green

The fashion industry leaves large carbon emissions for the environment, such as pesticides for growing cotton flowers, chemical waste for the clothing production process, to the accumulation of clothing waste in landfills. Choosing to buy eco-friendly shapewear made from sustainable fabrics will help to reduce carbon emissions, greenhouse gas emissions, and the use of harmful chemicals. This step certainly helps our earth stay green and comfortable to live in.

Environmental pollution is one of the dark sides of the fashion industry and will certainly have a worse impact on the earth and all life on it. Starting improvement by choosing eco-friendly shapewear is the right step to protect the environment and ourselves by encouraging the growth of a healthy fashion industry. Sustainable fashion is no longer a trend, but a must!

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