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When I put on this swimsuit, I never felt more body confidence

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I am afraid of wearing a swimsuit. Only one thing makes the experience worse: remember how easy it was to pick a cute bikini when I was young. Well, the hardest decision I made was the bando or the top of the triangle. How long it was. Now, new swimwear styles are constantly emerging, and because the size varies from store to store, I usually end up experimenting with a variety of sizes in a variety of sizes – which means that for every swimsuit I really like, there will surely be 10 Swimwear looks bad. I know that as my age grows, my body becomes more natural, but when I find new defects in the locker room mirror, this doesn’t make things easier.

As I became more aware of my body, womens bikinis sale became more difficult to buy, whether or not I was willing to admit it. So when a cut became more popular last summer, I spent months looking for a perfect suit that covered my stomach and showed some skin. Swimsuits like this still make me stylish, I think, like I’m going to the beach – don’t go to swimming lessons.

However, I recently discovered Aerie’s Wraparound One Piece Swimsuit ($50; on Facebook and immediately knew that I had to buy it (despite the fact that it was February, there was snow outside and t soon planned a tropical Holiday). The strategically placed cutout makes it look more like a bikini, with only the high-waisted bottom and the rounded top more suitable than other single-piece suits. This time, the hardest decision is not whether I should buy a swimsuit, but whether I want red or black.

One of the reasons why I joined the shopping cart soon is that despite my best efforts, I didn’t find one that I loved most last summer. Instead, I chose two swimsuits that I didn’t hate: one was fashionable, but the price was cheaper, it could last for more than a few times, and the other was very likable, but the material was uncomfortably thick. When it gets wet, it puts pressure on my stomach and makes me feel self-conscious. In addition, I noticed that many of the items were very cheeky and the bottom hips were cut high. My hips and lower abdomen are more curved than my other parts, so this style only caused me to try to distract.

If you have previously purchased Aerie, you know that they offer free shipping and return kits that make it easy to order multiple sizes of products. I know my size from previous orders, but I bought two colors so that I can decide for myself which color I prefer.

When the womens bikinis sale reached the mailbox, I was very excited and could hardly wait for the heater to start, so it was warm enough to take off my clothes and try them on. The material is not bulky at all; it feels that it will remain the same without being too tight. The bottom bumps over my navel, and the surrounding top provides the same coverage as a typical bikini top. This combination hides my lower abdomen and shows the top of my abs, which is my favorite part. In addition, the bottom is full coverage, which means that when I walk out of the room, my hips or ass cheeks will not show up.

Bad news: This style is very popular and now there are only a few sizes to choose from on (this black is still sold at XXL for $30 and the red is available in XL and XXL sizes. Choose, $20). Fortunately, however, Aerie has recently introduced another similar model – Cutout One-Piece Swimsuit ($30; Like the suit I fell in love with, this style of cutout reveals the upper abdomen and bikini-like back, and has the same red and black hues, and a gorgeous green called Royal Palm.

Looking at myself in the mirror, I feel confident and ready to book the next flight to Jamaica. Red is a very beautiful orange shade, and black looks a little sexy, but it is still a good foundation. I know I’ll regret it if I don’t keep the two, so this is exactly what I did. Finding a swimsuit that makes you feel like a stronger, more confident swimwear may be rare – but I now know it’s possible.

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