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Want Full Body Shaper for Hourglass Figure?

I remember ever since I was little I loved Marilyn Monroe’s hourglass figure. For me it was perfection and I wanted to look just like her. Nowadays I am fascinated by Kim Kardashian’s beautiful hourglass silhouette and I’m doing everything I can to get closer to this body shape as well.

What are the things I do to have an hourglass figure

I am paying attention to my diet and try to eat as healthy as I can, even though sometimes I like to cheat and eat pizza and chocolate. But I am human after all!

Another thing that helps me is to use shapewear under my clothes. I absolutely love how it smooths out my silhouette and how great I look in every outfit. The best shapewear for tummy for me is the full bodysuit, because it reshapes my waist line making it smaller, it makes my abdomen flat and the best thing is the fact that it also helps with my thighs making them thinner. And all this while feeling super comfortable in it.

Also, I’ve started doing sports to keep my silhouette in check. I mostly do fitness exercise at home, because I don’t really like to go to the gym. And to make them more effective I use shapewear during my routines.

How I use the thigh trimmer in my fitness routine

I mostly like to do exercises focused on a few areas of my body: the waist and the thighs. For me, these parts of my body have the most percentage of fat and I need to keep them under control. This is why the thigh trimmer is super helpful during my fitness routine because it helps me lose excess fat in precise areas of my body. By adding compression through the waistband it helps with contouring my waistline making it smaller and through the thigh trimmers, it adds compression to my legs making my thighs thinner.

Nothing works best for me as the thigh trimmer and I really enjoy wearing it as I find it pretty comfortable. Plus, when I think that I can get closer to the hourglass silhouette in a short time while using this body shaper it empowers me to exercise at least five times a week. My favorite exercises while wearing the thigh trimmer are the squats, which are very effective for the thighs, and the side crunches, which are great for working the lateral muscles from the waist area.

I’m also thinking of trying other body shapers from Sculptshe, like the waist trainers or the arm trimmers. I’m also advising my friends to include shapewear in their workouts and I show them how my figure changed for the better ever since I’ve started using the thigh trimmer.

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