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This Year’s Hottest Clothing Wholesale Store! Complete Variety

Tired of going from one place to another to get different outfits? Find market prices high for swimsuits and bandage dresses? We have the best solution to fulfill all your desires. Yes, just like the name of the online store Feelingirldressfeels the emotions of the girls/women. You can get the complete and unique variety of dresses, swimsuits, and shapewear under this one roof.

bandage dress wholesale

We are a well-renowned online brand of bandage dress wholesale clothing store. We provide a wide range of shapewear, bandage dresses, swimsuits to our customers. We deal with the high and best quality of clothing at a very affordable range. Have a look at some of the articles we deal in.

1. Bandage Dresses

Bandage dresses add glamour to women’s appearance. Every girl should have a bandage dress in her closet. It is comfortable to wear, always in trend, and looks good even on a curvy figure. Are you a bandage dress lover?  Feelingirldress is the best platform where you can get the perfect bandage dress for you. Be a girl who loves to be the center of attraction by wearing a sophisticated, trending bandage dress of our store. You will find a wide range of variety, colors, styles, sizes, fabrics on this platform.

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2. Mom and me swimwear

Mother-daughter matching pair of dresses is a unique concept and is the latest trend. Why only complement dresses and not swimsuits? Yes, Feelingirldress provides mommy and me swimsuits of various varieties at an affordable range. You will love the collection and would not resist yourself from buying this item for sure.

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3. Shapewear

Looking for a comfortable and high quality of shapewear? Feelingirldress deals in various types of shapewear and delivers all across the globe. No matter where your home is you will get your article at your doorstep. The different type of shapewear we deal in are listed below

  • Waist Trainer
  • Waist Trimmer
  • Corsets
  • Butt Lifters
  • Full Body Shaper
  • Active Wear
  • Sweat waist Trainer
shapewear bodysuits

Feelingirldress is a complete variety store for women where women can purchase anything from Fashion dresses to women lingerie.

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Stylish Skirts That Are Trendy This Year

Meta Description: It’s time to get your fashion trend on with the most stylish skirts of the year! Below are the 5 favorites for skirts that are both stylish yet classy and can be worn in any season.

1. Wrap Skirt

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There’s nothing like a wrap skirt because it just doesn’t get old! Plus, it;s often made of the most pairable fabric. This year, it’s back among the top-ranking trendy skirts that are sure-fire for an outfit that’s sizzling hot, yet elegant all over.

Through Feelingirldress, match your wrap skirt with a button-up shirt or a more formal blouse for a classy-chic getup.

2. Pleated Skirt

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Pleated skirts will always be on trend. In fact, they never really seem to wear out in the fashion scene. That’s because they have a versatility that allows them to be wearable any time of the year.

They’re also a go-to because they usually have a tight beltline to enhance your waist and a balloon flow for a feminine touch.


3. Deconstructed Skirt

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Deconstructed skirts are foxy types of article because of their semi to full asymmetrical hem. Some opt for longer cuts while others prefer them as wholesale mini dresses. What’s awesome about this kind of skirt from Feelingirldress is that it’s instantaneously fierce on every side.


4. Midi Skirt

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Also known as the mid-calf skirt, here’s a dainty piece that will bring about a refined gracefulness to your ensemble. It naturally drops from your waist down so that it still gives you a curvy silhouette without being too blunt about it. And its midi cut actually elongates your appearance.


5. Maxi Skirt

wholesale maxi dresses

A maxi skirt never fails to look sophisticated, and you can get plus size dresses cheap at Feelingirldress.com. Its floor-length cut is great for matching with any blouse, shirt, or even a tee. What’s more, it can pass for casual or formal wear, no matter the occasion.

Cheap and Beautiful Clothing store, Feelingirldress is Discounting

If you are looking for a cheap mini dress, then you have come to the right place. It’s all in the name! Feelingirldress sells cheap mini dresses and clothing at affordable prices with fast delivery. Feel free to look around and see if anything catches your eye.


The mini dress is one of the most classic looks and dresses that a woman can own. A beautiful mini dress can work for multiple occasions and can provide plenty of different style options. Women simply need to work to understand how they can get the most out of their mini dress, as they can create multiple looks from one single purchase.

You can use a sweater or shall over the shoulder of a mini dress to give the dress a more elegant and sophisticated feel. You can wear tights with the dress to add a touch of punk and color pop to the outfit.

Accessories will go a long way with your mini dress. A belt can help to accentuate the waist, while chunky jewelry on the wrists and the neckline help to balance out the weight of the dark-colored, shorter dress.


Do not be scared to try new looks and new accessories with your mini dress. The more looks that you try out, the more likely you are to find a look that you are truly happy with.

You might want to consider looking for a mini dress sale at Feelingirldress.com if you want to find cheap mini dresses.

If there is a big event for which you just accepted the invite, then you are definitely searching for some great dress ideas that will make you look attractive and different from the rest of the crowd.


If you are a beginner in buying mini dresses, then acting proactively is the key to find an excellent piece of cheap mini dress for your forthcoming party night.

Fashion cannot be stopped anywhere; whatever a person wears ultimately becomes fashion. There is no looking back once the person discovers what exactly he wants. With a lot to look forward to, the ladies are busy mixing and matching stuff. But when you can go for simple and elegant, why go for trendy and tacky.


With just a simple plain mini dress, you can actually flaunt all the stuff that you have accessorized with it—keeping the fashion accessories as minimum as possible. Some outfits have their own essence and hence do not require much of the accessories to make them look even better.

For choosing an outfit for a particular occasion, the latest fashion trends must be researched so as to get a perfect idea of what a person requires. With the new arrivals this season, go for a cheap mini dress just to try something different without accessorizing much.

The fashion store, Feelingirldress, introduces some very elegant and affordable fashion apparel for the ladies who think simple is the few funky. A mini dress available on the online store is what most ladies would like to wear. The simple and classic crafting that is done in the dress is mesmerizing.

Feelingirldress swimwear is designed for the woman of today. The woman who wants to be fashionable yet uncomplicated, comfortable but always sophisticated! The flexibility of mixing and matching in this collection created a fresh and vibrate style of its own in 4 different categories giving the possibilities of combinations between print tops and solid bottoms. The range of swimwear that the store introduces is marvelous.

With the swimwear, a style statement in every summer fashion, the Feelingirldress online store tries to blend in the fashion perfectly.

Buy hottest and trendiest styles you will not find anywhere else for the low and cheap prices you can’t afford to miss. Feelingirldress sells a wide range of products, including mini dresses, wholesale lingerie, swimwear, and many other women’s clothing.

Looking for the most comfortable clothing? Just in Feelingirldress

When you buy clothing, you want to go for the ones that are new and trending in the fashion world. You do not want to compromise on anything. But also, you will be looking for comfort. No matter how good your attire looks, if you are not comfortable wearing it, then the beauty is lost. You need to be confident and you must fit into the clothes you wear. Here are a few perfect outfits you should own this season.plus size dresses cheap

This dress comes with cap sleeves. It is perfect for both professional as well as personal events. The bandage dress correctly hugs the shape of your body and accentuates your curves. The simple design takes the ordinary to an extraordinary level. Be it the morning breakfast meeting or an evening poolside party, this dress will suit the occasion easily.

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Lace is always associated with something hot and sexy. It has that power to transform a normal fabric into something special. If a bandage dress comes with extraordinary patchwork, perfect patterns, and an impressive final look, do not let it go. This dress is something you need to hold onto. This attire will definitely make it to the cheap trendy women’s clothing list.bandage dress wholesale

Red is bright, loud and too vibrant to ignore. No matter who wears it, the color will not let you down. It cannot disappoint you and you can go for it without a second thought. This one also has a cute ruffle attachment to the side and the body fit design will make you look more beautiful and attractive. This one is great for an evening of champagne and dance.  If you can find bandage dresses wholesale, you must buy outfits similar to this one.

bandage dress wholesale

Not only dresses but the blouses can also improve your look. This top is a perfect fit for the summers and spring seasons. The floral print adds the needed glamour and green color can never go wrong unless you don’t like it. The V-neck is beautiful and the chiffon material makes the blouse more flowy and perfect.

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If you are the pants person, go for this pretty maroon outfit. The perfect blouse adds a ruffle to your appearance and that pant hugs your legs in the right places. Similar to a jumpsuit, this one adds the same flavor to your evening.

Lastly, nothing can beat the quality of a Feelingirldress dress. This platform brings together the best fashion collection for you. Do check it out.