Stylish Skirts That Are Trendy This Year

Meta Description: It’s time to get your fashion trend on with the most stylish skirts of the year! Below are the 5 favorites for skirts that are both stylish yet classy and can be worn in any season.

1. Wrap Skirt

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There’s nothing like a wrap skirt because it just doesn’t get old! Plus, it;s often made of the most pairable fabric. This year, it’s back among the top-ranking trendy skirts that are sure-fire for an outfit that’s sizzling hot, yet elegant all over.

Through Feelingirldress, match your wrap skirt with a button-up shirt or a more formal blouse for a classy-chic getup.

2. Pleated Skirt

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Pleated skirts will always be on trend. In fact, they never really seem to wear out in the fashion scene. That’s because they have a versatility that allows them to be wearable any time of the year.

They’re also a go-to because they usually have a tight beltline to enhance your waist and a balloon flow for a feminine touch.


3. Deconstructed Skirt

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Deconstructed skirts are foxy types of article because of their semi to full asymmetrical hem. Some opt for longer cuts while others prefer them as wholesale mini dresses. What’s awesome about this kind of skirt from Feelingirldress is that it’s instantaneously fierce on every side.


4. Midi Skirt

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Also known as the mid-calf skirt, here’s a dainty piece that will bring about a refined gracefulness to your ensemble. It naturally drops from your waist down so that it still gives you a curvy silhouette without being too blunt about it. And its midi cut actually elongates your appearance.


5. Maxi Skirt

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A maxi skirt never fails to look sophisticated, and you can get plus size dresses cheap at Feelingirldress.com. Its floor-length cut is great for matching with any blouse, shirt, or even a tee. What’s more, it can pass for casual or formal wear, no matter the occasion.

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