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Alessandra Ambrosio showed her amazing self-cultivation image in a small red bikini while on vacation in Mexico.

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She is known for her famous body.

On Friday, Alexandra Ambrosio and her family once again showed off on vacation in Mexico.

The 37-year-old Victorian secret model left little imagination in her latest Instagram post.

In the first photo, you can see Brazilian batters standing on the idyllic beach with their hands in the air.

The crimson triangle bikini top and very thin bottom ensure that her bodybuilder is fully displayed.

Some retro-style tones and some bracelets are her only accessories.

Her dark hair was left in the breeze, and some rose lipstick seemed to be the only cosmetic that decorated her youthful appearance.

The next photo shows her 5’9″ high beauty in the shape of the back.

‘Vamos ala playa oooh,’ read her title, then she followed the tag #TGIF.

She also shared a few random images in her Instagram story.

One person showed the legs of two children because she obviously liked the snacks of French fries and guacamole.

Her cheeky headline says ‘guac any? ‘

The last photo was an interesting thing, showing her children Noah, six years old, and Anya, ten years old, who were holding their mother while playing in the waves.

Several holiday titles like ‘hola’, ‘Viva Mexico! The theme of the Mexican flag was completed by the composition of the heart.

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