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Of course he has one type! Dan Edgar’s new TOWIE love interest Clelia Theodorou’s iron Cheap Sexy Lingerie pictures look very similar to his charming former Amber Turner

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According to legend, they are fighting TOWIE idiot Dan Edgar.

It seems that Lothario, the inhabitant of the show, certainly has a type because the current flame Clelia Theodorou has a very similar Instagram feed to his former amber Turner.

This black-haired woman – just joined the ITVBe series 22 series – can see the exact pink silk bra and thong sculpted by amber movement.

Another image sees a charming model in a black and white sports bra, in the same posture as a blonde bomb.

Clelia also recreated Amber’s favorite kneeling position to show her peachy back.

These girls also seem to have a similar style, choosing a light coat and wide leg flares and sly figures.

What has happened recently is that Amber has hit back her ex-boyfriend Dan because “lie and strangle her.”

A source close to a 24-year-old blonde told MailOnline: “She is very angry because she knows Dan has been lying and it has been a long time.”

The insider added that the real star was deeply affected by the dramatic events in her personal life. She said: “She is strong but very fragile, but she is trying to make herself the number one.
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For the star, this should not surprise her – because their love affair ended in October last year, because Dan was accused of cheating because they let her four-year boyfriend Jamie Reid with 2016 Dan live together.

Amber’s confidence will soon rise again, because fans will soon show off this dizzy person with praise. He will say, ‘You look incredible’ and ‘Absolutely not true’.

A source told the “Sun” that after discovering Dan’s new romantic story, during the rest of the ITVBe series in Barcelona, ​​Amber “had a huge disaster.”

The source said: “Amber felt completely humiliated by Dan and was betrayed by friends at the show.

“Everyone knows that Dan and Kelia have been sleeping together for a while. She is the last person to know.

“When they told Amber, she was very frustrated and there was a huge collapse in front of everyone.”

According to reports, these explosive scenes were also captured by the camera and the audience will see a series of failures.

MailOnline has contacted representatives of Amber, Dan and TOWIE for comments.

Amber and Dan said that when it withdrew in October, it was reported that the blonde found him carrying a mysterious woman behind her during her trip to Ireland.

This dramatic outbreak was discovered on Tuesday in the movie taken by Miss Kelly and Dan and the former Great Britain Shelby at her Cheap Sexy Lingerie home in Essex because she also joined the cast in a dramatic change.

Wearing nine clothes, they saw Dan and his friend Diags drink in the middle of the news, suggesting that Clelia was brought into the producer and caused a stir.

A source told the Sun newspaper: “She is really beautiful and her men have been falling. They cannot resist her.

“If she turns to the head when she joins the show, she will be supported by some actresses and I wouldn’t be surprised.”

According to reports, during the New Year, seven cast members were hacked and the budding real star began shooting her first scene this week.

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