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Men stripped off, women dressed: fashion brands dressed for sexist advertisements.

Suitsupply, the international clothing brand, created news last year’s ad, accusing sex discrimination, has sparked controversy again.
The popular “parity” suit chain will launch its sister company in New York at the end of October. The so-called suistudio, will cater to women.
Suistudio has been actively advertising campaign, womens bikinis sale , really. The photographs, which attract the fury of social media, are characterized by women in fashionable suits, in the background of naked and naked men.
These pictures are thought to be sexist. The brand, then, materialized people? “The problem is that in recent history, we have not seen the background of human materialization. How strange! If you’re in the beverage business, you will be hungry, “Kristina Barricelli said,” suistudio vice president, the United States “will be the image and photos of that moment, it became an object. We like naked men, and I’m sure a lot of women like them too.”
Suistudio, however, says it pursues absolute equality. “The woman’s clothes are as serious as men’s, and the suit is independent.”

womens bikinis sale
By the way, this company is a woman based company. “We have talented people, too. In fashion, it’s important to know your customers and their needs. “Our team chooses and employs talent, basic strengths, and usability,” Barricelli said.
Suistudio asserts that there is no wrong sex, naked human body, and also incorporated in the activity. Sex is an important part of fashion. If a woman has a beautiful apartment, her naked man, she is not objective, he is. No one knew what she was doing with that man. He’s just an object in a picture, like a sofa, a suit, and other objects.
“Old man” instead of female objectification,
Historically, advertisements of male products have often been objectified by female bodies, using them as props. Asking brands is a challenge to the stereotype of gender awareness, and Barricelli says, “the label of her brand turns over the gender, and the task of over emphasizing flaws has taken too long for men and women.”
Some social media users commented that the ad was a weak attempt at anti psychology, “making feminists feel better about themselves”, “this is a woman’s freedom to do whatever she wants.”.”. She didn’t do anything. “She’s just herself,” Barricelli said.
Suitsupply controversial advertising gets publicity history. In a 2010 campaign shameless “, the company used a picture called the exploitation of the women and insult a man to a woman in her throat, another man picked up a woman’s clothes.
2014, brand photos of women in womens bikinis sale , men wearing clothes next to Bikinis nightclub. The website gives visitors options to view moving images for review, uncensored. Uncensored pictures show female nudity.
2016, the Amsterdam company has attracted criticism of the advertising campaign, called “toy boy”, showing people in large semi pictures of naked women. The men in the photo wear a suit, sliding down the woman’s body, sitting between their breasts.
CEO, founder of Fokke de Jong said in a statement, advertising toy boy gender discrimination in person, if a person, not a woman, BuzzFeed. It’s called toy boys, depicting men as little dolls, and beautiful women playing with men. Sexism means inequality, and if you want to read any form of gender discrimination here, not men’s gender discrimination, they obviously don’t have the advantage here.”
Despite sexist advertising, suitsupply has established a global name for itself in the United States and other countries of the United Kingdom, Germany, China, and the United states. It’s also in magazines and the Wall Street journal.
Is gender discrimination and reification in advertising new?. Big companies like the public and Van Heusen are addicted to everyday sex discrimination in branding.

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