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Long Plaid Shirt With Black Dress Are Classic Fashion Trends

With the arrival of autumn / winter, we are already thinking about the plaid shirt !!! The overlay of dress with T-shirt is the combination that is making the head of fashionistas on duty. Another trend that emerged from the past and that seems to come with everything this year!

Without secrets, you just need to compose a more than special look, combining a dress with a t-shirt underneath, pieces that you probably find in your wardrobe.

You know that little black dress you love, but don’t wear because of the temperature? With the fashion tips that you will learn right away, it will be easy, easy to learn this new look.

Plaid t-shirt plus black dress

This is one of the most used combinations and has become a craze among bloggers around the world, simple and objective, practically all women have a plaid shirt and a black dress.

Women’s plaid shirt looks

1 – Casual production

Plaid shirt is eternal love with casual production. Super comfortable and great for a little chill, especially if it’s flannel, this look with a feminine plaid shirt gives an air of life and, believe me, modernity to the look.

2 – Look with classic style female plaid shirt

The perfect combination of a plaid shirt with indigo jeans or a light wash is the easiest way. It looks elegant, goes well with closed shoes, sneakers or sandals, with heels, flat shoes or boots. But for cities, it’s best to leave your shoes closed. None of this is a rule!

3 – Checkered shirt goes well with shorts!

This is one of the looks that I bet the most this season …

4 – In or out of the pants?

The tip is quite simple. Is the pants high-waisted? Put the shirt in if you want to stretch your legs. Want a look with a feminine plaid shirt out? Nothing prevents. And the plaid shirt goes well with skirt, shorts, straight pants, skinny, legging, flare …

5 – Goes well with printed T-shirt!

T-shirt or blouse, the famous basic t-shirt is the most used combination, but if the shirt has a very prominent color and receives some print, you will make your look with a feminine checkered shirt more colorful and sweet or aggressive and full of attitude. Care is taken to avoid too much color or pattern.

6 – Look with a female plaid shirt goes well with a skirt!

Goes well with a skirt, goes well with a long skirt, goes well with a short skirt, goes very social and goes well with sports. Look how many combinations of skirt and plaid shirt you can use and look elegant, beautiful and enhance the body:

Just be careful with the combination. The feminine checkered shirt look demands, screams and kicks for smooth pieces to assemble the look.

7 – Black and white

Who said that a checkered shirt look needs to be colorful? So many people create rules, look how a black and white ends up standing out in the plaid shirt and the look is devastating!

8 – Look with a female checkered shirt as an accessory

Can you use a plaid shirt just to compose the look? Of course it does! Amarradinha at the waist is very young, modern and ballad

9 –plus size plaid shirt

The plaid shirt can be colored, it can be outside or inside the pants, it can be used with a skirt and the plaid shirt can be black and white and plus it will look beautiful on you!

10 – Look with colorful female plaid shirt

Looks with women’s plaid shirt are practically works of art! You combine, straighten, knot, let loose, create and invent. It can be blue, black and white, red and it can be colored.

11 – And the overlapping looks with plaid shirt

They work too! With more color, with a skirt, under the jacket, over everything, casual or more social, look at how many elegant, beautiful and versatile combinations you can make with a plaid shirt.

12 – Can women’s plaid shirt be social without looking masculine?

Yes, you are going to make the plaid shirt look very feminine.

If the model looks too rough or harsh, use color, a bow, a blouse or shorts to add contrast.

13 – Look with women’s plaid shirt and jacket

After speaking so well in a plaid shirt, it seems like sacrilege to hide the colors under a jacket, but on cold days, with heavy clothes and so many dark colors, the color of the plaid is good for the soul. And if you use flannel, the warm will be good for the body.

14 – Radical

Who has a more rocky and more radical style, can put together a look with destroyed style women’s plaid shirt. It’s a really fun way to reuse pieces that are stuck in the wardrobes, give a new life without having to spend and still see the possibilities of the plaid shirt, which, by the way, works very well as a third piece.

15 – checkered dress

 It was just to talk about the women’s plaid shirt, but since I talked about jackets too, I went to see these plaid dresses and fall in love. Can you imagine having a plaid coat in the closet, two or three plaid shirts and some plaid dresses like this?

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