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James Stunt’s girlfriend Samantha Rowley and her newly-married BFF Laura Zilli celebrated her wedding at the Miami White Bikini Party.

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Five months after she divorced Petra Ecclestone, she was romantically associated with billionaire James T., who has recently become a subject of many speculations.

Samantha Rowley accurately demonstrated why she caught the eye of the businessman because she celebrated her BFF Laura Zilli wedding at a white bikini party in Miami Sunday when she wore a sk swim swimwear headdress.

The 30-year-old socialite adhered to the above dress code, wearing a pure mesh dress and wearing a rustic swimwear. Her friend, who tied herself to the previous day, had caused her to notice the beach in her deep bathing suit.

Samantha combined her bold ensemble with a pair of flat sandals and wore golden locks in a lot of curls when she laughed and chatted with many other guests in an exclusive celebration.

She used a pair of yellow shades to cover the eyes of the Florida sun, highlighting her natural beauty, including a touch of pink lipstick.

Decorated with a golden watch and a small white clutch bag, she saw her black-haired beauties who provided her womens bikinis sale with a dramatic touch and added rolling ivory trains.

The revelers at the beach party included the bride’s celebrity cook father, Aldo Zilli, and friends Calm Best, Dorit Kemsley, Jeremy Piven, Holly Candy and Joe Fournier.

Just the day before, Samantha was dressed in a red silk dress as a maid ceremony at the wedding of Laura and Nick Kim.

Compared with the elegant wedding, she wore a rather vivid color and appearance because her vibrant appearance designed a bold thigh seam and displayed her slender pins after the ceremony.

Samantha puts on the collar of her collar and highlights her rich cleavage.

The blonde bomb, once a roommate of Laura, stretched her long legs when she slipped on a pair of metal high-heeled shoes and was taken out of the venue by a male friend.

Continuing to show her appearance, she worked her long peroxide locks into a sleek style, tying her back together, highlighting her diamond necklace while holding a bouquet of romantic white and golden roses.

The friendship between Samantha and Laura was highlighted when they appeared in the reality show 7 Days, recording the lives of the residents of Notting Hill in 2010.

Laura is the daughter of celebrity Aldo Zilli’s chef and she walks through her hallway during a ceremonial ceremony.

On the weekends, this social celebrity and the personality of the former reality TV allowed music tycoon Nick to hold a fascinating Jewish ceremony in Miami Beach in front of high society friends.

The 32-year-old was very delicate in a strapless lace dress. He took a train and a long veil to add a decadent look.

The white wedding dress features an elegant ivory color scheme, wearing a beautiful white suit from flowers to bridal party.

Laura’s traditional wedding dress is decorated with exquisite lace flowers and intricate beadwork as she glows with her smiling father walking across the corridor.

Her handsome new husband wore a womens bikinis sale to celebrity Chef Aldo, although the merchant wore patterned slippers without socks, adding a touch of smoothness.

Nick is the owner of the World Trumpet Records Company. He is a small company. He joined the company in 1986, bought it one year later, and built it into today’s empire.

Grammy’s award-winning Buena Vista social club sells 8 million copies worldwide, which is just one of their success stories.

Kim graduated from the University of Brighton Sussex with a degree in African History and worked in a jazz record shop in London before joining the brand.

Laura’s father, Aldo, previously talked about his pride in his daughter Laura. He told the Telegraph in 2011 that he feared she would be a “nightmare” until she settled down.

In this article entitled “She is the most beautiful thing in the world”. But she was a nightmare. “Aldo admitted that he did not like any of her former girlfriends.

“She will become dangerous,” he said. ‘When I left [home], she was a bit crazy. She takes a different person to see me every five minutes. It makes me very unhappy. I do not feel control anymore. I don’t like boyfriends – not any of them. She is my blood, so I will be embarrassed. “

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