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India Cheap Sexy Lingerie start plan will make China save money

Cheap Sexy Lingerie

One of the leading online lingerie retailers in India is ready to invest in a new round of money.

Bangalore. Today (January 05) said it already includes individual investors from the subtitle of the person in charge of Google India Rajan Anandan proposed an undisclosed amount; Facebook products and platform partners director Anand Chandrasekaran and venture capital firm Kanwaljit Singh in the enterprise founder, and so on.

In 2014, by Arpita Ganesh (40), one of the players of the company’s online Cheap Sexy Lingerie retail space in India is 2021 rs31306, which is promoted by a rs31306 rupee ($4 billion 700 million) market.

The latest funding, 12 people’s team plans to make its manufacturing industry profit from China and India, by the end of this year. To say the question, she is looking for solutions, and she thinks the India online lingerie retail market is heading for this year’s quartz.

The following is an edited excerpt from the interview:

What is the focus of your business and what do you need?

So far, we have been in the initial stage, but over the past 68 months, we have shifted our focus to profit. We expect to be profitable around August this year.

 Cheap Sexy Lingerie

We will no longer be a brand of advanced Cheap Sexy Lingerie, but a brand to solve the problem of Cheap Sexy Lingerie. We are introducing a different series of products. For example, we have just entered the ordinary bra and buttocks, but now we are watching sports bra, nursing bra, and many Cheap Sexy Lingerie related accessories.

We are also being made from China to India.

What is the reason for changing your production base?

We will now give us a better profit from the production of Bengaluru products. Chinese factories need us to place a lot of orders in Bengaluru and we will have only a few things we want. As a result, we only keep the raw materials, and the business is small. The production time will be in two months and four months of Bengaluru small if we are made in China.

In addition, the import tax of our manufactured goods is about 30%, and the tariff of raw materials is 15%. So we saved a lot of money through local production.

We will continue to put accessories such as Cheap Sexy Lingerie bags from China from no one to those in India.

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