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How to make water sports easier for women?

Princess keleanohoana’api’api, or kelea, an elegant and bold Princess of Maui. She loves surfing and is told by the gods that she will only find love in life in the ocean. This wayward surfer is inspired by the kelea foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to the manufacture of water sports for all girls and women. In the fall, the Foundation launched a one year program called “girls” to give junior and high school girls the skills of the seas and living skills.
Jennifer Gladwin, head of the kelea foundation, was the first girl in the lineup to participate in the annual MENEHUNE surfing spree, when the idea of the girl was gathered. Although the grom division and even gender division, Gerald Vail noted that differences in the age of the girl no more boys competition.
“What’s the split between 12 and 13?” She says. “They’re dropping out of school.”
Gladwyn also noticed that the bikini girl stood awkwardly in the crowd, watching the action. “In bikinis, adorable demands too much,” she says. “Many of the people left behind have brothers and dads to support them,” and girls who do not support or encourage them tend to move from the womens bikinis sale  to the beach.
Gladwyn, along with her coaches, Florabeth, Coble and Sarah Hauser, wants to help change the basic program through her after-school sports. All girls are popular girls. Girls and girls don’t need to swim or paddle, either in school or in the background. The course will take place during the academic year and will be conducted indoors on Monday, Wednesday afternoon and Sunday morning.
I’m on a recent weekend morning, Kahului harbor Gladwin, most of the activities of the Yankees on Sunday took place, talk about the goals and objectives of the project. We sit on the picnic table, watch ping-pong, walk on the water, in tight pants and sun bags, and drop the salt water. People greeted us with a smile, and Gladwin stopped talking with some friends.
Gladwin there is a movement of the background, has been the women’s advocates. She employs women from the community, including professional athletes and volunteer mentors, to help girls learn ocean and leadership skills in supportive environments. These tutors work on the beach, at the foundation’s office, the girl.

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On weekdays after part of the plan in indoor office next to the goodwill in Kahului, advertising itself includes “community health space.” Gladwin deep brown and white dog Lake POI welcome, open space is a constant, it feels like a comfortable messy yoga studio. Colorful support boards, books, and mirrors decorate the space. When I gave up, a summer plan was busy clearing the space. The office is part of the after-school program, and is also a venue for different projects for community women.
The girls in the starting lineup meet on Monday and Wednesday at the office 3:30-5:30pm after class. On a typical day, girls tell stories, eat snacks, and do core stability and yoga habits. The participants then carried out social and emotional activities in a structured curriculum, which lasted nine months and ended in May 2018. Girls learn how their bodies work, engage in imagery activities, learn to resolve conflicts, talk about goal setting, meditate, and spell. Gladwin showed me the girl calm in the summer can queue down, flash slowly settle down. “The girl is really engaged,” she said.
The last Sunday of every month, the program participants will meet on the beach at Kahului harbor most often. Beach day is dedicated to marine safety skills, including understanding ocean currents, weather, water leadership, womens bikinis sale and lifeguard techniques. The goal is that by the end of this year, the girl will be lifeguard certification qualification County lifeguard work. Girls also help to coordinate interesting days on the beach.
“Girls do funny things happen,” said gladwin. Girls paddle canoes, stand up and do beach training. Depending on the conditions, some beach days are held at Makena or Launiupoko.
The program’s beaches and sports help to link the girls themselves to each other. “If you’re scared or angry, sports will tell everyone,” Gladwin said. “It helps us to become vulnerable. When someone is weak, we can accept the true identity of others.”
Girls will also learn skills that will help them become more independent in their sport and life. “How to carry a board in the wind, and how to tie your plate to your car – more women.”

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