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High-Waisted Bikinis That Look Amazing on Everyone

Which means you’re probably nursing a major hangover and in need of a little R&R. What better way to chill out than heading to the beach looking super cute in a vintage- inspired high-waisted bikini? It is National Bikini Day, after all.

Not only will your enduring patriotic spirit channel itself perfectly into one of these nostalgic and iconic bikinis (hello, The Notebook), but you will naturally be giving yourself an instant tummy tuck by covering up the lower part of your belly in one of these bad boys (girls?). In fact, high-waisted bikini swimwear features one of the most flattering and feminine cuts out there, giving you a natural hourglass figure and drawing attention to the smallest part of your waist. These suits are so strongly associated with Old Hollywood bombshells and pinup girls, you’ll feel sexier simply by wearing one.

One of the coolest things about this trend is you can wear it as old school or modern as you want since there is a huge amount of versatility to be had in high-waisted bikini swimwear. You can keep things crisp and modern in PrettyLittleThing’s Monochrome Triangle bikini or become a tropical goddess in Forever 21’s vintage look. Have a destination wedding on the horizon? ASOS has a bridal two-piece for you. For the most authentic take on this trend, anything with polka dots or a nautical touch will surely do the trick — bonus points if you can find a matching headpiece.

Over the past few years it has become difficult to stroll along the beach or scroll through social media without being confronted by a bare bottom.
But while some have raced to embrace the new trend, many women have stood back, concerned the style may be unflattering.Bikini designer Karina Irby told Daily Mail Australia that’s not the case at all, with the skimpier swimsuits actually doing a better job at flattering a curvaceous figure.

The 27-year-old launched her own swimwear line, Moana Bikini, in 2011. ‘While some people may not be comfortable rocking a small bikini, or some people might not like the way it looks on others, Moana Bikini actually believe that a smaller bikini will fit and showcase your body better than a bikini with much more coverage,’ she said. ‘The way the Lycra hugs the body in a skimpier cut is actually far more positive and flattering for your body.

‘Those bikinis with more coverage are far more prone to bunching and sagging and it can make your body, and booty, look far worse than it might in a skimpier cut. ‘Skimpy cuts do wonders for girls of all sizes and shapes and we think that every girl should feel comfortable and confident in their own skin to rock a skimpy bottom.’

‘It’s happening as more and more girls become comfortable in their own skin and want to flaunt this confidence – which is what a bikini is all about, really,’ she explained. US-based swimwear designer Luli Hanimian is also a fan of the cheeky cut. She told Shape Magazine the risque bikini bottom: ‘makes a small butt look fuller and gives a larger butt great shape’.

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