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Gisele Bundchen sports bikini shorts and shorts for natural posts

Gisele Bundchen showed some skin while celebrating nature. This stunning supermodel wears a light green bikini top and high-waisted shorts, and she puts an inspiring post in front of a stunning waterfall in a new photo shared with her fans through her official Instagram account. .

A photograph taken by Victoria’s Secret Model on September 24th shows that she squats in her bikini top and trousers with her hands in the air while showing her body-building, including her slender middle legs and long legs. Giselle also let her long hair flow down from her back to take pictures.

In the process of uploading, Bangchen placed in front of the lake, there is a waterfall and a rainbow, and she also shared some inspiring words about nature in English and native Portuguese.

“Nature is part of us, and when we get closer to it, we get closer to ourselves,” Giselle told her in her latest post about more than 14 million fans on social media sites. The star – originally from Brazil – also added a green leaf, a prayer and a shiny emoji to her title, because she expressed her love for all natural things.

The amazing natural buzz inspired some of her fans’ responses.

One fan said: “Wow! Absolutely amazing is “using emoji emoji and a praying emoji, as the second wrote online, they think Gisele looks like a heart expression with two eyes The symbol of the “goddess”.

Bangchen married football player Tom Brady in 2009. He used to be very open to nature and the environment and is a goodwill ambassador of the United Nations Environment Programme.

When interviewed by Vogue France last year, Bangchen opened up tips on more environmental protection. She revealed how to better cooperate with nature to help her.

“I started to quit smoking and I felt better immediately. Then I gradually changed my eating habits and felt good every time, so I continued,” Giselle explained how she began to work on a more natural and healthy lifestyle.

“I like the idea that your body is a temple, you have to love it and feed it well so that you feel better about yourself,” she added.

Giselle also explained how meditation helps her become healthier.

“Meditation can help me at every moment of my life, stay firm and keep a clear head,” the model explained, adding that she uses nature as a way to relieve stress. “I know I can focus on breathing, let me go back to the present and calm myself down.”

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