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Combination of spells

The marriage proposal went to Johnathon Lawton when he set up a high pole, and he proposed to Jenna Bennett. He jumped off the plane, wearing a shirt and said, “will you marry me?”” “It’s a perfect match,” Jenna said. She’s a personal trainer, and Jonny is a physiotherapist.

The first theme they planned for the wedding was “magic garden.”

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“We want to create a unique entrance,” Jenna said. “For a magical effect, we have candles on both sides of the aisle.”. Flowers are everywhere. I can’t see a single leaf. It’s totally fanciful and full of fantasy.”

The chupah is round, and the guests sit around. Flower design and fashionable flower in Barnet by Liz Finney created, hertfordshire. Jenna said, “she understood our dramatic style and nailed it.”

“Chupah and thick, sweet pink and white fluffy silk balls with blush.”. Organic glass legs are painted white twisted willow, dotted with Pink Blush Rose and colorful butterfly avalanche. The aisle is made of plexiglass bases and reflective lighting, with white tall shrubs, tree drops, crystal chains and flowers and rose pink blush, Keira David Austin, cloud Buttercup, exaggerated roses and pink and white Hydrangea, and then full of butterflies and all flashing flashes of light. The big 7ft white maple is placed in the room.

Where is the Sopwell house in Hertfordshire, said: “Jonny and his family and friends come from Manchester, so we have to make sure that everyone is assigned,” Jenna said. “The house is surrounded by amazing places, and it’s ideal for taking photos.”

Catering by Phillip Small.

In line with the color theme, Jenna wore red pearls and crystals inlaid with womens bikinis sale and a single silk handkerchief skirt, embellished with silk Rouge flowers. Bridesmaids, Joanna, Moscow and Kelsey Ainhorn, also pink blush.

Jonny is wearing a black velvet dress with Hugo Boss Blush Pink Rose buttonhole and matching chiba.

Hailunxi, mother of the bride, dressed in orange silk lace coffee beads, and Geraldine Lawton, the mother of the groom, wearing a dark grey suit Amanda Wakeley.

Photographer David Pullum captures the story of the day.

“I remember loving every aspect of it,” Jenna said. “In Manchester, we have a rabbi – Dovid Lewis is so amazing. He took us to a couple, talking in chupah, and I felt that he had let us serve, so the individual. He really listened to us, and our soloist, Michael Isdale, also from abalone. ”

Band, musika crowded dance floor, guarantee all night.

Jenna said, “I remember when I was in the middle of the floor with Jonny, and I saw everyone jumping and singing the song of the house of pain. This is a surreal moment. There was so much love in the room that we were completely overwhelmed.

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