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Cheap Sexy Lingerie label sharing powerful photo model wheelchair

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Looking at it, it’s easy to see why more than 11000 people like this picture: This is a pure picture.

The model is Grace Stratton born in New Zealand.

“According to the standard, my body is not enough, but the traditional standards are not relevant.”

“Most of the time I am afraid, fall, fail, and prove the strangers who doubt my ability. but

Excited, I am also most of the days.

“The exciting future, the exciting society, who is around me that accepts all of me, the most exciting

To help create a world that others don’t need to fear. ”

Stratton has written a lot about the need for more diversity – not just fashion, but everywhere.

With regard to disability, it is not just about “inspiration” or “regret”.

“Thanks to all the people who have helped me, I believe that my body has 100% abilities, and most importantly, thank my body.”

Doctor team, “Stratton wrote Cheap Sexy Lingerie after his Instagram.

“Who can keep my body in the best state without changing it.”

This is a powerful statement.

Cheap Sexy Lingerie

Because celebrating a body, any body and life in it, and pushing it to see what it can do – nothing to do.

Want to make that body different.

The label is building a huge fan base, and its visually ornate celebrations of all women.

Hundreds of lonely followers applaud the applause, including campaigning photographer Harriet Were.

“I just want to feel my joy and confidence in you from you,” she wrote in her comments.

It’s lucky to be able to experience this. ”

“Good lonely Cheap Sexy Lingerie helps us all love our bodies,” another commentator said.

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