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Bra and stripesmeet Donald Trump love the “battle Bobbi” as the United States Marine seven years, posing as patriotic love at Bikinis nightclub

Sgt Rianna Conner, also known as the “battle Bobbi”, has been in the US Marine Corps for nearly 7 years and is now using the support of her network honorary president.
American beauty has been sending her 143k Instagram followers with a sexy photo and even.
The California farm girl, now in South Carolina, wears little stars womens bikinis sale and stripes with the American flag on the Bikinis nightclub.

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The blonde is an irrefutable patriot who is committed to the American way of life.
She often offers inspirational messages to support her compatriots, especially her brothers and sisters in the army.
Describing herself as “a woman of a woman” and a “loyal friend”, she told her fans on Instagram: “I’m not going to run with your man.”. I won’t hate you, because you’re beautiful.
“I won’t let you down.” If you have lipstick on your teeth, I’ll tell you. I will congratulate you on your success.
“I’ll keep your secret. I’ll defend you hard. I’ll laugh with you and cry with you.
I’ll tell you the cruel truth with love. I’ll listen to your complaints. You tell the same story over and over again.
“I choose my friends carefully. If I choose you, I’ll love you like my sister.”
In another inspiring article, she added, “I’m not perfect.”. I have a lot of bruises on my body from work, sometimes I laugh at people loudly, I hate drinking water, and I have some messy womens bikinis sale.
It took me about 20 years, and finally fell in love with myself and accepted everything.
“Just as I have some bad qualities, I have some very good ones, too.”.
Health is not just what you eat or what you do. What’s more important is what you think and say.
“Love yourself first. Everything will be all right.”You, yourself, and more than anyone else, deserve your love and love.

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