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At the age of 17, twins were born to mother Urvashi Dholkia, even after reaching 40, in Bikini Photos

Urvashi Dholkia aka Komolika in bold red bikini photos viral on social media: Urvashi Dholakia people often remember Kausti Zindagi’s TV show as Komolika. Well, this ‘Vamp’ is now 39 years old, but it can easily overcome some Young Actress in Bikini Photos.

New Delhi: Since Ekta Kapoor has hinted to make a sequel of Kasuri life, the audience suddenly remembered the comolica of the old show. Whenever the character was signed on the show with a loud makeup and stylish blouse, its signature tune used to indicate both tinkering and twist. Urvashi Dholakia, the comolica’s character, is such a memorable actress.

These days, some TV pictures of this actress are getting viral, which they have shared on their social media utensils. Urvashi Dholakia is seen wearing a red color bikini and believe it is difficult to believe in seeing her style that she is 39 years old and she is also the mother of two twin sons of 23 years of age.

In fact, Urvashi Dholakia married at the age of 16. However, they did not last long and they divorced within two years. But before that she had become the mother of 2 children. Although the role of Urvashi Dholakia in the TV show was negative touch, in real life she is not less than a strong lead character.

Let us say that Urvashi Dholakia was also seen in the sixth season of Bigg Boss and she was also the winner of this season. Well, these days it is a discussion that they will get a chance to become Comolika again in the sequel of the criterion of life.

So let’s see that after all these years, she is seen again on the screen!

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