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SHAPELLX 2022 Must-Buy Product Preview is Now Ready!

If you’re looking for something new to add to your wardrobe but feel like you already have it all, then think again. For this spring many things are needed, light dresses, dress pants in cream colors, and silk blouses that match, but underneath all that you are missing some pieces that you have not thought about yet and that you should have yes or yes for this season and for those that come because it is a must.

AirSlim® Tummy Control Body Shaper with Butt Lifter

If you have noticed, on TikTok there is a big trend in fashion thanks to celebrities, from Kim to Lizzo, the only garment that they show is the one that they have below and that is the shapewear, and if, as you are reading, the shapewear is trend thanks to all your celebrities and influencers in fashion and lifestyle who are changing their entire style because now they feel much more comfortable with their body and they are updating their entire wardrobe. If you want to be part of the group you have to have the best shapewear for women right now and you only have that at Shapellx.

This brand has it all, every design that you think they don’t have, they have it available with many more things that you hadn’t thought of, you don’t have to go through hundreds of pages looking for designs that go with you when you can find it here super easy in seconds. They are always launching our collections so that you have the latest in shapewear because fashion changes and so do they, you will always be updated so that you can acquire all the new designs in a few minutes without having to wait.

From plus size shapewear to smaller sizes, all their designs are available in all existing sizes, obviously, many of their designs are adjustable so if your body changes in any way, you can continue using the one you already have. Forget those conventional brands that have not been updated and continue in the old school of shapewear, women are changeable and we are always looking for ways to improve ourselves either in body or mentally, the body is already assured with these designs.

You can notice the difference between using a waist trainer before and after, the change is too big to ignore, that’s why you can’t miss the 2022 update with the most popular products of the moment, from girdles to shorts and panties, they have a great variety of designs that are not only essential but are extremely important for all of us in our daily lives, many of these things are basic for us and we will always need them, that is why you have to take a look at everything new.

You can see all the reviews of the garments so you can read what other women think of what they bought and you can be part of the shapewear community on TikTok, deep down we all want to look good and why not start now while we can?

Lip balm for spring and summer

Are you looking for lip balms? You are in the right place, today we are talking about lip care products. Lip products are now much more available on the market than before, I think there is no brand that does not have its own lip balm in its offer. Lip balm products are intended for lip gloss and hydration. I have chosen a few to show you which ones have proven to be the best. Don’t forget to use SPF protection factor on your lips during the sun and hot summer days. Like the face, the lips are sensitive and require extra hydration, especially when exposed to the sun all day. Pay attention and apply a protective factor

Lip oils are now very popular, in addition to hydrating the lips they look perfect on the lips plus if you combine them with a lip pencil they will look amazing. The packaging of this oil is too sweet, plus it is a two-phase formula, really beautiful. The smell is enchanting. Our girls are first blown away by the scent and the color of the label itself, lip balms.

Carmex is also a leading brand available in the market all over the world, I don’t think there is a person who hasn’t tried them so my recommendation for this spring is definitely their lip balms. The texture of this balm is very beautiful, gentle and powdery. Various fragrances are available, they are too sweet and they really do the job as stated by the manufacturer.

Eos is a brand that is available in drugstores, you can find it often on sale. There are many types, the scent is fantastic and the texture is beautiful and silky. Hydrates the lips and gives them a natural shine.

Another type of balm is with SPF protection, just as it protects your face throughout the year, so you need to protect your lips as well. They can crack, bleed, so don’t do it to yourself. The balms will protect you from the wind and cold, so always carry your balm with you.

Which lip balm do you like to recommend?

Which Waist Trainer Is Best for Belly Fat?

When we first begin to diet and exercise, those pounds seem to melt off. However, the same can’t be said about stubborn belly fat. Known as visceral fat, it is the type of fat that lies inside the abdomen and linked to some health problems such as heart disease and type 2 diabetes. For health’s sake, you want to get rid of this belly fat and shrink your waistline for good.

This is where waist trainers come in. This very supportive compression belt can become your best friend in your quest to achieve your fitness goal. Waist trainers are the go-to stomach flattening training tool. Good quality waist trainers should tuck in your belly to make you appear leaner and to help you lose belly fat. One of the best places to shop for waist trainers is at Waistdear, a top online shapewear and waist trainer wholesale vendor that offers a wide range of undergarments to get that tummy in shape.

The Best Waist Trainer 2022

Ahead are the top 5 waist trainers that can help to speed up your journey for weight loss. All these waist trainers are high quality, reasonably priced and guarantee to show incredible results.

Latex Double Belt Waist Trainer

This waist trainer for the belly fat is high compression and features a double belt that makes you sweat and allows you to lose the fat fast. It also has a front zipper and 4 rows of hook and eye closures for easy adjustment of different compression levels. The 7 flexible steel bones prevent the belt from rolling down.

Wholesale Black Plus Size Latex Double Belt Waist Trainer 7 Steel Bones Compression
Wholesale Black Plus Size Latex Double Belt Waist Trainer 7 Steel Bones Compression

9 Steel Bones Latex Waist Trainer 

This waist trainer can flatten the tummy and carve out the waist instantly. Made with latex material, it will sculpt the torso in the front and back. This wholesale shapewear features 3 rows of hook closure for easy to use. It also has 9 steel bones for firm control and will hold its shape and stay in place no matter what. This waist trainer is a favorite and can be worn to the gym, to the office or just around the house.

Black 9 Steel Bones Latex Waist Trainer Large Size Correct Posture
Black 9 Steel Bones Latex Waist Trainer Large Size Correct Posture

Tummy Wrap Compression Band

This tummy wrap band is gaining popularity thanks to its unique design. It is easy to wear and guaranteed to stay in place. Made with polyester and latex, this band is worn around the waist to increase body temperature to burn calories.  Featuring 6 segmented hook and loop fasteners for easy adjustment, this patented design wrap band is suitable for all types of figures.  

Wholesale Black Latex Tummy Wrap Compression Band Higher Power
Wholesale Black Latex Tummy Wrap Compression Band Higher Power

Looking for a Perfect Coat Matching in Spring

Since day one, if you have been a fashion lover, you would probably agree that coats are one of the best fashion complements to upgrade one’s style. They effectively transform your casual or everyday clothing into something attractive and more enjoyable.

In this spring season, make the most of your tools and showcase your fashion in your Instagram and other social media outlet and try this upgrade on your style by matching a perfect coat to your outfit. If you are still clueless about what to pair for your attire, the following may help you.

Plaid is Lad

If you want an instant upgrade to your spring fashion, go for the coats with plaid designs. The plaid designs are a mixture of different lines and patterns which are pleasing to the eyes with a proper balance of colors and shapes.

The good thing about plaid coats is that you do not have to stress yourself from thinking about your inside clothes because, with this coat, you will never look dull or ordinary. 

The Black Wrap

This black coat appears like a robe with a massive collar to boost your sophistication. If you wear this coat, you will forget how ordinary your inside clothing is.

The belt that wraps around the coat gives you the impression that you are a voluptuous woman trying to impress people through her fashion. Since it has a plunging neckline, you can try a turtle neck blouse or a fine shapewear piece that lifts your bust would do.

The Duster Coat

Some women want to show a relaxed vibe which means they want to appear comfortable, like they are game for everything. Well, if you are one of those women, this duster coat is your best choice.

This duster coat is simple in its package, but it is comfortable enough to show off your most fashionable look. You can pair it with nice ankle boots to add more fab.

The Faux Upgrade

With a perfect hue and match of colors, the Faux jacket can make an exclamation point to your spring fashion statement. Like the other coats, you can wear your simplest attire, and it can still look fabulous with this faux shearling coat.

This Faux jacket has two buttons on the lower part. It is up to you if you leave it wide open or button it on for a classy look.

The Printed Hype

Spring is all about bloom and radiance, so it is just fitting to go for a coat that makes you bloom and expose your vibrance. For example, this Moya Quilted Patchwork coat has many things in its prints, but it never feels so loud and exaggerated. The trick is to keep an article of simple primary clothing and let the printed coat do the hype.

You can take a photo of yourself and upload it to your social media to inspire other people on your fashion, particularly how you match your clothes with these cool spring coats.

Choosing the Perfect Bra Panty Sets

Finding what we could consider the perfect pieces of clothing can be a very stressful task. Not all brands are the same. While something might fit you great in a specific size in one brand, the same size can fit you small or not fit you at all. Those memes of people getting things that barely fit them when they buy them from the internet, sound like a joke but they honestly aren’t. I might have had bought some things that were supposed to be my size and they felt like they only fitted one boob.

And because of this, finding bra panty sets, can also be a hard task too. Your butt might be one size and your breast completely another. In my case, my butt can fit panties that are size M, but I have to get an XL or bigger top. And not all the brands in the world give you the possibility to choose differently sized when it comes to top and bottoms sets.

As we know, wearing the right bra that fits perfectly and also gives you so many benefits, like a better posture, feeling like a second skin, meaning that you don’t notice that you are wearing it… and of course, an overall feeling of being comfortable. Well, the same applies to panties.

Finding the right panty means finding one that feels comfortable, and that is made of the right material. Choosing the right fabric might help you avoid infections down there and any other health problems it can create. Having it feel like a second skin, is also a plus and a very nice comfortable feeling too. A good option for this can be, for example, thong underwear, which will give you a nice freedom feeling.

So, if you want to have the perfect set, you have to start by looking for a brand that offers you an inclusive range. I hate when brands just offer the normal, XS, S, M, L and if we are lucky XL sizes. As some of them might not be fitting to some due to the way they’re made. Then also check, that if the brand sells underwear sets, they allow you to buy different sizes for tops and bottoms.

If they don’t do this, at least, check if they sell separates that can be considered similar and can end up being a set. Then, of course, choose the style that you like the most and that will make you look and feel sexy and your best.

Because, yes, the underwear provides support and health benefits. But they also provide you with confidence if you want to feel good and look good on those special occasions. Or, honestly, simply if that makes you feel the best version of yourself.

And don’t forget that feeling sexy or good with how you look isn’t the only important thing. Being comfortable is also very important. Because when you feel good and comfortable you also look like that on the outside and you project that confidence and good vibes.

Do You Have a Healthy Aesthetic?

As a fashion lover, you probably have the word aesthetic in your vocabulary. Aesthetic involves the look and feel of something, which is why fashion is a form of art. Many elements of skill are involved in the whole aesthetic. And, you can evaluate yourself if you have a healthy aesthetic by the way, you appreciate all the details, such as the colors, movements, and even the whole ensemble.

But you might ask, how do you measure or tell if you have a healthy aesthetic? You may want to consider the following:

The Texture Balance

You can say that you have a healthy aesthetic if you know how to balance the texture of your outfit. For example, the floral designs come up in a soft fabric, sending a message of serenity and radiance.

Sometimes, fashion is about the message and representation of the one carrying the outfit. Hence, the term fashion statement.

The balance of texture is essential to avoid unnecessary misrepresentation or prevent compromising situations.

The Color Match

One of the most important factors to consider if you have a healthy aesthetic, is matching colors. In fashion, you need to have a sound vision of the coordination of colors.

Colors are the part of the whole outfit that can make or break your fashion statement. When there are so many things happening in an attire, you can look loud, which is not a good thing. But with just the right number of shades and hues, you can rock it.

Cool Patterns

It would be better to have a healthy aesthetic if you had an excellent eye on patterns. As mentioned earlier, it would be better if you have the right balance of texture; the same thing applies to designs.

After all, lines are not there for nothing. They should coordinate well with each other. In this way, your fashion can take an upgrade in a more significant way.

Moreover, having a set of astonishing patterns can boost your confidence to nail your outfit.

Subtle Designs

Sometimes, aesthetics involve rest. It is pleasing to the eyes. To do that, you can choose straightforward designs that do not speak louder in the summary of the whole ensemble.

Designs also serve their purpose because it takes your representation in a more vivid picture. So even when you are choosing sleepwear, it is best to note the designs so you can feel at ease with them.

Pajama Party Print Pajamas

Out of the Box

The good thing about aesthetics is exploring and digging deeper into the fashion world. It means you can go out of the box without compromising your style.

For example, the shoes usually have simple designs or one color, but if you try to explore, you will realize that your fashion can elevate and make up the new you.

When you go out of the box, you try different possibilities. And that is the good thing about fashion, and principles also drive it. So you need to evaluate yourself if it still revolves around them and see for yourself if you have healthy aesthetics.

What to Consider When You Purchase Wholesale Shapewear

The term “shapewear” is widely misinterpreted. Many people still think it’s supposed to make you seem slim and sexy in your clothes, but that’s not the case. The true purpose of shapewear is to aid in the flattening of your clothes against your body. You can get shapewear to use under any clothing, but the greatest pieces are ones that provide you with the most cover for the least amount of money.

What does shapewear exactly do?

Shapewear is a type of underwear that makes your body appear smaller. It can slim your waistline and eliminate bulges caused by ugly undergarments lines or other body-shaping issues.

Depending on which portion of the body requires additional coverage, different forms of shapewear can be purchased. If you don’t have any bulges around your tummy but want additional smoothness in the front of your dress or top, a strapless waist shaper can be ideal, which you get from any waist trainer vendor.

Stick to your actual size

It’s a popular myth that dropping down a size will give you a flatter stomach. If you choose a lesser size, it will dig into your skin and prevent you from breathing! The extreme compression will keep you awake all night and don’t even think about what will happen if you eat that tempting dessert.

White Seamless Long Sleeve One-piece Bodysuit Corset Shapewear Bodysuit
White Seamless Long Sleeve One-piece Bodysuit Corset Shapewear Bodysuit

Similarly, going up a size will not give you the intended result. In addition, the creases will be visible. Check the tummy tucker’s size label attentively. There are quite a few wholesale body shaper that list sizes in inches but instead list Small, Medium, Large, and Extra Large. In this scenario, go with the size of your outfit.

Try doing everything in shapewear

We know that if we don’t use strapless waist shapers with your favorite dresses and shirts, they will never fit as well as we wish. This is particularly true of strapless bra-required dresses—lets it, nothing goes with those!

Because everybody has a different physique, one may have problems finding the correct fit for strapless waist shapers. So always sit and try most of the suitable varieties when you are buying a waist shaper to understand your size.

Get the best fabric.

Shapewear is typically constructed of synthetic fibers like nylon and spandex. While these are fantastic for the winter, they might make you feel smothered in the summer, especially if you don’t have air conditioning. Attempt to purchase cotton-based shapewear. Additionally, black shapewear should be avoided during the day because it absorbs heat and leaves you feeling overheated. For the best shapewear in the best fabrics, you can always try Wholesaleshapeshe.

Choose suitable colors

Whenever it comes to underwear, most of us like black. The same can be said for shapewear. However, as previously stated, you may want to avoid wearing black throughout the day, especially during the summer. However, you should have one in your closet.

A distinct color of shapewear is required for each dress, specifically, if the outfit is see-through, crocheted, or composed of light fabrics such as chiffon. You can either wear anything which matches the fabric or shapewear that is the same shade as your skin in such situations.

We hope that you will consider the given facts before buying shapewear and we are sure that your choice of shapewear will make you look amazing. Have a great time, driving everyone crazy with your outfits (and shapewear).


Keeping up with busy schedules makes it difficult for women to stick to their workout routine. Thus, it is perfectly fine to accept your curves and opt for a body shaper. Listed below are a few factors that elaborate how your body shaper can be your best partner to achieve a good figure.

Improved Physical Appearance

With the correct shapewear bodysuit, you may get an hourglass figure in minutes that will complement your everyday attire. One of the biggest advantages of wearing shapewear is that you get that feminine silhouette in just a few minutes. All this can be achieved without losing weight and spending long hours at the gym.

Boosts Confidence

Using a body shaper encourages you towards weight loss. Seeing your body in an attractive shape will motivate you to workout regularly and stick to a balanced diet. Shapewear that hides your lumps and bulges while enhancing the rest of our features is the ultimate confidence booster. Having an attractive curvy figure lets to wear the clothes you desire, brings more confidence and energy to boost your performance at your workplace.  

Improves Body Posture

This improves walking and sitting, as well as reduces back pain. If you spend most of your day sitting in your office chair, then you must consider buying body shapewear.  Shapewear’s elasticity offers different levels of compression and encourages you to stand with a straighter back. The support also helps to relieve discomfort in the lower back.

The post-pregnancy stage is when women feel the dire need for body shapewear. Women can also return to pre-pregnancy clothes sooner with the help of the right body shaper. Long-term use of a body shaper also helps in staying fit and healthy by strengthening the abdominal muscles.

Accelerate Weight Loss

Another significant advantage of shapewear is that the unique materials used while manufacturing excellent quality body shapewear like Durafits best shapewear for women help to accelerate weight loss.

Breathable material is commonly used while manufacturing body shapewear. These materials produce friction on the areas of your body parts when you move, causing them to sweat. This is why most women who wear body shapers on a daily basis, along with a nutritious diet and regular workout sessions, notice that their flab gradually vanishes over time. Thus, using body shapers on regular basis helps you lose weight and lead you to a happy and healthy lifestyle. 

Perfect bag matching for various occasions

If the dog is man’s best friend, then the bag is definitely a woman’s best friend. Every woman has at least one in her closet and there are bags for all styles, from the most classic to the coolest.

Because they have different models and sizes, this should be taken into account depending on the event.

For casual and daytime events, bet on crossbody bags or larger bags that you can carry in your hand. It will serve you well to carry what you need on your way out, and the size needs to be taken into account depending on the activity. Talking about color, if you are wearing a monochromatic look, bet on a colored bag that will be the color point of the production, if you are wearing a more colorful or patterned outfit, the bag should be neutral.

The crossbody bag is for both day and night, what varies will be the size and finish. Leather bags work more for daytime, while beaded, chain-worked chains are perfect for nighttime. A tip when using, is to use this type of bag more in front of the body, because it gives a fashionista look.

Using the bag to disguise the body, if you have a small bust you can use the shoulder bag and those with small hips can use the shoulder bag. Always place where your body is smallest for balance. It is important that you choose a bag that fits your size, bags that are too big or too small end up destroying your look.

For the work environment, you will choose the one that fits your needs, but always choose the most structured models and with neutral colors. Materials such as leather, suede and varnish are the most used.

For evening events, small and discreet bags that fit your documents and cards, lipstick and cell phone are interesting. Models such as clutch and purse are great for formal outings and also match casual evening wear.

When we talk about bags for the beach or a whole day out, bags and backpacks are the ideas. It will fit everything you need and will be easy to carry.

When combining the bag, it is good to take into account the clothes you are wearing, but if you want to get away from the conventional, it is interesting to use the same color of lipstick on the bag, so you will have a connection in the final look.

Always remember that you are the main star of the look, so choose the color and size of the bag well so it doesn’t end up stealing the focus.

The bag is the most important accessory when it comes to utility, and you will always have a model that you will find the most correct for each occasion.

2022 Eyeshadow – Metallic Eye Shadow

Liz Kennedy photographed by Yulia Gorbachenko

And always showing me first hand what the next trend will be, the Dior show at Paris Fashion Week brought what will be a big bet in makeup: The metallic eyeshadow.

Metallic is very characteristic of the 90’s and now it’s making a comeback and changing the makeup game. There are all metallic colors and for those who don’t like to dare too much, it’s a great choice to bet on metallic black. Who likes to dare, there is a range of options just waiting for you.


To create a complete look, it is important to choose your battle. When opting for a metallic eyeshadow, choose a nude lipstick and a neutral outfit.

You can use the shadow all over the eyelid or just use it as a point of light in the corner of the eye. Following the trend of the HBO series Euphoria, it is possible to create outlines and graphic shapes from the shadow to bring creativity and modernity to the final result.

The eyeshadow doesn’t just need to be tightened at night, it can be incorporated into everyday makeup and produce a glowing, healthy look.

Metallic eyeshadows add a dramatic but also fun touch to makeup.

Tips for using metallic eyeshadows

  • Always prepare your eyes leaving them well hydrated and use a primer to set the eyeshadow better and ensure a good finish.
  • If your skin is fair, bet on silver eyeshadow. If your skin is darker, bet on gold, darker skins match all tones and rose gold tone is universal, it works for all skins. When using a silver tone, use a dark finish to balance it out.
  • Always create a balance in makeup by choosing eyes all and mouth none or vice versa. Avoid exaggerating everything so you don’t look heavy.
  • Always choose two shadow textures to avoid everything becoming one and confusing. It’s good to mix something matte with shimmer or something along those lines.

You don’t need to use a super pigmented eyeshadow, you can use metallic in a discreet tone and it still looks beautiful and classic. It is also interesting to use the brush with flat bristles to have a more localized pigmentation. A small tip is to leave the brush a little damp to make it easier to apply.

If you don’t want to make a full eyelid, bet on the metallic eyeliner. Both the conventional and the new forms look amazing and you can create a range of options.

Be sure to try the metallic eyeshadow at least once and try new looks.