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5 Makeup Looks You Wish You Knew Earlier

Makeup- a thing that most of the women love to go for. With a perfect level of make-up, you can make yourself appear more beautiful and stunning. Well, achieving a perfect make-up look doesn’t need to be very complicated to rime consuming. Sometimes a simple make-up look can work better and will make you look different from others. With sufficient coverage and color, such as eyeliner and eye shadow, a perfect softer makeup look will boost up your natural look. So, are you looking for some simple yet best make up for your face? Don’t worry, and here are to 5 makeup looks that you can try out now.

  1. Blushing beauty

Well, for some blush, the look is something that has a bad rap. But the blush make-up has the ability to turn heads of others and can add a little freshness and oomph to the look. For this all you need to do just a simple thing. Apply a little bit of blush of right shade on the top of the cheekbones. That’s it. Now you look amazingly gorgeous. This make-up is something that you can have every day. Try this make-up now.


  1. Natural and care-faced

Sometimes, it is good to allow your beautiful skin to shine through. But sometimes you can prefer to make the look little dewier and toned, with simple make-up. You all know that lashes are the great camouflage for your tired eyes; you can apply a few numbers of coats of high-quality mascara to add a perfect definition.

  1. The gorgeous rose gold make-up

When it comes to choosing a trendy make-up shade, you can’t just ignore rose gold. They will not go out of style in the coming years. You might be thinking, why? Well, because it is simply beautiful. One of the best ways to apply rose gold make-up is by applying soft eye makeup that can easily go from day tonight. Use a full waterproof coverage to cover your under-eye. Now, you can apply a concealer layer on the eyelids. Don’t forget to apply mascara.


  1. Juicy pretty lips

If you don’t like to have a bold lipstick, you can go for a glassy lip to get a perfect wearable look. You can use this look for your office. A soft and baby pink color will work best and will stand out by adding a perfect level of fullness. With this, go for matte skin finish.

  1. Monochromatic flush

With this, you can get an ideal day-to-night look. Just by applying blusher, you can transform and get a glow for your face. Complete this look with a mauve gloss or red lipstick.


Where to Buy Waist Trainer With Thigh Trimmer?

It often happens to be observed when wearing something new and never seen before. This happened to me the other day, and this time, in the gym, an unusual place in which to be observed to wear something unusual and never seen, but everything is possible, my dear reader friends! But, proceeding in order, I will explain everything in detail, talking about my experience, because if you are looking for them and you ended up reading this article, it means that you are looking for only the right brand that you can rely on to proceed with the purchase of a waist trainer, and I can only recommend the fantastic FeelinGirl products.

FeelinGirl is an online site where you can find any type of shaper and garment, in order to put in place any type of shape, that may tend to not being in order on your body and that does not make you feel satisfied, making you fall continuously into the spiral where you always say “No, this doesn’t suit me, I won’t wear it anymore”. Well, on the site you will easily find a flood of products that will help you not to say these words while you will try on your clothes, increasing your self-confidence. And don’t fall into the mistake of thinking that the site does not have anything concerning the gym, because it’s thanks to their products that I’ve improved my curves and my whole body, and I must say I have never been so satisfied with my body as I am now!








I decided to buy a waist and thigh trimmer first. I needed something that would speed up my weight loss process given my brother’s upcoming wedding and the need to get into a dress that needed me to lose a size in just under a month. I have never given up on food during these two months, just as I have never given up on my adorable accessory that in a short time made me famous in the gym. In fact, if at first people looked at me as if I were an alien wearing the trimmer, after a while and after realizing my weight loss, a lot girls and boys came to me to ask where I had purchased that product that made me lose weight in such a short time, adding that as soon as they returned home they would rush to purchase the product. I still remember their faces when they touched the material that made up the trimmer, impressed by the enormous quality and resistance that was felt by the simple touch.



Needless to say, in just under a month, we were all wearing our personal waist and thigh trimmers in the gym, so much that you can easily call my gym “the gym where everyone wears trimmers”! It must be said that some girls preferred to buy a women waist trainer instead of a waist and thigh trimmer, as according to them it was better for their type of training and body. I mean, this is the beauty of FeelinGirl, a site where you can find the product you are looking for from the comfort of your home!





How to Wear Shirts Like Street Style Pro?

Shirts are unique apparel that can be worn in different styles, especially by women. You can explore your creative side to wear your favorite shirt like a street-style pro. Every time the apparel will look different and complement your look. So if you are bored of wearing your shirt by simply tucking in, you need to learn a few tricks to give the perfect makeover to your shirts. Let’s take a look at some of the ways that can help you accomplish this goal.

  1. The Half-tucked shirt

If you want to look cool and fashionable, then the half-tucked shirt is definitely your cup of tea.  It is a favorite in the street style scene as it combines elegance with a casual attitude. Go ahead and half-tuck your shirt, and you will surely grab your fair share of attention that you will love. Remember to pair it with a great pair of jeans so that your look will be complete.

  1. Tied-up front

You can simply tie up your shirt so that it will complement your figure. This trick is really simple, but it can freshen up your look.  You simply need to wear your shirt normally, and instead of buttoning the shirt all the way down, tie the bottom corners together. This shirt will flaunt your waist. You can opt short-sleeved shirt while trying out the style.

  1. Wear it like a tube top

Did you know you can wear your shirt like a tube top? But keep in mind that you need a long-sleeved shirt for this so that it can be tied around your torso. Such a style is catching up lately, but it is a complete hit among young women. You can pair it with a skirt or high-waist jeans to complete your look.


  1. The Front tuck

The front tuck is the perfect way of styling your shirt to show the serious and naughty side of your personality. This style of wearing your shirt is the perfect option if you want your waist to grab all the attention instead of showing any skin. You can simply tuck the front section of your shirt inside your trousers or jeans to achieve this trendy look.

  1. The full tucked shirt

The full tucked shirt always complements the physical attributes of women. You can tuck your shirt to get a classy and trendy look. The best thing about this style is that it can look professionals and, at the same time, trendy. Tucking the shirt completely can highlight your figure. While going for this style, make sure to raise your hands so that you can untuck the preferred amount of fabric to move comfortably.

Trendy Color All Girls Are Wearing

Nowadays, there are many trendy colors that all the girls are looking to wear. But while getting trendy colors to wear, it becomes essential for everyone to do an effective pairing. While you go with the trend for the first time, it will make you feel a little uneasy because it will be a new experiment for you to wear some trendy colors. But don’t worry as you could get a variety of best color coordination that will ultimately enhance your style as well as the looks.

Are you ready to go with the trend? Do you some of the exciting and amazing trendy colors combination? Do not worry; you are in the right place. Here you will find some of the best trendy colors that all the girls are wearing nowadays:

  1. Pale Blue

The trending color that is pale blue is most popular, as it an elegant color that provides you with a fresh look. Most of the girls prefer to combine the pale blue color with white color to a simple as well as the trendy look. You could also try other color combinations with pale blue as it is a light and fresh color, so it easily goes with other bright colors.

  1. Yellow

Yellow is the latest trendy color; especially, it is the summer trend as it is the bright color that attracts everyone all around. Yellow color offers you a fresh and clean look. You could combine the Yellow color with the Green color as it will make you look trendier and effective look.

  1. Cobalt Blue

Cobalt blue is the most powerful and bright color that will just brighten your look. You could wear the Cobalt blue color with the turquoise color or white color. Cobalt blue is the beautiful color that most of the girls prefer. Cobalt color makes you look more bright and bold, as this trendy color is attractive for all the people.

  1. Purple

Purple is another popular and trendy color that girls love to wear. You could pair the purple color with white as it adds class to your look. Purple is a decent color and the most favorite color of girls as they could combine it with other light colors and look classy.

  1. Grey

Grey has always been a trendy color, as you could style it with any other color in order to enhance your look. You could wear grey pants with a soft pink top, or you could wear a grey top with a soft pink long skirt. The trendy color grey adds complementary to your look, and it also goes with all the events.

Stylish Skirts That Are Trendy This Year

Meta Description: It’s time to get your fashion trend on with the most stylish skirts of the year! Below are the 5 favorites for skirts that are both stylish yet classy and can be worn in any season.

1. Wrap Skirt

wholesale maxi dresses


There’s nothing like a wrap skirt because it just doesn’t get old! Plus, it;s often made of the most pairable fabric. This year, it’s back among the top-ranking trendy skirts that are sure-fire for an outfit that’s sizzling hot, yet elegant all over.

Through Feelingirldress, match your wrap skirt with a button-up shirt or a more formal blouse for a classy-chic getup.

2. Pleated Skirt

cheap mini dress

Pleated skirts will always be on trend. In fact, they never really seem to wear out in the fashion scene. That’s because they have a versatility that allows them to be wearable any time of the year.

They’re also a go-to because they usually have a tight beltline to enhance your waist and a balloon flow for a feminine touch.


3. Deconstructed Skirt

wholesale mini dresses

Deconstructed skirts are foxy types of article because of their semi to full asymmetrical hem. Some opt for longer cuts while others prefer them as wholesale mini dresses. What’s awesome about this kind of skirt from Feelingirldress is that it’s instantaneously fierce on every side.


4. Midi Skirt

bandage dress wholesale

Also known as the mid-calf skirt, here’s a dainty piece that will bring about a refined gracefulness to your ensemble. It naturally drops from your waist down so that it still gives you a curvy silhouette without being too blunt about it. And its midi cut actually elongates your appearance.


5. Maxi Skirt

wholesale maxi dresses

A maxi skirt never fails to look sophisticated, and you can get plus size dresses cheap at Its floor-length cut is great for matching with any blouse, shirt, or even a tee. What’s more, it can pass for casual or formal wear, no matter the occasion.

The Dress Styles That Fashion Editors Obsessed Over

Some dresses are designed to last for only a few years while some dresses are there to last for a long. So, what will you choose? Well, of course, you will definitely choose the dress style that is evergreen and like by fashion editors. So, if you are looking for such dresses that are loved by fashion editors, then we have listed down a few dresses for you that you can buy right now and attain a perfectly stylish look. Check out the list now

  1. Stylish cardigans

You may find it simple, but there are designer cardigans that are developed by the designer to let take your style to the next level. These are the perfect pieces to enhance your overall look. Besides, you can pair it with any dresses like a pair of jeans to get a simple yet sophisticated look. They come in various colors, and you can play with those colors the way you want.

  1. Halter neck dresses

When it comes to buying a sexy and gorgeous dress for your body, you can always go for a halter neck dress. Every fashion editor likes it. If you are attaining an informal party or a wedding event, then you won’t file an ideal option than a stylish halter neck dress. So, go on and grab this dress now.

  1. Don’t forget the bodycon dresses

When it comes to the list of best-looking dresses, you can’t ignore this one. Why? Well, not just because of all fashion editors like this, but also this is the dress that can help you to highlight your awesome curves. Made with thick and stretchy fabric, that shape and conceal all your body parts. Wear it and get ready to show off your sexy hourglass figure.

  1. How about the button-down shirts?

Well, even most of the fashion editors consider such dresses are stylish and great. You can go for the trend of denim as well as flannel shirts for various outfits. If you want, you can utilize it as an unbuttoned jacket, or if you want, you can transform the dresses into a stylish looking shirt-skirt outfit.

  1. slip dresses

When you are doubt what to wear, there is no need to think much about it and just go for simple slip dress. The reason why women love the slip  and not just a slip dress is that nothing can beat a stylish and simple look. When you have this on you, you will feel like walking on a red carpet or the Cannes. It just acts dramatically. You will look like a queen. Besides, fashion editors also like this.


red gown dress

So, these are some best dress style that most of the fashion editors love to talk about. Grab them now and show off your fashion sense.

5 Best of Slip Dresses for Summer

There was a time when people heard about slip dresses; they considered those dresses as “bedroom-only” dresses. But with time, such dresses have received immense popularity among women. When popular people like Kate Moss took the dress style from the bedroom, the red carpet, that changed everyone’s mentality. Made of the delicate and silk garment, slip dresses look just awesome, and for summer, a slip dress can be a perfect option to get maximum comfort. Now, let’s have a look top 5 slip dresses that you can buy for summer and look super stylish too.

  1. Lingerie slip dress with laces

Well, not all prefer to wear lingerie for a day. But when you see the lingerie dress of Dolce & Gabbana, you will feel like trying it our now. Fulfill that Sicilian widow fantasy with this dress, turning heads of men. They can’t stop themselves from staring at you. Want to have a more decent look with this? A stylish cardigan or a coat will get the work done. This summer, this can be a perfect slip dress for you. Go for it now.


  1. Cuyana silk slip dress

You will love this slip dress for its maximum feminine details. Made of high-quality material, this slip dress will offer your body a sufficient level of comfort during summer. A well-designed back panel and the subtle slit near the leg portion, you will find this dress more versatile. For a formal occasion, you can use it with a pair of minimalist heels or a slide sandal. The choice is yours. This dress is guaranteed to be your wardrobe mainstay for summer.

silk dress

  1. Satin seamed v-neck slip dress

You will definitely fall in love with this slip dress for its super comfortable flow fit, a perfect V-neck design, and the beautiful asymmetrical front seam. All these add a sufficient level of sexy vibe to this dress. Feel confident while roaming around with this dress. You can combine the dress with a pair of heels or with sneakers; the choice is yours. Go for any color you want. It may look simple yet super sexy.

  1. Reformation crimini slip dress

Why should you go for this one? Well, just look at the dress’s thigh-high slit. It looks breezy and sexy. To make you feel comfortable to wear, this slip dress comes with adjustable straps, and you can get unlimited patterns and colors. Give it a try.

  1. Squareneck slip dress

The shiny silk comfortable material and the unique square neckline, the combination is great. This slip dress is an ideal outfit for formal occasions.  During the day time, just wear it with a white tee.



Do you own the slimming artifact of summer?

Meta description – The hot months are here and having the perfect summer body is every girl’s dream. But if you haven’t reached the finish line yet, you can still tone your physique with the help of waist trainers. They are the perfect artifacts for your summer!

best shapewear bodysuit

1.Black Latex Waist Slimmer With Sticker Tummy Control

This is the best cheap waist trainer to kickstart your workouts. This one has a smooth feel to it and putting it on is very easy. The front zipper helps you to secure the cincher around the stomach, and the belts provide additional support. It activates your core during the workout.

shapewear bodysuits

2.Black Latex Waist Cincher

This is quite similar to the age old corsets that are known to tone a female’s waist. The compression gives you the perfect hourglass figure and you can easily notice changes after consistent use. The felix boners prevent rolling down and hooks promote perfect securing around the waist.

cheap waist trainer

3.Durable Camo Print Latex Waist Trainer

 This is made for people who like to incorporate style into their workouts. It’s all about looking good and giving your best while doing that. This has a perfect Camo print that attracts the eye and also a snug attachment to your waist, thanks to the belts. It promotes perspiration that flushes out the bad fat from your body.

wholesale waist trainer

4.Black Latex Zip and Clip Waist Cincher With Hooks

Even if you are losing weight and your tummy is disappearing, the hook and zipper closures will help to get that tight fit around the waistline. Internally lined by soft cotton fabric, this waist trainer never causes rashes or irritation. It helps to flush out toxins from your body in the form of sweat. You can even wear it under your regular clothing like other shapewear bodysuits.

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5.9 Steel Bones Waist Trainer Zipper with Thermo heating

 This is a masterpiece that you can find on This waist trainer comes with a zipper, has an excellent thermal heating capacity that stimulates your core and also has an impressive W design to support your bust. It’s a meshwork of 3 elastic layers that make compression a non-irritating experience.


You can choose any one of these artefacts and begin your weight loss journey. With the right amount of effort, that perfect summer body is not far away.

Shop for Hottest Waist and Thigh Trainer for Home Exercise

People say it is quite challenging to get desired body shaping result at home through exercise. Well, it can be fact as people won’t feel motivated while doing exercise at home. One of the major reasons behind this can be they don’t have the right type of equipment for that. But now I it is possible to attain a perfect waist shape at home and for that all you need to use best waist trainer. Just use it while doing a workout at home, and you can see the result faster. So, here we will discuss about some best waist trainer that you can buy.

  1. Neoprene booty sculpture thigh trimmers

This waist trainer with thigh trimmer is an ideal workout accessory that is designed to reduce your waist size, enhance booty look and tone the thigh area. Its thigh eraser is super comfortable, lightweight and soft. As it has neoprene material, it makes you sweat more. The trainer has a curved design so that it can fit on your hip curve.

waist and thigh trainer

Neoprene booty sculpture thigh trimmers

  1. Latex three belts with the hook waist trainer

The trainer has three-layer belts design that adequately controls your waist and abdomen area. As there are steel bones, thy helps in strengthening the shape effect on the desired area. The core part is made of latex material that fasters the weight loss process. If you have a torso body type or an hourglass figure, then this is for you.

waist trainer

  1. Neoprene sweat embossing double belt waist trainer

It has double layer composite neoprene and has 80 per cent neoprene. Its functions include abdomen control, waist training and faster sweating. Besides, this waist trainer has ten steel bones that offer provide strong waist shaping and correct your posture while working out. For the enhanced binding, it comes with the double waistband. You can adjust the body effect with its Velcro straps. Use it regularly while doing exercise, and you can witness the result within a few weeks.

waist trainer for women

  1. Moderate level tummy control waist cincher

It has made of a high-quality material that has 22 per cent spandex and 78 per cent nylon. The upper part has a W-shape design that supports comprehensive chest support. On the other hand, it has nine steel bones that offer an adequate level of support to back as well as the waist. Besides, the 3-layer mesh creates better abdomen control.

best waist trainer

  1. Sauna sweat belt neoprene waist trimmer

The product is made of 100 per cent neoprene and quite effective in burning calories, abdomen control as well as waist control. The trainer has five supportive bines to offer you an instant body shaping effect while protecting your waist. Such Shapellx waist shaper offers high comfort level, and you won’t feel any irritation.waist trainer

5 Jewellery to Keep Elegant Everyday

Remember that not just dresses, you also need a perfect piece of jewellery to make you look stunning for the occasion. So, if you want to create your own unique personal brand, then it is quite important to pick your jewellery wisely. BY choosing the correct one, you can make yourself to stand out from the crowd. But the question here is how to choose the perfect one or what types of jewellery pieces you should buy? Don’t worry about it at all as this article has the solution for you. We have listed down five best jewellery that you should always have with you to look elegant. So, let’s have a look at those products.

  1. A beautiful pair of studs

The best thing about the studs is they are developed to get perfectly fit with any types of women, regardless of hair colour, wardrobe style or shape of the face. This piece of jewellery comes in different shapes and sizes. You can go for a pair of beautiful diamond studs or can also choose the roman glass studs. Such studs will jazz up with any types of outfit.

  1. How about wearing a bracelet!

Every fashion designer has the same opinion, and that is a bracelet has the ability to transform any types of outfit, making you look just stunning. This is the reason why a bracelet is considered as an everyday jewellery piece; You can for a thinner shape bracelet or a diamond-studded bracelet. It all depends on your budget. If you want to create a solid personal brand, then go for a bright or eye-popping bracelet.

  1. Don’t forget to add the layered necklaces

A lot of women assume that one has to a certain type of neck to use layered neckless. But this is not true at all. Layered neckless is designed to be used by every woman, letting them to take their outfit to the next level. Besides, such neckless add the class or flirty fun that you may not get in heels, blouses and pants. Make sure you are buying one that you love to have. You can even go for neckless with gems or pendants.

  1. That one thing which really pops

You can have an amazing looking bracelet or a designer neckless, but you need to choose that will really pop. It’s like getting one thing that will complete your overall look.  This is where you can go for a cocktail ring that you can show off at your party.


  1. An elegant and mesmerizing ring

When it comes to showing off, go for an elegant ring. Look for one having glass cut counter pieces. Such rings will take your outfit to the next level.