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The Shapewear List for Must-Buy Items 2020

When you become aware of the benefits of shapewear then you will always want to have them in your wardrobe. If you are bored with the old ones then you will rush to the local market or the online portals to buy the new stock. they can be that addictive and that’s all because of the benefits that they offer. Shapewear is made for women of different body types, necessities, and backgrounds. And here is a list of a few shapewear that you should certainly possess.

plus size shapewear

Bust open bodysuits are the best shapewear for women. When you take shapewear and choose the bodysuits that also cover your bust, you might notice that they alter the natural shape of your assets. This might not be the case with all the shapewear but its still better to be safe than sorry. This shapewear will leave your bust out of the equation so that the natural shape of your chest remains the same and the surrounding stomach and waistline are reduced to perfection. Ladies should go for these!


full body shaper for women

Butt-lifting shapewear is a must if you want your back looking like a sculpture. It is undesirable when your butt falls flat and has no life to itself. That is why this shapewear gives a boosting lift to your back and then your whole attire will look great because of the tiny changes it makes to your waist and thigh region as well. All the women who are trying to get the proper butt shape should go for this one.

plus size  Postpartum body shaper shapewear

Plus size shapewear becomes a necessity for those ladies who have just given birth to a baby or have instantly gained weight because of underlying health issues. PCOD/PCOS can make you go from fit to fat in no time and the medications are also not going to help matters. In that case, this full-body shapewear suit will be great to tone your body and give it the proper contour. It puts enough pressure to push the fat in without causing obvious discomfort. New mothers can wear them during the day and go about with their baby grooming sessions as usual. You get the benefits without hitting the yoga or aerobics classes. Already excited, aren’t you?

thigh trimmer

When you are talking about the best shapewear, how can you forget about the waist trainers? The whole concept of shapewear came from them and they have a major role in reducing that belly pooch and leg cellulite. When you are hitting the vigorous workout session, these become an instant need and having the right one can go a long way in reducing the fat. They not only help in reducing the fat from your waistline, thighs, and hips but also control the arm flab that can be quite disturbing.

thigh trimmer


The best waist trainer at Shapellx is very easy to handle and are made of high-quality latex that stays snug and hugs your body perfectly. It doesn’t slip while you are working out and the results will show in no time.

So, these are a few shapewear masterpieces that you should have in your cupboard. Do not delay and grab them all while they last.


Most Flattering Tiffany Jewelry For All Occasions

It is hard to not like the jewelry offered by Tiffany & Co. They have some of the most spectacular collections that hold impressive diamonds, pearls, silver and gold ornaments that are suitable for all occasions. They make a lady look elegant and precious. Even as gifts, these platinum jewelry sets are going to win the hearts of the gentle females who have a liking for minimalistic designs. Here are some of the most flattering jewelry from Tiffany’s.

The pendant is simple and adorns your neck in the right way. It has a round pendant with extending leaflets. The simple yet intense design will sway the hearts of the introvert females and it is suitable to be worn on any outfit ranging from your jeans to fit and flare dresses. the platinum adds the shine and the diamonds shimmer under the lights.

Have you ever seen a vine that is made of diamonds and shines like the best version of heaven? This ring has it all. The vine with leaflets shimmers brightly under the evening lights because of the diamonds that are embedded in it. The ring is visible on all hands and it suites all formal attires and also party outfits.


This pendant extends down and ends where your cleavage starts. Now isn’t that the definition of sexy? The tassel end is attached to a vibrant pearl and the overall minimalistic design will make you look beautiful without any extravagant addition of accessories. the impressive silver color adds that much-needed charm to the neckpiece.

The earrings you wear matter because these are the ones that will decide the look of your face. This one comes with a silver finish and has the same colored balls embedded between the shining chain. they are long and visible from a distance as well. They suit your formal occasions and also casual kitty parties.

This bracelet is a brilliant piece of perfection. The minimalist lovers will adore it for the way it is designed with care, cut in the right places and its alternating diamond and platinum design will decorate your wrist in the right way.

Shapewear by Shapellx Will Change Your Look Instantly

One of the most important aspects of best shapewear for women is it gives instant shape to your body. This means it is going to hide the additional fats from your love handles and enhance the curves to offer a visually appealing appearance. Thus, even if there is a major event coming up where you need to look in your best shape, you don’t need to worry about hitting the gym and spending a lot of extra time and money. All you need to do is get the best shapewear for women and you are all set to rock the stage. There are a lot of benefits that you can avail from shapewear. In the following section of the article, we are going to share some of the best shapewear for women that will help you get the instant look and feel you want.

The first Plus Size Shapewear on the list is the detachable straps body shaper. You will be able to remove the shoulder straps. There is a rubber bone on the side of the waist that prevents curling. There are three layers of the abdomen that will strengthen the abdomen. There is an inner layer of moisture-wicking fabric in this Plus Size Shapewear that is comfortable and breathable.

best shapewear shorts

The next Plus Size Shapewear on the list is the Shapellx adjustable straps tummy control bodysuit shapewear. It comes with a simple v-neckline and a backless design. There are adjustable straps and you will get a comfortable figure-hugging fit. This shapewear is just the perfect one for your weekend wardrobe. It comes with a high elastic mesh design in the bust for different bust types.

thong shapewear shorts

The third Shapellx shapewear on the list is the Shapellx high-waisted mid-thigh shaper short. It comes with a powerful abdomen retraction. The inner section of the abdomen comes with a high-elastic fabric for strengthening the shaping effect. There is a double-layered fabric for the legs that offer a comfortable feel.

seamless shapewear shorts

Next up is the postpartum tummy control body shaper. It comes with reverse zipper design to make it invisible under tight clothes. There is a crotch-buckle design that makes it easy to use the restroom. There are adjustable shoulder straps for better comfort and more flexibility.

best body shaper

The final Shapellx shapewear on this list is the detachable straps full-body shaper zipper abdominal control. It is made up of 30% spandex and 70% Nylon. There are detachable straps that are easy to take off. It comes with two plastic bones that prevent curling. There is a zippered crotch that makes it easy to use the washroom.

best shapewear shorts

Classic Summer Dresses Fit All Body Shape

Summers are always vibrant, free and encourage you t spread your wings and the roam the globe like it is no one’s business. You are happy, excited and that is why your clothing should also reflect your thoughts. This summer, beat the heat with these perfect outfits that will leave everyone around you stunned. No matter the season, you should always stay on top of your fashion game.

This flowy dress with an asymmetrical cut and criss-cross neck will suit any body type. Moreover, it comes with semi-hands and the ends have frills that I prefer. The summer wind will make the fabric ruffle and that’s going to seem like a diva walking down the street.


A simple option for all those ladies who o not like to draw extra attention. Based on your preferences, go for off shoulder, button up dresses in polyester or denim to cover your body this summer. These have a natural feel and elegant look to themselves. The off shoulders and the fabric will keep you cool and if you tie up your hair, there is nothing that can stop you!

Maxi dresses are alway a safe option for women who are worried about their huge thighs or extended hips. They are perfect to showcase your feminine nature and also look pretty. Go for the floral maxi gowns with strips or half sleeves. The neck can be deep if you have no problem in some cleavage display. This one will keep you cool but raise the temperature around you. Ufff! Think about that!

White is a classy option for the gentle ladies. Go for a white dress with detailed sleeves and high neck. this dress will hug your upper body and the flaring bottom will make your waist look slimmer. The bottom part can also fall flat or stay body-fit. All those types will be great for your summer look.

Then there is a perfect Starbucks look. Go for a full sleeves white t-shit that is tucked under a flaring midi skirt. This skirt can have good floral design, intricate designs or some pleats. The whole look will be simple but attractive.




The Reasons To Consider Wearing Shapewear

Shapewear is your day saver if you want to hide the extra fat around your waistline or other parts of your body. This relatively recent invention is back in the trend and women love the way it miraculously changes their body’s shape. But do you know shapewear has so much more to do than simply hide your fat?

waist trainer

Women still remain unaware of the other health benefits that shapewear can provide. When you wear the best waist trainer, it does more than hiding your fat. Weight loss is one of the main advantages of wearing shapewear for your gym. The compression that it offers against your core will work the muscles more and you will lose those extra pounds more easily. This can only happen if you pair the efforts of your shapewear with your lifestyle choices.

thong shapewear bodysuits

Shapewear is also helpful for women after childbirth. Because of the hormonal influx during the period of labor and before, there is a high chance that women will gain weight and find extra fat popping out around their waistline. Often, they cannot go to the gym or workout because they have to take care of their newborns. In that case, wearing the best shapewear for tummy and waist can help them lose some tummy fat while they are at home.


shaper shorts

The compression that shapewear offers can also act like the perfect policeman who stops you from consuming extra calories. But keep in mind that choosing the wrong sized shapewear can compress your organs too much and lead to harmful health issues later. The shapewear will give you the feeling of fullness and your stomach will refuse further food. So, you don’t have to worry about eating too much on your date.

seamless shapewear shorts

Shapewear is great at improving your posture. Along with your core and buttocks, shapewear also supports your back. This will help you to get the right posture while you are standing, sitting or moving around. Your figure will look more perfect and defined if you know how to carry yourself. The right posture will enhance your natural beauty. Also, you can avoid back pain and other spinal issues during your old days. You never thought shapewear is capable of all this, right?


thong shapewear


Shapewear can make your bust look bigger. This has nothing to do with altering the actual size of your breasts. When all other parts of your body are shaped properly, then your bust will look more toned and fuller. They do not sag because of the support that certain shapewear can give them. This will help you to improve your attraction ‘factor’ and also maintain good breast health.


If you want to buy some of the best shapewear in the city, you should choose Shapellx shapewear. Keeping the preferences of the modern women in mind, they design some of the most attractive, useful and authentic shapewear. It is easy to get the right size and navigation through their website is easier than saying ‘Hello’. Now that you know the benefits of having shapewear in your wardrobe, go on and quickly grab the best ones that will suit you.


How to Wear Women Suits in Chic Way

The first thing that pops into your head when I say ‘office’ and ‘formals’ are – suits. Yes, they are trademarks of an authentic office or meeting set up. Women often wear these to any important conferences or meetings. But just to challenge the old fashion trends, here are few ways in which you can style your suits to make them look trendy and better. Yes, they will still be the formal wear but will also make you look stylish.

Wear your blazer and pants with a tank top. Yes, if you haven’t tried this yet, then you should do it. Instead of going for the same old formal shirts, this is a safe alternative to make you look classy and fashionable.

If you are okay with wearing different layers of clothing on you, then this one is for you. Over your formal shirt, put on a t-shirt! Then you can wear regular blazers with jeans pant or the regular suit pants. This is the nerdy look that will draw you a good score in the fashion game. Pair it with cool, black-rimmed, cat-eye glasses and you’ll make heads turn.

Scarfs are life saviors! If you use them to cover your face against the dust or simply like to tie them to your sling bags, you should consider wearing them with your suits too. Take a scarf that compliments the color of your suit and wrap it fashionably around your neck. This is going to transform your look visibly.

Suits that have bell-bottom pants are going to make you look slimmer and better. I would say, go for the satin silk shirt and a slightly tight blazer, unlike the loose ones that the office going ladies choose.  This is going to make you look professional and also fun-loving.

Go for the bright colors! People end up buying suits only in the black, white and cream colors. Get out of that zone and choose vibrant colors like neon green, Blue, Red or Magenta. They will make you stand out in the crowd.


Whatever you wear, just keep your confident face on and rule the world like it’s no one’s business!


The Shapewear Pieces Adored by Many Fashionistas

Want to achieve a perfect and hourglass body shape like fashionistas instantly? Well, for this you don’t have to go to the gym or spend money on costly treatments. There is a secret that every fashionista has, and they don’t reveal that secret. But not anymore. There is a product that helps them in getting into a sexy shape, and that product is Shapewear bodysuits for women. Yes, you heard it right. Well, not all, but some fashionista uses this. So, you can also use these fantastic bodysuits and look sexy instantly. In this artic, we will let you know about some best shapewear pieces that you can try out now.

  1. Seamless half-slip body shaper

This is designed to keep you super stretch and slim. This sexy-looking strapless slip works as a perfect waist clincher and hip control. It produces a level 4 firm compression. With easy to use adjustable straps, you can attain a perfect fit. It enhances the body by contouring the body. You can use it under your favorite dresses.

seamless shapewear slip

  1. Seamless exclusive butt lifter

Use this shapewear piece and instantly cinch your waist, smooth the midsection, and make your bottom appear flattered. This shapewear creates level 5 compression. You will find it easy to ear and remover with the adjustable and removable straps. It offers a maximum level of comfort as it made of breathable fabric.

best shapewear for women

  1. Comfort mid-control sculpt wear

This is a high waist designed body shaper that effectively lifts the butt area and gives it a sexy look. Besides, with level 3 compression, it makes your tummy area look flat. There are no panty lines, and you can confidently use it with your favorite body-hugging dresses. The 2 soft fishbones structure offers perfect support at the back. If you are looking for the best seamless shapewear, then go for it.

seamless shapewear shorts

  1. Seamless butt lift sculpt wear

If you are looking for shapewear that can boost up your daily confidence level, then this butt lift sculpt wear can be a perfect option for you. This is designed to be used as everyday wear. With level 5 firm control, it effectively shapes your body. It offers fullback coverage and comes with 7 compression zones. Try out this 100 percent seamless shapewear now.

seamless shapewear bodysuits

  1. Powernet backless contour brief bodysuit

This bodysuit is designed to flatter the tummy area, smoothen the midsection, and slim the waistline. With a perfect stretchy a thong design, this bodysuit also has an effective tummy control panel. This is made of high-tech engineered fabric and create level 3 compression.

thong shapewear bodysuits

For more such amazing seamless shapewear, you can checkout Cosmolle Shapewear now. All are affordable and will make your body appear sexy and stunning.





These Dresses You Need for Summer 2020

Well, summer is arriving.  You must have some plans this summer, including attaining wedding, weekend outs, and more. In such a case, it is quite essential to achieve a stylish yet easy to enjoy the summer comfortably. Well, when it comes to summer outfits, most of girls or ladies prefer to go for single-item outfits.  Are you looking for some best dresses that you can wear this summer? Well, we have listed down some trending and stylish summer dresses for you. Wear them and get ready to enjoy the summer season at its best.

  1. Sir’s ruffled maxi dress

Easy to wear and super comfortable, this ruffled and tiered maxi dress from Sir is just an amazing option for you if you are looking for a perfect summer dress. The dress will not show off much of your skin. However, it will never fail to keep you cool. For the best look, wear this dress with some fun jewelry and a pair of beautiful lace-up sandals.

  1. Whiteout

A white dress may look very simple, but such dresses are perfect to beat all types of summer style issues. These dresses are perfect for all types of summer occasions. Well, if you are not a wedding guest.  Go for a perfect white dress, and you will enjoy unlimited accessorizing options. Just combine them with your shoes or footwear, and you are all set the hit the street.


  1. Maiden voyage

Puffed sleeves, dainty straps, floral designs, and well-cut sweetheart neckline, all these make the prairie dresses a perfect option for the summer. No matter what the occasion is, you can easily find a dress for the occasion. So, go on and give yourself a unique look this summer.

  1. Reformation

Are you looking for a sexy-looking frock that can go well with the summer? Well, you can always go for an elegant looking black midi dress from Reformation. Made of high-quality breathable material, you will find it really comfortable. You can wear it from day to night just by combining with ideal accessories.


  1. MUXXN retro vintage cap sleeve swing dress

This stylish yet sophisticated design is greatly inspired by the style of the 1950s. This fantastic looking dress comes with a pleated bodice design along with cap sleeves. You will look really beautiful on it. Besides, this is a perfect summer dress that will go perfectly with different events highlighting the feminine culture. Give it a try now.


  1. Bohemian necktie printed summer dress

The dress is made of 100 percent pure cotton fabric, and you can wear it for office, social, and different casual activities. The dress is easy to clean and maintain. Besides, the vintage print has made it more attractive.


These Summer Dresses Under $20 to Shop Now

Summer has always been the season for the adoption of new trends when it comes down to the matter of making a fashion statement. The hunt for new fashion has always been one of the most integral parts that have been associated with the feminine mind. The demand for new fashion clothes with a variety of vibrant colors and designs has been the major priority in addition to having the fashionable clothes within a range that can be helpful to suit the pocket every individual. Some of the major summer dresses that can be found within the most convenient budget of $20 are,

Unforgettable Khaki Solid Color Knit Sweater Full-Length Chic Fashion

The dress is one of the best summers wears that comes up with the most elegant looks that come from the loose full sleeves of the dress. The major benefit is that it comes with a fallen shoulder and does have the looseness that is helpful in providing the best comfort to the wearer in addition to the solid color that it comes up with make it one of the finest choices that are easily worn above any bottom wear.


cheap sweater

Orange Full Sleeves Loose Knit Sweater Round Collar Home Clothes

The product is one of the most affordable plus size clothing that comes up with the most futuristic design that comes up with the patchwork design in 3 variable colors. It is one of the few designs that come up with sheer comfort by the loose-fitting that it has. The product is the outcome of one of the softest materials and has the option of having full sleeves in it.

fashion sweater

Exquisite Royal Blue Turndown Collar Sweater Long Sleeve Ladies

The product has one of the best Camouflage designs that are most suitable for women in the summers. The best advantage of the product is the availability of a zipper system that helps in maintaining the perfect fitting of the outfit. The outfit adds to its beauty by having the inclusion of the turndown collar design. It also has the presence of side pockets that helps in maintaining the warmth of the hands.


fashion clothing

Dazzling Black Halter Neck Mini Dress Polka Dots Quality Assured

The vibrant one-piece comes up with the most attractive design that inculcates the polka dots and having 100% polyester material. This is the most affordable and comfortable mini dress that can be wear in summers. The halter neck design, fitted waist of this mini dress, gives the most elegant and sexy look to the wearer. Typically, this mini dress comes up with the lower back design, which gives a feminine look by highlighting the back-portion skin.


summer dress

Particularly Black 3/4 Sleeve Spot Print Mini Dress Honeymoon

This product is one of the major ones in the field of mini dresses wholesale. Basically, this product is widely used in parties and functions as it has a fashionable look. According to the recent trends, this product has a very simple button design along with a Slim-fitting waist cut.

skirt dress is one of the best brands that provide the best and trendy clothes within the most affordable price.


Show Off Your Slimmer Figure Wear Body-Hugging Activewear

A lot of people feel worried while wearing body-hugging dresses because they feel that those dresses might enhance the embarrassing parts of their bodies. Worry no more! We are going to bring you the best booty boosting leggings that will not only enhance the right sections of your body but will also help you get into the outfit that you were longing for. The right booty boosting leggings will make you feel confident about yourself and your body as well. Along with that, these active-wears will also help you shed off your additional weight in the unwanted areas. Who says you can’t be sexy yet sporty? If you want to look athletic then active-wears are the way to go. The booty boosting leggings will create an illusion of curves and make you look much more attractive.

The first best workout leggings on the list are the 3D printed reversible high waisted booty shaper leggings. It comes with seamless technology that reduces friction. One of the most important features of this activewear is it works as a great butt-lifter and tummy control. The full length will offer better control. There is a mid-rise that supports the abdominal section of the body and helps you in availing a flatter tummy.

workout leggings

The next best workout leggings in our list is the 3D print booty elastic yoga leggings. It is available in different sizes. The leggings are a high-waist booty shaper that enhances your butt in the right way. The two most important features of these leggings are tummy control and butt-lifting. The full length offers entire exercise to your legs.

The third in the list is the hollow out back cross straps sport yoga bra. One of the best features of this bra is, it is completely shockproof. This best workout leggings is fully adjustable and comes in a one-piece cup that prevents chest pads from moving. This one comes in a moisture-wicking material that offers excellent support. There are cross straps that fit the back perfectly.

sports bra

The fourth Shapellx Shaping leggings on the list is the Shapellx open back women sports bra. It comes with a one-piece cup sports bra that is made up of 87% nylon and 13% spandex. It comes with elastic straps that can be adjusted freely to the perfect length. There are shoulder straps and back breathable mesh stitching design. There are three rows of hook on the back.

best sports bra

The next Shapellx Shaping leggings on the list is shapellx back hollow out sports bra. It comes in an elegant design that will offer maximum support for running and Bootcamp. It is also great for tennis and high-intensity interval training. The pads are removable and it has an i-shaped bra that is shockproof and stable for ensuring safety.

thigh trimmer

The final one is thigh trimmer. It is the best workout intimate for running, cycling, rowing and other outdoor activities. The unique design for waistline control as well as thigh control can perfectly gives you the support for your body. With special materials featured, the thigh trimmer is pretty comfortable to wear all day.