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Tricks to Save Up on Wedding Dresses

Wedding dresses are quite costly. Although there are many ways to cut down the prices of your favourite wedding dress. Here we are going to discuss some of the most effective ways to cut down on the cost of your wedding dress.

  1. Rent a dress

Work your bargaining skills at renting a wedding dress and get an amazing one at a really cheap rate. Renting a dress is probably the best option for you to cut down on your wedding dress cost. You can easily get a designer dressfor less than half the cost. There are many companies offering renting services and this option is becoming popular day by day. Even if it seems a little strange, it is totally worth it.

  1. Go for a short dress

Are you familiar with the saying ‘Size does not matter’? Well it applies when it comes to wedding dresses as well. Short dresses are generally less expensive than the full-length ones. So, if you are planning for some last minute elopement, these dresses can come in handy.

  1. Go for a lightweight dress

You do not want to feel uncomfortable and all sweaty during your wedding. Hence, you need to get a lightweight dress that is quite affordable cause less fabric yet quite a comfortable and cozy wedding dress  to beat the heat.

  1. Decide before shopping

There are some dress shops that gives 10% or more discounts if you purchase the wedding dress on your first day. So you must do your research before going to shopping for wedding dress and you might just land a good discount on the price. Think of an idea in your head before going to shopping, so when you see something similar you can get that right away.

  1. Go for sample sales or wholesale stores

From the hit series ‘How I met your mother’, Lily got her wedding dress from a sample sale. So, why can’t you? Always keep an eye out for the sample sales and wholesale shops, also check out the resell sites, if you find something amazing at half the price, go for it!

  1. Get a simple dress and do some custom alterations

Much like the DIY trend, you can go for something really simple and then have it altered to fit your aesthetics or aura. Why find something that suits you, when you can make something that is you? This is quite an economical way to buy wedding dresses.

7. Wear a vintage wedding dress

The most beautiful thing is that  you can wear a wedding dress from your mother, your grandmother or even your grandgrandgrandmother, which is profoundly meaningful and like an inheritance of life. The older the dress is, the more beautiful it is. Of course, if it is unlucky that you area little puffy to wear them, don’t worry, get some help from best shapewear to put yourself into the classy wedding dress. The wedding dress will not cost you a cent but give you the most wonderful memories ever.

   8 .Choose fabrics with utmost care

Always go for synthetic and blended fabrics, as that is the cheapest option for you. There are a lot of less expensive fabrics used to make wedding dresses  that you can go for.

Vintage Grandpa Jeans Trend 2019

Grandpa Jeans are very similar to the flared jeans and can style with ease to get the perfect vintage look. These jeans are having extra volume at the lower end. Many girls get confused what to wear with these trending grandpa jeans and how to style them. However there are many amazing ways by which you can make your look more exciting and unique from the rest. Some ways to style your grandpa jeans are:

Grandpa Jeans with loose t-shirt

These jeans are having a great volume and give a perfect casual look without doing much on it. You can pair them up with your solid color loose t-shirt. They will look picture perfect with a unique style. You can complete the look by going with your favorite sneakers.


Grandpa Jeans with oversized blazer

With the grandpa jeans and over sized blazer you can rock the city streets. This is the perfect fall dress and with the layering you can also make this look perfect for the winter as well. Accessories also play an important role in this look. You can amp your outfit by statement glasses and your classy wrist watch.


 Grandpa Jeans with the crop top

Crop top can make any pair of jeans better completing your entire look. You can choose the volume sleeves or well fitted sleeves on your grandpa jeans as per your desire. You can also go with the off shoulder tops or graphic tees. Add some simple jewelry pieces for that extra charm.



Grandpa Jeans with turtle neck top

Turtle neck always looks amazing on every girl. You can pair it up with the grandpa jeans to get that perfect vintage look. You can also go for the long earrings and pointy heels to enhance the overall look. try to go for the solid one color turtle neck top.


Grandpa Jeans with loose sweater

If you are looking for the cozy vibe, go with the loose sweater which is very trending nowadays. Pair this sweater with your grandpa jeans and get that comfortable and relaxed look. You can complete this look by the pair of boots or sneakers.



Types of Waist Cincher Corsets You Should Never Miss Out

Corset is used by the girls to give an illusion of perfect hourglass figure to them. Every dress looks amazing on the well structured body. To enhance the entire look instantly you can go for the various waist cincher corsets. These are adjustable and come in various designs.

Standard waist cincher corset

Standard waist chinches are very popular and almost every other girl owns one in her wardrobe. This is very comfortable and soft. You can easily adjust the waist size with the help of his corset and get the desired look which you are looking for. These corsets are very affordable and do not cause any irritation. Now this waist trainer is on sale at clearance area, and at the bottom price of $29.99 (70% off to the original price )



Over bust waist cincher corset

Over bust corset are usually used when you want to support your bust area too. This firmly holds and you don’t need to wear bra under this shaper. This hides away all the fat around your tummy area ad saves you from  the bra bulges that women gets after wearing bra under bodycon dresses.


Zip up waist cincher corset

Zip up wait corset is where the hooks are replaced with the zips and this makes your task easier and quicker. You don’t have to pay attention to each hook while adjusting the corset. In zip up waist trainer needs to be careful with the size. Choose the right size according to your body as too many adjustments in this shaper are not possible. These corset usually comes as a under bust shapers.


Long waist cincher corset

Long waist corsets are used by the girls who are having a long torso. This is specially designed for the people who are tall as the itional corset is unable to give them proper covering support. This corset gives you the perfect hourglass figure regardless of your height.



Outwear waist cincher corset

Corset are very popular among girls thus many designers have invented the corset belts as outerwear. This corset comes as a belt form and is used in long or boho dresses to provide the structure to the waist and enhance the entire look. Any loose dress can look well fitted by adding this corset belt on it. You can go for the different designs as per your dress code.



These Top Jackets Can Enhance Any Look

Jackets can enhance any look making you more stylish and chic at the same time. They are available in different shades and designs. You can choose as per your requirement. some trending jackets to go for:

Denim jacket

Denim jackets are always trending among the girls. They come in various varieties and nowadays ripped jackets are very popular over the social media. You can go with the embroidery work on these jackets to get that extra girly look if you want. There are many jackets which come with many studded stones on the back side making it more beautiful.

Moto jacket

Moto jacket is containing lots of chains which are usually in the shade of golden or silver. These moto jackets can enhance any look and make a simple t-shirt into the exciting outfit. Choose the black color s they can be matched with any pair of dress code easily.

Crop jacket

Crop jackets give you the extra feminine and girly look. It does not hide your natural curves and makes the entire outfit more appealing. Crop jackets are best with the high waist jeans and crop top. You can rock any casual look with these jackets making it a must have clothing piece. Crop jacket comes in various designs and patterns choose as per your styling preferences.

Faux fur jacket

To get the extra luxurious and posh look you should definitely go for these faux fur jackets. These jackets are very cozy and keep you warm throughout the winter season. You can also work with the layering of sloths and scarf under these jackets easily as they are having enough room. These jackets can enhance any look you just have to pair them up with the ankle boots and you are good to go.

Leopard print jacket

Leopard prints are very famous as they look very unique and stylish. These jackets can give you that beautiful look which you desire for. These jackets are also present in crop jackets. If you don’t want to go with the brown color in these jackets you can go with the blush pink jackets with the leopard print on it.

How to Shop Cheap Dresses Online to Get the Classy Look

There are times when you are on the limited budget and still want to look classy. This is where you search for the various inspirations and cheap clothing items. There are many cheap clothing pieces which can make you look beautiful and glamorous. Some of them are:

Mesh always looks sexy

Mesh tops are beautiful and give you the sexy look without skin showing. Go for the medium meshed top and pair it with the beautiful brallete under it. Medium meshed tops come at very affordable price range and are easily available online. Try to go it the darker colors like black, burgundy, rich green, etc which can compliment your skin.


Go for ruffles

Ruffles are the best way to look beautiful in an affordable price range. These give the dresses extra volume making it looks more costly. Ruffles are very trending among girls and are very comfortable. You can style in a boho look and these are perfect for the holidays.

Neutral pencil skirt is classy

Pencil skirts are very cheap yet they give you the formal and stylish look. These skirts body hugs your body and look perfect. If you are going for the classy look, this neutral skirt will give you the desired look.  Neutral colors are always safer option when you are confused what to wear. You can pair these skirts with the crop top or if you are going for official meeting you can pair them with the classic white shirt.

Go for the beautiful v neck cutout

V neck dresses will always make you look more glamorous. Search for the long dresses online which are having the v cutout and compare the prices then by accordingly. These dresses are very affordable and you can create a party look in an affordable price.


Faux fur gives you posh look

Faux furs give you the luxurious look instantly. They can make any boring dress beautiful and pleasing instantly. These faux furs are easily available at the reasonable price and you can enhance your party look with the help of these comfortable furs. Faux fur jackets are the best clothing item that every girl should own.



Woman’s Halloween costumes to suit all styles

Get gothic glamour with sexy Halloween costumes

 The terrifying night of Halloween looks perfect with a horrible look. Looking hot and horrible in Halloween costume is not new in the fashion trends. It is not that Halloween looks only demand gothic or devil look. You can trendy Halloween look to remind the back years.  The Halloween trend is changing day by day, and you will find online stores brimming with various Halloween costumes. Millions are options are available in the online to give you each Halloween theme a proper look. Unleash the Goth mind of your inner side with . The elegant and fearful gothic costume is one of the best  halloween costumes for women.

Wearing this Halloween costume along with the black suede jacket, stitched silver button in the front side gives you witchy look. Everybody will be getting scared with your super black witchy Halloween dress.

Get to know trendy Halloween costume

Halloween costumes are not all about witch look, vampire, devils and skeletons. Trendy Halloween looks are all time popular for Halloween eve. Get trendy look with sexy mermaid Halloween costumes. This mermaid costume   clearly define your sexy body shape. You will look hot and sexy if you carry it in stylish way and you need a touch of Halloween make up. The sexy body hugging mermaid costume highlights your body curves and the glossy light green clothing material never fill you uncomfortable.

Style your Halloween in skeleton outfit

 The spooky skeleton outfit is the attractive one and gives glam touch to your look. The craze for skeleton Halloween costume is always high and this dress never fails to attract your mind. The blue skeleton dress suits your fair skin tone the best. You can have this dress at affordable cost and the glossy, sleepy clothing material of this dress never make you feel uneasy.  It will be the best choice for halloween costumes for women

Classy Halloween corset and dress set


Gorgeous Brocade Overbust Corset Set Asymmetric Lace Skirt, waist-cinching support, matching strong cord lace-up at back, help you wear easily and comfortable, also comes with modest panel. Wide strap and lace design make you feel like you are the princess of the Halloween party. Put on your high heels and get yourself a special makeup to demonstrate your fashion taste. Enjoy flattering and say thank you to this gorgeous Holloween costume – Corset and skirt set.

Black cat suit to flaunt your Halloween look

The black suit Halloween costume has been long in the fashion trend. Your hourglass body shape looks hot and attractive with this black cat suit. The deep black cat suit    gives you sexy look and add a volume to your hotness.  There are no tough rules in the fashion industry that Halloween costume always needs to be dreadful and scary. A simple body hugging black suits with the proper spooky Halloween makeup can rock your Halloween party the best.

Sexy plus size look costume for Halloween party

There are no tough Halloween norms that plus size women can never dazzle with sexy Halloween outfit. Deep red riding hood costumes   cover your plus size body fully and never let your Halloween spirit down.

What Shapewear is Best for Dress

If you require a little support under your dress, there is no need to worry because there is definitely a shapewear suitable for every dress in your closet. From your maxi to that little bodycon dress, if you want it, you can find it. Let’s look at what shapewear is best for the different kinds of dresses. 

A-line dress

Since this is a very flattering dress, you would require very minimal shapewear so you might want to go with a simple waist cincher or high waist shorts. Just be sure not to wear something that is exaggerated or which would be spotted under your dress.  All this depending on your kind of body of course.


For the bodycon dress, you want to get a full shapewear or slip on suit that should come with a bra. This is because the dress is fitting on your body so you want the shapewear to appear like it came with the dress. It should be the length of the dress or shorter and should not leave any creases over your dress but give you a flawless look.

Maxi dress

For your maxi dress, you do not want a shapewear that will show where it ends with its seam line. You want something that has extended pantyhose giving you a good look from the top to the bottom of your dress. Go with a cat suit shapewear for this kind of dress.


This goes without saying but when wearing strapless dress, it is best to go with a strapless shapewear. There is shapewear for even the trickiest strapless and backless dresses. You just have to find something that works and does not show in your dress. Find a shapewear that is either adjustable or that which will mimic your dress’ neckline.


Can Sweaters Be Dry Cleaned

Sweaters are one of the most essential clothes in any wardrobe and like all clothes; you need to understand how to properly care for them if you intend to keep them for a long time.


Sweaters are made of different materials, the commonest of which is wool. It has always been a general rule that anything made of wool should be taken to the dry cleaners because of the delicacy with which the material needs to be handled. So when it comes to your woolen sweater, it should be no different. Take it to the dry cleaner to have it cleaned. This will not only be convenient but will also save you the pain of worrying about the safety of your favorite cardigan. 1


Though you could opt to dry clean your sweater which is convenient. Modern technology has also made it possible for you to clean your sweaters yourself. If your modern washing machine has a cycle of wool or hand wash, you are good to go. Throw that sweater in and have it cleaned. However, before starting the cycle, it is always advisable to remove stains and douse at the armpits of the sweater so as to ensure that you get a thorough wash. If your machine has a hand wash option, there is no need to worry because it will be as gentle on your sweater as your hands would be. 2

Look at the tag

Your sweater manufacturer knows what is best for it and this is why they took the time to put the tag on its inside. The inside of the tag should guide you as to how best to handle your sweater’s cleaning needs. Some tags will simply have the don’ts of washing your sweater, while others will try to be detailed. 1



Lais Ribeiro Dons Pink Bikini and Slippers at the Bottom of Instagram

sexy bikini sale

Victoria’s secret model Lais Ribeiro completed this year’s successful VS fashion show, but that doesn’t mean she has plenty of time to relax. Together with VS model Barbara Palvin, Lais has gone to Costa Rica to take her photo for the 2019 sports Illustrated swimsuit issue.

And it doesn’t look like she was wasting any time because the sneaky shot was going to Instagram. One of the new photos shows Lais wearing a pink bikini. The top has a thick shoulder strap, just like a sports bra, but with an oval cut in the center to make it look more attractive. She also took her bikini bottoms, which was very small at first. She put her hair down and saw a dramatic shot to her left. The fans completely felt the atmosphere, and people praised Ribeiro’s words, “very good”, “you are the best girl”, “Wow, you are so beautiful / continue to kill the queen”.

SI Instagram also showcases other shooting features, including a small black and white bikini with neon yellow accents. A video shows Les ready to shoot because the hair artist puts a garland of bright purple, pink and white flowers on her hair. She wore a white, small white bikini top and a purple towel under her waist.

The model was previously open to Hollywood life on how to find a model of confidence in swimwear, and her advice applies to anyone.

Many VS models talk about how they expect their cheating meals after the fashion show. I hope that Lais has the opportunity to indulge herself after her hard work. Currently, fans can expect to see more from SI shooting in the coming weeks.

During the first JOINT film, Justin Bieber’s wife, Hailey Baldwin, flashed her curves in a bikini…because her aunt Hilaria said they were “very happy”


Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin took a lot of Instagram photos.

But now it seems that the 24-year-old sorry singer and the 22-year-old Vogue model have collaborated to shoot a suitable photo for mainstream fashion magazines.

On Monday, the newlyweds saw fun in the outdoor activities in Los Angeles.

As Alec Baldwin’s wife Hilaria said, the couple seemed to be “very happy.”

For a setup, both have a similar look.

women's bikini sale

Baldwin wore a black and white polka-dot bikini bottom with a robes with a belt.

When she was walking on a concrete road, she was barefoot.

Behind her is her husband wearing polka dot pajamas, no shirts, no shoes.

On one occasion, a bare-chested Bieber recited his newlywed wife on the grass.

She wore a print dress that looked great for spring – this photo was taken for the 2019 edition of the fashion magazine – and ballet flats were added.

The Canadian singer didn’t wear a shirt, showed off his dozens of tattoos, and added worn jeans.