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Can Sweaters Be Dry Cleaned

Sweaters are one of the most essential clothes in any wardrobe and like all clothes; you need to understand how to properly care for them if you intend to keep them for a long time.


Sweaters are made of different materials, the commonest of which is wool. It has always been a general rule that anything made of wool should be taken to the dry cleaners because of the delicacy with which the material needs to be handled. So when it comes to your woolen sweater, it should be no different. Take it to the dry cleaner to have it cleaned. This will not only be convenient but will also save you the pain of worrying about the safety of your favorite cardigan. 1


Though you could opt to dry clean your sweater which is convenient. Modern technology has also made it possible for you to clean your sweaters yourself. If your modern washing machine has a cycle of wool or hand wash, you are good to go. Throw that sweater in and have it cleaned. However, before starting the cycle, it is always advisable to remove stains and douse at the armpits of the sweater so as to ensure that you get a thorough wash. If your machine has a hand wash option, there is no need to worry because it will be as gentle on your sweater as your hands would be. 2

Look at the tag

Your sweater manufacturer knows what is best for it and this is why they took the time to put the tag on its inside. The inside of the tag should guide you as to how best to handle your sweater’s cleaning needs. Some tags will simply have the don’ts of washing your sweater, while others will try to be detailed. 1



Lais Ribeiro Dons Pink Bikini and Slippers at the Bottom of Instagram

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Victoria’s secret model Lais Ribeiro completed this year’s successful VS fashion show, but that doesn’t mean she has plenty of time to relax. Together with VS model Barbara Palvin, Lais has gone to Costa Rica to take her photo for the 2019 sports Illustrated swimsuit issue.

And it doesn’t look like she was wasting any time because the sneaky shot was going to Instagram. One of the new photos shows Lais wearing a pink bikini. The top has a thick shoulder strap, just like a sports bra, but with an oval cut in the center to make it look more attractive. She also took her bikini bottoms, which was very small at first. She put her hair down and saw a dramatic shot to her left. The fans completely felt the atmosphere, and people praised Ribeiro’s words, “very good”, “you are the best girl”, “Wow, you are so beautiful / continue to kill the queen”.

SI Instagram also showcases other shooting features, including a small black and white bikini with neon yellow accents. A video shows Les ready to shoot because the hair artist puts a garland of bright purple, pink and white flowers on her hair. She wore a white, small white bikini top and a purple towel under her waist.

The model was previously open to Hollywood life on how to find a model of confidence in swimwear, and her advice applies to anyone.

Many VS models talk about how they expect their cheating meals after the fashion show. I hope that Lais has the opportunity to indulge herself after her hard work. Currently, fans can expect to see more from SI shooting in the coming weeks.

During the first JOINT film, Justin Bieber’s wife, Hailey Baldwin, flashed her curves in a bikini…because her aunt Hilaria said they were “very happy”


Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin took a lot of Instagram photos.

But now it seems that the 24-year-old sorry singer and the 22-year-old Vogue model have collaborated to shoot a suitable photo for mainstream fashion magazines.

On Monday, the newlyweds saw fun in the outdoor activities in Los Angeles.

As Alec Baldwin’s wife Hilaria said, the couple seemed to be “very happy.”

For a setup, both have a similar look.

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Baldwin wore a black and white polka-dot bikini bottom with a robes with a belt.

When she was walking on a concrete road, she was barefoot.

Behind her is her husband wearing polka dot pajamas, no shirts, no shoes.

On one occasion, a bare-chested Bieber recited his newlywed wife on the grass.

She wore a print dress that looked great for spring – this photo was taken for the 2019 edition of the fashion magazine – and ballet flats were added.

The Canadian singer didn’t wear a shirt, showed off his dozens of tattoos, and added worn jeans.

After the family wedding and fans like it, Paulina Gretzky releases a new bikini photo

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The 29-year-old Paulina Gretzky is no longer the only one (to be) Johnson girl! On the weekend of November 28th, Austin Johnson – his brother Dustin (aka Paulina’s fiance) caddy – married his girlfriend Sam Maddox in Palm Beach, Florida. And, it seems that the model and Maddox are very close. On the 2nd of December in the Bahamas, two blondes were photographed on the beach in bikinis!

Gretzky posted the story in her Instagram story, and she spent some QT with her new friends, hanging out on the beach by the sea. The two were portrayed as wearing aviator sunglasses because they put their booties in the air. Gretzky’s swimsuit seems to be purple, while Maddox is wearing a red and black suit. After the wedding, the entire family looks like the Bahamas marked in the photo.

The model and her professional golfer, the husband of Dustin, attended the awards ceremony, and his younger brother and the current nephew shared the photos. “The first photo of our wedding! What a wonderful weekend,” Madox is on the go. “Thanks to all the love and support of our family and friends! Mrs. Johnson. “Austin followed, writing,” Finally, I can call @sammaddox my wife!!!!!! Thanks to all the people who participated in the wedding so special! !!”, collage photos on Instagram.

Paulina Gretzky went to the beach with a friend in the Bahamas on Sunday, December 2, 2018.

Everything seems to be good between Gretzky and Johnson, because he had betrayed her rumors in September, and it is said that a woman belongs to the same country club as the couple. Gretzky later intensified the speculation of cheating after removing any of his photos on her social media on September 10. Johnson later issued a statement on Twitter that seemed to resolve the relationship between the couple. “Every relationship has experienced ups and downs, but the most important thing is that we are very loving and committed to being a family. Thank you for your concern and support,” he sent a tweet on September 11.

Despite the rumors of turmoil, it seems that the engagement couples did a good job at the Kid Rock concert in mid-October. Gretzky and Johnson have been involved since 2013 and have shared two children, one is River Jones and the other is Tatum.

Alessandra Ambrosio showed her amazing self-cultivation image in a small red bikini while on vacation in Mexico.

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She is known for her famous body.

On Friday, Alexandra Ambrosio and her family once again showed off on vacation in Mexico.

The 37-year-old Victorian secret model left little imagination in her latest Instagram post.

In the first photo, you can see Brazilian batters standing on the idyllic beach with their hands in the air.

The crimson triangle bikini top and very thin bottom ensure that her bodybuilder is fully displayed.

Some retro-style tones and some bracelets are her only accessories.

Her dark hair was left in the breeze, and some rose lipstick seemed to be the only cosmetic that decorated her youthful appearance.

The next photo shows her 5’9″ high beauty in the shape of the back.

‘Vamos ala playa oooh,’ read her title, then she followed the tag #TGIF.

She also shared a few random images in her Instagram story.

One person showed the legs of two children because she obviously liked the snacks of French fries and guacamole.

Her cheeky headline says ‘guac any? ‘

The last photo was an interesting thing, showing her children Noah, six years old, and Anya, ten years old, who were holding their mother while playing in the waves.

Several holiday titles like ‘hola’, ‘Viva Mexico! The theme of the Mexican flag was completed by the composition of the heart.

Appreciate: ‘SpongeBob’ creator Stephen Hillenburg, from Bikini Bottom to the world


What makes a cartoon a legend? Stephen Hillenburg created one after paying tribute to the public. For nearly 20 years, SpongeBob Square is still strong, from here to Brazil, from Italy to India to Israel, from Poland to Pakistan, almost no Not at all. In fact, the new SpongeBob Christmas special program “SpaceBob MerryPants” premiered the night before the death of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) on Monday, before the age of 57.

The show features socks and sneakers, lunch boxes and backpacks, cups and notebooks, plush and plastic characters, all of which are successful children’s programs. But SpongeBob’s growth is beyond the norm.

Just last week, wearing a Santa hat, SpongeBob made its debut in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. In September, Tony’s nominated “SpongeBob SquarePants: The Musical” ended a nine-month show on Broadway, written by Yolanda Adams, Flaming Lips, Cyndi Lauper, Panic! At Disco, they may be giants, Sara Bareilles and David Bowie (they also provided the voice of the Atlantis Emperor in the special “Atlantis SquarePantis” in 2007). The national music tour will begin next year.

There is a SpongeBob roller coaster. The Malaysian fungus Spongiforma squarepantsii has been named for him. For just $2,416 per night (excluding holiday prices), you can have a pineapple at the Nickelodeon Hotels&Resorts in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, just like a SpongeBob. (It’s not underwater. But.)

Born in Oklahoma, Hillenburg is a Californian who grew up in Anaheim and snorkeled and dive in the Pacific Ocean. “Sponge Sponge” is his dual interest in art and marine biology, and his products for minors and professional students at Humboldt State University are almost perfect. (Like SpongeBob, he is also a fried chef.) The near-root of this series is the information comics about the Chaoshan Pond, the “Intertidal Belt”, which teaches public education after the University of Orange County Ocean Research University. The course (intertidal zone) was renamed the Ocean Institute in Dana Point. (The early hero Jacques Cousteau paid tribute to the series “French Narrator”.)

He plans to go back to school to study art, but animation has caught his favor. He studied at CalArts, where he studied under Disney and UPA animator Jules Engel (founder of the experimental animation project), the first SpongeBob movie is him. Album. The animation career at Hilunburg is long, but not extensive. He only participated in several series of works “Rocko’s Modern Life”, his CalArts thesis film “Wormholes” was hired; “Little Naughty”; he created “SpongeBob” after the end of “Rocko”, took away some of the show Talent (including Tom Kenny who plays SpongeBob).

Emily Ratajkowski releases a chin bikini short film, does not apologize for her sexuality and reveals photos


Model Emily Ratajkowski surprised her with her sexy, envious and envious photo while shooting her 20.6 million Instagram fans. Her recent photo was a small beige bikini that stood in front of the mirror and showed all aspects of her body.

The model features a light beige bikini with a separate chest that reveals her plump cleavage. The top includes an extended cord that wraps around her tight, engraved abdomen and front ties. These simple fabric bikini bottoms feature a high-waisted design that reveals smooth skin on the thighs and buttocks. Her long brown hair flows over her shoulders and back, and she licks the camera with the same lips. She uses a simple gold watch on her right hand to decorate her look.

The model positioning next to the mirror allows her followers to see her flawless figure. In the reflection, the viewer can see her curved, slender legs, rounded flank and trimmed belly.

Emily provided the title for the sexy song “Fall in love with @inamorataswim”, referring to her own swimsuit series Inamorata. On the brand’s website, it’s also suitable for models in Instagram photos, called Las Olas, for $150.

Like all models’ swimwear shots, her fans mad about this photo, commenting on how she looks “sexy”, “amazing” and “sexy”. Many of her fans told her that she was a fitness inspiration, while others commented that they wanted to have Emily’s armpits.
One user wrote, “You are my woman likes it,” another user commented, “You are so perfect. I fell in love with your swimsuit.”

According to an interview published this week by the British “Daily Telegraph”, the model responded to the online trolls attacked by wearing a white shirt without a bra and the Supreme Court nomination for Donald Trump in October. People Bret Cavano. During the event, she was arrested along with actress Amy Schumer.

At the time, Emily arrested her own photo of a protest on her Twitter account with the slogan “Respect for the existence of women or expecting us to resist.”

Geri Horner, 46, brought back her sexy brown bikini in her iconic music video, Mi Chico Latino… 19 years old

When she wore a brown bikini in the 1999 solo music video Mi Chico Latino, she caused a sensation.

Geri Horner showed her incredible figure in a sexy Instagram post, bringing back almost the same two pieces.

The 46-year-old babes walked along the shoreline while showing off her bodybuilding abdomen with a big smile on her face.

She didn’t say where she was, just saying that her situation was much colder than the photo shows.

The mother of two children wrote: ‘Freeze! I used to swim in the ocean. But the ward feels very good. #loveyourself #fresh. ‘

Ma Chico Latino was a huge success 19 years ago and starred in her debut solo album “Schizophonic”.

She is currently reuniting with Spice Girls, without Victoria Beckham, and the girls will perform a series of performances next summer.

Earlier this month, Geri said that Victoria, also known as Posh Spice, was still a member of the band, although she decided not to participate in the tour.

She told Jonathan Rose: ‘The five of us always have this thing, we support each other on the stage and on the stage.

“We did talk to her and meet her. We said, “Look, you are not on stage or on stage.” It doesn’t matter.”

“The thing is, we are very proud of Victoria. She works very hard and her achievements are amazing.

“She will always be a hot girl, as we will always do.” Mel C added, “M I hope we can come back together, I want to travel to the US too! It will work at some point!”

Eiza Gonzalez is very pleased to enjoy taking a break from the Bisla and King Kong bikinis in Hawaii.

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She has been working hard to film Godzilla and King Kong in Hawaii.

But Eiza Gonzalez enjoyed some rest on Sunday as she was wearing a bikini and playing on the beach.

In the photo she posted on Instagram, the 28-year-old is half naked in the ocean and looks happy.

The Baby Driver star showed off her amazing figure in a low-cut polka dot bikini.

The Mexican-born beauty spent a period of time in Honolulu to absorb the sun, marking her bodybuilding figure.

On Instagram, the star recently shared her admiration for the island country writing “Hawaii you are a dream.”

Earlier this week, she and Godzilla and King Kong co-starred Alexander Scarsgard were found in the collection of films.

Many details about the film were kept secret, but Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown, the deadly Danai Gurira and Bate’s motel star Vera Farmiga signed the project.

In the past, King Kong and Godzilla’s modern remakes already had more than $1 billion in box office revenue.

The intersection of the two film franchise is also a remake of the 1960s film, which is expected to reach hundreds of millions of dollars.

Godzilla and King Kong hope to destroy the box office when they are released in 2020.

According to, the actress is also known to have captured Anita’s coveted role in the upcoming West Side Story remake.

On Tuesday, the site reported that Eiza’ might play Anita in Steven Spielberg’s re-shooting of this famous and popular movie.

Alexandra Cane of Love Island shows off her enviable curves on a white tube top bikini

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She is one of the most natural and beautiful girls in the island of Love Island.

On Wednesday, Alexandra Cane recalls an incredible white tube top bikini.

The makeup artist, 27, photographed a cheeky bathroom mirror and took an enviable curve and an hourglass waist.

The white two-piece suit deepens her dark brown, high-waisted briefs to bring out her incredible physique.

Alexandra – was arbitrarily abandoned in Dr. Alex’s ITV2 reality show – perfect makeup and relaxing her lock.

‘The next holiday destination please… Bikini: @ezili_swim’, she added a title to the photo.

The reality star was overwhelmed by the comments of her Instagram fans who branded their “gorgeous” and “body goals.”

After her hot shot, Alexandra went to the House of CB influencer dinner at Sexy Fish in Mayfair.

Wearing a yellow dress with a spoon collar, this stunner looks cute.

She wore a tight-fitting dress with a pair of metallic lace-up heels and a clutch with a sparkling accent.

Alexandra had previously rumored that she would participate in this year’s “I am a celebrity” lineup, after she said she would fly to Australia to accept new challenges.

The savvy star said that she expressed interest in entering the Oz jungle in the future and would not let the “humiliation” experience on Love Island get her out of the reality show.

Ambassador Boohoo admitted that she liked “a little dangerous” and claimed that snakes and spiders would not bother her.

She told The Metro: “I know that I am a celebrity, I don’t like Islanders, but I am very determined!

“I will continue this show because I like everything they do. What you are doing, or you are active, or you have to rehearse.

“I like to be a little dangerous. I like snakes. I don’t mind spiders, so I think I am really good on the show. I will win everyone’s meals in the camp. Lara Croft is shocking!”