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Tummy Shaper for Low Back Dress

Well-toned women can look beautiful in any type of dress. For plus-sized women, low back dresses are the best clothing in which they can look hot and beautiful. These dresses are perfect for parties or going for a date. To look more elegant in such dresses, you need to have a smooth body. To attain a smooth body you can wear a tummy shaper beneath the dress. Not only it suppresses the bulges of the body but it will cut your size two to three inches instantly. These tummy shapers are available in a variety; you need to get the one that is suitable for a low back dress.

Neoprene Workout Zipper Waist Trainer Belt

It is one of the most bought waist trainers they have. You can buy it at a good discount. It is made of neoprene which gives it a super smooth outlook. It comes with a zipper that makes it easy to wear. There are also hooks present on the inside of it that prevents it from bursting. You can wear it to have a smooth tummy and slimmer waist.

Neoprene Workout Zipper Waist Trainer Belt

Neoprene Workout Zipper Waist Trainer Belt

Plus Size Latex Waist Cincher 7 Steel Bones Fajas 3 Rows Hook Latex Shaper

If you want to wear a low back dress for some occasion then it is best to wear it beneath to have a slim and smooth look of your body. You can have a good hourglass look with it. It has hooks for closure that makes it easy to wear. It got the steel bones to support as well which prevents it from curling.

Plus Size Latex Waist Cincher 7 Steel Bones Fajas 3 Rows Hook Latex Shaper

Plus Size Latex Waist Cincher 7 Steel Bones Fajas 3 Rows Hook Latex Shaper

25 Steel Boned High Compression Waist Trainer

It is one of the best waist trainers that they have in their collection. It comes with 25 steel bones that make it an uncurling item. The compression can be adjusted with it over your tummy with the 3 rows of squared hooks present on it. It is perfect for plus-sized women.

25 Steel Boned High Compression Waist Trainer

25 Steel Boned High Compression Waist Trainer

Steel Boned Latex Waist Cincher

This is an exclusive waist trainer in the store. With it, you can have a fantastic figure. There are 9 steel bones stitched inside it to prevent curling. It is adjustable according to the body. It designed to fit any type of body shape.

Steel Boned Latex Waist Cincher

Steel Boned Latex Waist Cincher

Loverbeauty Zipper Hook Black Latex Waist Shaper

There is a zipper present in the front that makes it comfortable to wear. There is also a belt attached to it which adds compression to the body. You can get a good smooth figure with it.

Zipper Hook Black Latex Waist Shaper

Zipper Hook Black Latex Waist Shaper

The Chic ASOS Summer Dresses to Wear to When Quarantine Ends

Summers are going a little heavy these days due to the quarantine effect. But everything is going to end soon, and you need to get your summer attires ready to get back on the streets to explore the fun again. Get your summer attires ready and get it from ASOS to avail of the exclusive summer discounts.

In this article, you will know about some of the best chic ASOS summer dresses that will be perfect for you to walk out in style after the quarantine ends.

ASOS DESIGN Tall bandeau maxi dress with belt in khaki stripe


This product by ASOS consists of a tie waist to hold your waist part of the dress to give you a great look. It comes with a casual fit to make you feel comfortable in hot summers. The fabric used in the making is perfect and is available for ladies of all sizes. This product comes with a khaki stripe to give a classy look to the wearer.

ASOS DESIGN Petite cami frill seam mini sundress in cream



If you want to carry your hot avatar, then this is the best sundress for you available at ASOS. It is available in a cream color and has a square neck, cami straps, and a deep neck to give you a sexy look during this summer season. It is the best after-quarantine outfit for the most-awaited summer fun.

ASOS DESIGN Curve broderie swing mini dress in orange


This one is a casual wear dress for summer outings that comes with a deep V neck and straps to make you look beautiful and stunning amongst all. It is a unique design at ASOS that is available for all sized women. The length of this dress falls right above the knee to give a stunning look.

ASOS DESIGN v front mini sundress with pep hem in red


It is yet another V neck designer dress that comes with Cami straps. Not only that, but it also has a deep V-shaped back to add more glamour and sexiness to the outfit. It is available in red color and is of free size to fit in all girls. It is one of the sexiest summer dresses available with ASOS.

ASOS DESIGN off shoulder mini sundress with pep hem in rose


This one is a mini sundress that carries a Bardot style and is made up of soft fabric that will help you feel the comfort of wearing it for a long time under the sun. It is an off-shoulder mini summer dress that is available in rose color.

These are a few of the best summer dresses available with ASOS to prepare for your after quarantine summer tours and outings.


All of the Best High Waist Shaping Short Ideas

When you want to look beautiful, it is important to try your level best to nail your look and wear the hell out of your dress. When situations like weddings and parties occur, you want to flatter your looks by smoothening and accentuating your curves. The best option is to pair your clothes with one of the best high waisted shaping shorts. However, if you are new at this, or you crave for a reminder, there are a number of considerations you need to know before jumping in.



Wearing this type of corset has several benefits. The fact is that it helps boost your confidence a notch-higher more so during these special events. It also helps you smooth your body and gives you curves by burning excess calories around your tummy region.



There are different types of high waist shaping shorts. This shapewear offers your body control and coverage. There is the light control that can be worn for everyday use underneath your outfit. This helps smooth lines around your stomach, bust, and waist. Secondly, there is the firm control which most ladies prefer when going out on special events like weddings. It helps nail your outfit and provides support and tucking to your target areas.




When coming to the selection of the right high waist shaping short for you, there are certain things you need to consider so that you may get something that will make you feel comfortable when worn. Stick to your size. Secondly, try on your shapewear to ascertain whether it is the right type for you. And also, the corset you choose should be suitable for your occasion and pairs well with the clothes you wear with. Often, it is advisable that when choosing the right high waisted shaping shorts, consider your stomach, butt, and bust which are the target areas.

Have a look at some of these cheap bodysuits we offer from FeelinGirl.

Open-Bust Zipper Lace Bodysuit



This is a black nude bodysuit purposely designed for women. It is made of spandex and nylon materials and comes in a wide range of sizes. Most people love this type of bodysuit for its ability to better your posture, shape your body, smooths and tones your body, and lifts your buttocks because of its specialized fabrics.



Finally, you can also try out a booty sculptor from FeelinGirl. I believe with this type of booty sculptor; you are guaranteed instant results. Have a look at some of the features of this shapewear.

It has a connected waist belt that helps the corset to remain intact, a double stitched latex neoprene to prevent sliding during workouts, and adjustable hooks and loop fasteners for target and controlled compression.

Say Yes To These Fancy Prom Dresses Online

Prom nights are fun and entertaining. You meet new people, confess things you’ve never thought you would, resolve feuds with nemeses, dance to tunes you never knew existed and sometimes also manage to be the Prom Queen. You don’t get that day very often and that’s why it is important that you make the best of it. The way you look will be talk of the high school for a very long time. So, you have to pay attention to your clothes. Here’s what you can wear to your Prom.

Pastel colors are going to make you look fab if you know how to be confident while wearing them. Irrespective of the timing, day or night, these are going to add glamour to your appearance. In this case, an asymmetrical cut is trendy and the neck with cool netted embroidery is spectacular. This is taking the ordinary to the extraordinary.

If plain black is not your choice, then you can go for good combinations. This dress comes with a black exterior backed by a cream-coloured background. Nice, black flowers are all over and the bouncy gown will make you look like a modern princess!

For all the zero-sized figures out there, this dress with a deep neck, impressive waist fitting and sensual side cut is the best fit. You can be the sexy diva that you always wished to be. The sky blue color will bring out your natural skin tone and make you appear more real, attractive and beautiful.

White is the color for the ones who like to dazzle. Double that effect with a star-studded prom gown. This one hugs your body in all the right places, accentuates your curves and brings out the original spark in you. The mermaid fit will make you look slimmer and special. Dropping the sleeves is a good idea as that will add the carefree touch to the clothing.

Lastly, if you are a Disney fan, you should definitely go for the blue merchandise here. This dress comes with multiple ruffles that engulf the lower part of the gown. The torso holds your body tightly and makes your bust stand out. The off-shoulder design will highlight your collarbones and the vibrant flare of the gown will definitely make you feel like a princess.



What gifts do women like the least?

Well, when it is about giving something to a special person, we bet you put a lot of thought and effort into it. But not every time the gift turns out to be something that they would really love to have. Yes, we know that your loved ones may not say that right into your face, but you might feel that there is something that they didn’t like about the gift.

Maybe they didn’t like the gift at all. Accept it, we all have made mistakes buying gifts for our loved ones that didn’t turn out to be well. Yes, we all have some sort of guilty feelings over it. Now, it’s time to learn from the mistakes and avoid gifts that women don’t like at all. In the following section of the article, we are going to share the gifts that women don’t like. So it is better to avoid these.

Handbags are the most common gifts that a girl gets in her lifetime. But you need to remember that if a woman likes handbags, then she is very particular about the bags. So if you give her anything she is not going to like it. And if they don’t love handbags, then don’t just give her random ones.

The same goes for dresses as well. For those who love clothing, they are going to be very particular about clothing, so don’t just randomly gift clothing or apparel to them. If someone loves to buy their own stuff then it is better to give them a voucher or gift cards instead of actually buying them.

Next is, don’t always go for the expensive stuff, not every woman loves expensive gifts. The worst part is expensive gifts don’t always say “I love you”. Also, don’t offer expensive stuff if you are holidaying or having some quality time with near and dear ones. That is not the time to show off.

Another thing you need to know is, don’t get someone something that asks them to start a new habit instead of helping them maintain their old habit. Just like don’t offer someone a scale who doesn’t have any use for a scale. Similarly, do not offer someone a gift that they can’t use or make a lot of effort to use.

That brings to our final option, don’t give someone scented or flavored gifts when you don’t know which scents they prefer. Only when you are confident, go for the scents.

Wear White Plain Sneaker And Feel More Comfortable

Sneakers are comfortable, trendy and stunning when you pair them with the right clothing. Good sneakers take you to good places. And when you also combine good clothes with them, the entire appearance will keep you on top of the fashion game. Simple white sneakers are not hard to find but styling them the right way can be tricky. Here’s how you can wear your sneakers and leave your friends mesmerized.


If you ask me what will be a good outfit that will not leave holes into my pockets, I’d say a plain white t-shirt, satin skirt with messy not. This has an essence of style and attitude to it. If you can add white sneakers to the attire, then the whole look will be a success. You should try this look when you head out to the mall or when you want to catch up with your friends at a cafe.

Bodycon dresses look great on women who have the right curves. When you wear it with a jacket and complete the outfit with white sneakers, it will be attractive and beautiful too. I would say, it is the perfect spring look for the fashion diva.



Two-piece clothing with stripes is also a good combination with sneakers. When the upper crop top and lower pants have stripes, go for the vertical ones. Horizontal stripes can make you look fat and that’s why you should be avoiding them. they are not made for everyone.

Sneakers like to keep it simple. That’s why you should choose a simple outfit too. A plain t-shirt or a simple printed t-shirt with a denim skirt will look pretty on the slender girls. Putting on those sneakers will complete the bubbly look and add an innocent charm to the attire.


How can we not include the spring special polka dot dresses? these are in fashion now and sneakers like them too! Pairing your fit and flare polka-dotted dresses with sneakers is not a bad option. You should give it a try sometime.


At the end of the day, whatever you wear, keep your confident face on and walk like your happiness is no one’s business.




5 Benefits of Wearing Best Full Body Shapewear

Wearing full body shapewear comes with a lot of benefits. Often, it helps address the following primary areas: the bust, waist, hips, and thighs. In case you are a woman who desires to get an instant feminine silhouette, this is the right type of garment to go for. With this body shaper from HexinFashion, you are guaranteed an hourglass figure that compliments well with your outfit. Wit this shapewear, then you do not need to visit a cosmetic surgeon to achieve an instant and adorable figure.

Sleek Nude Boyleg Body Shaper Adjustable Straps Waist Slimmer

Sleek Nude Boyleg Body Shaper Adjustable Straps Waist Slimmer

Getting the best full body shaper helps improve posture and abdominal muscles. It gives you compression and makes it possible for you to stand with the back straight and firm. This support helps relive any strain or discomfort, more so, in the lumbar region and lower back. This shapewear is also recommended for those ladies who’ve conceived, it boosts their confidence a notch higher when wearing their pregnancy attire and also helps restore muscles around the tummy area. Using this garment frequently and in the right is an effective way to strengthen your abdominal muscles.

Distinctive Skin Color Full Body Shaper Open Crotch Straps Comfort Revolution

Distinctive Skin Color Full Body Shaper Open Crotch Straps Comfort Revolution

Secondly, this type of body shapewear will help you lose excess body weight instantly. I once met with a lady complaining of difficulties in reducing in reducing her waistline. The reason why this lady was putting efforts slimming her waist is due to the experience of muffin tops. What she did not know is thet shapewear could help her fit into a smaller size as she is dieting and engaging is daily workout. This shapewear garments have distinct features and are made of high-quality material that control the appearance of cellulite, hence reducing inches. For instance, they have a tight fabric around the waist for a perfect hip curve, stretch fabric around the tummy region for a shaping effect, and an elastic patch under the armpit region for supernumerary breasts.


Smoothing Nude Plus Size High Waist Butt Enhancer Panty Moisture Wicking

Smoothing Nude Plus Size High Waist Butt Enhancer Panty Moisture Wicking

Just like other wholesale shapewears, full body shapers help in boosting self-esteem and confidence. Why are we saying this? This lingerie can change your outward appearance and your attitude towards weight loss as well. When using this type of garments, it is highly recommended that you maintain and healthy and active style of living. With time you will see yourself achieving a sexy silhouette and sporty curve that will not only boost your confidence but also self-esteem to put on any desire out-fit for a sleek look.

Appealing Black Lace Hemline Queen Size Butt Lifter Hooks Blood Circulation Boosting

Appealing Black Lace Hemline Queen Size Butt Lifter Hooks Blood Circulation Boosting

Another benefit is that these garments help in promoting weight loss gratitude to HexinFashion’s innovative fabrics. Take for instance, a Black Lace Hemline Queen Size Butt Lifter wholesale shapewear is made of spandex and nylon material. It works by increasing the circulation of blood to burn excess fats and give you a curvaceous shape in the desired areas.

Of course, in today’s special period, exercise at home also needs a shapewear. You can find thigh and waist trainer at HexinFashion to help you maintain your figure.

Red Neoprene Thigh Trainer High Waist Adjustable Moderate Control

Red Neoprene Thigh Trainer High Waist Adjustable Moderate Control

Tips for How to Keep Sane During Self-isolation

Self-isolation is not an easy thing. You have to stay within the four walls and that’s not something everyone can do. While you are being safe in the house, here are a few things you can do to drive the boredom away. Moreover, you will also feel a little accomplished at the end of the day.


During this quarantine, develop a workout routine that will help you shape your body. Anything needs to be done for 21 days to make it a habit. And this is the best time to start with that. Allocate some time for your workout, start off slow and pick up the pace later. You will see significant changes in your body by the time you are out of self-isolation.

Develop a new hobby

There are certain things you want to do but couldn’t because of no time. Maybe you wanted to learn painting or singing or playing the guitar. YouTube is your teacher and you must gear up to learn. Develop a new hobby and start taking lessons from online portals. By the end of the isolation, you will make good progress in them.


Hey! Do you know doodling is the best way to find mental peace and serenity? Unleash your creativity and start doodling characters on paper. You don’t have to be an artist to do this. No one is judging your sketching skills. Kill the time by creating a new world of characters while relaxing on your couch.


Care for your body


You can get that mini manicure or pedicure at your house. Use the ingredients in your kitchen and the soaps in your bathroom to make the water lather, scrub and massage creams. You can take a pleasant bubble bath to relax your nerves and feel stress-free.



Reading a novel is a very good habit. You can improve your vocabulary, your sentence formation, and your creative skills. A new world unfolds in your head and you won’t be bored when you enter the book’s universe. It’s always a fun activity to do. In case you don’t have the habit of reading books, you should develop it now.


Style Her Style: Wear A White T-shirts Simply

You don’t need glittery tops and flowing gowns to look sexy this season. Even the simple white shirt in your house can transform your look into something different and trendy. With the lockdown in full swing, you don’t have the option to go on a shopping trip either. So, here are some ideas that you can use to achieve a sexy look without investing much in clothing.

All you need is a good white t-shirt and a pair of jeans for this look. You can go for any jeans that you have at home. Tuck your white-t-shirt inside your jeans and let the swag take over. With a messy bun or loose hair, this look will be great to step out on a hot summer day or a vibrant spring morning.


You can wear your white t-shirt in your skirts as well. In this look, we have the printed white t-shirt over the satin green skirt. The skirt has slight frills that add glamour to the attire. To complete the look, you can go for simple ornaments like pearl neckpieces or hoop earrings. The right accessories can make this outfit a kitty party attraction as well.


If you have an extra long white t-shirt then you don’t have to wear it with anything. In other words, the t-shirt alone can leave a remarkable fashion statement. This attire is best for a simple hangout at the friends place or when you want to invite some friends home. The extra long shirt acts like a t-shirt dress and if you want, you can even include a belt into the attire.


Wear your white t-shirt with some shorts. You can choose the denim ones that will add the teenage feels to the outfit. Or you can go for the latex shorts that have a wild touch to them. Whatever be the choice, both of them are going to look great.

Overalls are the perfect choice to those who like to keep it simple. On your regular plain white t-shirt, wear suitable overalls and step out like a star. It hardly takes 10 to 15 minutes for you to get ready but the fashion efforts will be evident even from far.

Basic Steps for Your Home-Stay Skin Care

Lockdown or no Lockdown, you should always pay attention to the needs of your skin and hair. You need to do everything you can to provide them with the needed nutrition. From drinking enough water to eating those multivitamins, everything will go a long way in maintaining your youth and beauty. If you cannot step out and get a facial, here are few things you can do at home to get that instant facial glow.

Step – 1


The dirt and other microorganisms will build their home on your skin. Even if you are not stepping out, the pollution in the air around your house can also harm your skin. So, begin with cleansing. This will help you get rid of all the foreign particles on your face. Use gentle strokes to spread the product on your face and rinse with water later.

Step – 2


Even after cleansing, the excess oil, sebum, and dirt can still be stuck in your pores. To completely remove all of that, scrub your face. you can use a mild homemade scrub to do this. You don’t have to use harsh products since you are not stepping out anyway. Take some yogurt and crushed oats, mix them up and scrub your face with them. Be gentle and do not scrub for more than 5 minutes.

Step – 3


Steam will open the pores and expel any impurities that might be present. In intervals, steam your face or about 10 minutes and gently remove any blackheads or whiteheads around your nose, cheeks, and chin.

Step – 4



You can go for a sheet mask or a homemade mask and leave it on your face for 15 to 20 minutes. In case you are having loose skin, you can use a massage cream and massage your face before putting on a mask. This will stiffen and brighten your face

Step – 5


Once you are done with the mask, remove it and lock the richness of the serum with a moisturizer. This will make your face look more hydrated and supple.You can do this routine once a week to see extraordinary results.