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Latest Fashion for Cheap Plus Size Summer Dresses

Not all the women have perfect body; gaining some extra size means you don’t get enough time to tone your body. Plus size cannot harm your beauty when there are so many options for plus size dresses available for you. You can buy some extraordinary dresses from Lover-beauty dresses wholesale online. They have a wide range of plus size dresses that can suit your body nicely and make you look prettier.

There are some great options for cheap plus size summer dresses are mentioned below:

Sophisticated Blue Round Neck Big Size Mini Dress

This is a very nice option to choose for the women who have pear-shaped body. It has a round neck and ruffled hemline that makes even better. With blue color and sleeveless feature it becomes even better. It lets you show your arm. Also, it has a loose panel design than makes you show off your body.

summer dress wholesale

Dreamy Navy Blue Criss Cross Dress

This dress is one of the best options for the plus size ladies. It is made of thin straps, criss cross back, V neckline, A-like design and irregular hem. This dress can turn you body charming and sexy. This dress can be worn for picnic and summer outings.

cheap plus size dress wholesale

Minimalist Green Solid Color Big Size Pocket Midi Dress

This dress is very cheap yet adorable. It consists of high elasticity feature that can fit any body size. This solid colored plain high-low dress will make you look gorgeous. It comes with two small pockets in which you can carry your belongings You can style this dress with lace up sandals to get better overall look.

plus size midi dress

Bewildering Green Snake Zip Back Tight Mini Skirt

It gives better visuals of your body. There is a tight skirt with snake pattern printed on it which makes the dress even sexier. Zipper is attached to the back of the skirt that remains invisible, providing you with comfort of taking it on and off easily. You get high waist with mini bottom fitting with it that allows you to show the curves of your legs.

plus size mini skirt wholesale

Contouring Sensation Purple Mini Knotted Dress

This dress can make you look great in front of other people. It has a round neck and knotted sleeves. There is also a roll up feature that makes it never go out of date. It is an ideal dress for hourglass shaped bodies. It is available at the site at a very affordable price.

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What Shapewear Are Suitable for Women at All Ages

It cannot be generalized and said that certain types of shapewear is the best for all the age groups and would suffice to serve their purpose. That won’t do justice to the question under scrutiny. However, you can list out some of the features or qualities that shapewear should have so that they will suit and work well for all age groups. There is nothing like the young should wear shapewear and the older lot shouldn’t. Anyone who wishes to look like the better versions of themselves can opt for wearing these shapers. But while you are at it, keep these important suggestions in mind.

full body shaper

Any shapewear shouldn’t be thick and suffocating. Be it the young or the old, no one wants to handle clothing that is going to invite a lot of sweat and give way to irritation and sweating. This is exactly what the wrong shapewear will do on your body. The shapewear promotes compressions that will burn fat while you go on with your daily work. The aftermath is the sweat and this needs to evaporate at any cost! So, having thinner fabric is important and this will be comfortable for all age groups. Even if it is latex, choose the thinner amongst the ones available.


Compression up to a certain level is enough to show the results. The shapers are not going to push in all of your fat and make you look like a slim model overnight. They simply tone your fat to reduce the loose look of the body. So, Best shapewear not rolling-down is the kind you should be looking for. Extra compression will hurt your nervous linkage in the area and also your organs will take the wrath.

seamless shapewear

Young, middle aged or old, your clothing will mostly include dresses, long maxis or jeans. Older ladies can also go for skirts or pants. Whatever be the case, shaper shorts are the best fit for everyone. They are going to hide the thigh fat and also the extra love handles around the waistline. Older women are more concerned about these love handles and won’t be disappointed after buying these shorts. All age groups can add these shapers to their shopping list.

full body shaper

Full body shapers are also suitable for all age groups if you are wearing something that hugs your body and runs long. They are also a great fit under your jeans and knee-length shorts. The compression game takes an upper step and the fat in the wrong places is covered over the entire body. This is a huge advantage for older women whose body often gets loosened if you don’t have proper exercise routine.

best shapewear shorts body shaper

Last but not the least, the shapewear you are going for should be comfortable and long lasting. As you go on using it, shapewear can lose their elasticity and becomes just like any other clothing. If this happens sooner than later, you are at a loss. Cosmolle shapewear doesn’t allow this and produces shapewear that will stay by your side for long. They are easily shipped and do not burn your pockets.


Shop for a Reason – Being More Beautiful and Confident

It is not about what size you are or which brand the clothing belongs to. It all depends on how you carry your clothing and how comfortably you can sink into it. Most of the time we make purchases that aren’t that comfortable. Yet we spill our pennies there because it happens to be the new trend or a fashion success. This happens in the case of shapewear too. Just because a close friend of ours has bought a type of shapewear, we suddenly want to own it too – without thinking if it will suit us or not. This fashion blunder can have a bad effect on the body as well as the way our dresses will look. Here are a few tips you can use while buying your next shapewear

seamless shapewear

Right size above model

Yes, that model might seem like a huge hit on your friend’s body but if you fail to get the right size for yourself, there is no point in buying it. Instead of making you look better, it will add an extra layer to your body and you will seem more out of shape. They can even roll down and appear like an invasion of proper clothing. So, measure your body and follow the size chart while making shapewear purchases.

full body shaper

Listen to body signals

Best shapewear bodysuits may not be the best for you. By this I mean, if that lacy bodysuit looked great on your friend and had helped hide her fat, buying the same thing despite knowing your allergy to lace will be a mistake. Make your purchases wisely and avoid anything that will make you wince and sigh. However, lace is a positive addition to your wardrobe if you can tolerate it.

best shapewear for women


This applies to all shapewear including the trainers you buy for your aerobic classes. The shapewear shouldn’t let sweat gather. If you are in a good evening party and worrying about how the sweat is making your stomach itch, how are you even going to enjoy yourself? Will you be confident and all smiling? No. So, buy shapewear that has thinner fabric but still gives the proper compression to hide the fat.


seamless shapewear for women


Full-body shapers

Full-body shapers for women are the ideal choice because they can be worn under diverse clothing and they tone your body from the neck to thighs. They make the curves look pronounced and you don’t have to worry about the handles hanging to the side. Moreover, there is no fear of rolling down and they enhance your confidence in yourself.

thong shapewear bodysuits

Best shapewear by Shapellx does everything to make a woman feel comfortable in her own skin. They make shapers that can be worn under all clothing and the ones that suit a wide range of women. The more confident you are in what you wear, the more you smile and the prettier you will look. Confidence has a lot to do in how you carry yourself in front of others. Instead of running behind worthless purchases, shop for a reason and buy the best.


How to Wear Jeans: Rock the Trend

Whenever you are undergoing a fashion crisis and do not know what you are supposed to be wearing, the safest option every time is to opt for jeans. Though they are simple and subtle, the way you wear them will go a long way in determining your style and look. Here are few ways in which you can make your jeans look trendy and give them a new transformation

Wear your skin-fit, ripped jeans with a very loose sweater top or off-shoulder top that displays the strap of your inner wear. It is not taboo to showcase our inner wear anymore and this outfit will give you a carefree look and still keeps you completely comfortable and on page with other fashionistas.

Your jeans can be printed or plain. But if you are going for skin tight blue jeans then you should go for a high-neck top with long sleeves. When you tuck it underneath your jeans, then the whole silhouette of yours will look more defined and you will seem thinner than what you are.

Your casual faded jeans or skin –tight dim jeans can be worn under a long sweater top for your daily appearances. The rolled sleeves and baggy top will enhance your look and the jeans have to be tight. In case you are going for any loose jeans then your sweater can be a crop top type or tighter and body hugging. Pair it according to your personal preference.

Knee length jeans are a great additional to your wardrobe too. If you have one of those then you should pair them with the best loose hoodies in your cupboard. If the jeans are light in color, the hoodie needs to be of darker shade and vice versa. This is a easy-to-go look and very adorable

Match your jeans with a crop top and a long jacket that flies back when the breeze flows. This look is a masterpiece and will enhance your overall personality. It gives off the confident and mesmerizing vibes to everyone around you.


There are several other ways in which you can wear your jeans. But for now, try these and see how they look on you.

5 Ways to Wear Workout Leggings in Fashion Ways

We wear leggings to our gym, athletic meets, aerobic classes or yoga sessions. Everyone is aware of this. But with the changing world, the fashion trends began to change too. Leggings are not only considered as comfort wear but they can also be worn to define your fashion statement in front of others. The way you carry them will enhance your look and make you appear better. Even the leggings in the market are being made with care and proper designs and details are being included into their manufacture. Here are few of the ideas as to how you can wear your favourite leggings and look like a fashion diva

best workout leggings

Instead of going for the same old black or colour leggings, choose the ones that have a design, print or special wordings printed on them. They are absolutely stunning when you wear them to the gym or simply to your hangout spot. Because of their multiple use, you are getting your gym wear and normal wear for the same cost

waist trainer and workout leggings

Booty boosting leggings will look great when you pair them with proper trainers. When you go to the gym, wear your leggings with a good tank top and waist trainer, so that your look is complete and they would show a synergic effect on reducing your fat during the workout. Isn’t this the best of both worlds?

sports bra and leggings

You can consider buying a slight varied version of your same old leggings. Nowadays, high waist leggings are in the market. Without a trainer, they will help shape your waistline and extend above your belly button. They will work on burning your fat and these can also be worn under normal crop tops for a regular day out.


best workout leggings

Best workout leggings are the ones that are comfortable and easy to handle. You don’t have to jump, squirm and do crazy gymnastics to get into them and on the whole, they will add some casual feel to your outfit. Even if you are going for simple black leggings, you can define your look by choosing a good tank top. They can be simple sportswear or the ones that are trendy and bust lifting. They will give proper support to your silhouette and since your butt and bust are properly lifted, your appearance will be more sensual and the silhouette will be proper.

sports leggings

Whenever you are buying leggings, you have to keep in mind that they must be thick but not too much that they won’t allow air circulation. Also look for those models and designs that have multiple uses. The same legging that you wore to the gym can be worn with a crop top, loose shirt or polka dotted blouse. It all depends on how you prefer your look to be.


You Will Love these Popular Midi Dresses

When the temperature becomes high, it gets harder to go for the regular outfits. In such a situation, you will prefer to go for something that can keep your body cool, along with can make you look stylish. Well, this is where you can go for midi dresses, which are considered as ideal summer outfits.  With this, you can quickly wear it and achieve a complete dressed-up look without investing much of your energy.

Such dresses are elegant andincredibly flattering. Besides, it produces a romantic vibe. Here you will discover some best and popular midi dresses that you try it this summer.

  1. Floral patterned midi dresses

We all love simple yet elegant looks. So, why don’t you try out a floral-patterned midi dress? In fact, you won’t get more romantic than such a dress. Choose a perfect fit and combine it with a jacket, prefer to have a leather jacket and a pair of boots. Now, you are ready to hit the street. Roam around the city with style.

floral dress

  1. Ribbed sweater dress

In general, sweater dresses come under two different categories, i.e., skin-tight or oversized. Made of high-quality soft fabric, such dress perfect meet in the middle like and complements your curves. Dot worry; you will not face suffocation with this. Wear it along with a trendy boot.

  1. Midi tank dress

Looking for something that you can wear during casual events? Well, go for a midi tank dress style. The dress combines elegance and style. An easy and comfortable midi dress that goes well with every woman. While buying, prefer to buy an oversized design to attain a funky, stylish look.

  1. Turtleneck midi dress

Such type of midi dress can bring a perfect balance and enhance your overall look. Go for a long sleeves turtleneck midi dress, which offers adequate coverage and warmth. What’s more? The side slit design let to show off your sexy look. This amazing piece of dress can go perfectly with any type of shoes. But if you have a blue or black colored dress, then prefer to use cowboy boots. The combination will look fantastic.

  1. Tie waist midi dress with long sleeve

Want to flaunt your sexy figure with a midi dress? Maybe you won’t find a better option than this. Go for design having deep side slits, a waistline cinching tie, and a perfect fit. That’s it. You are all set to make yourself look beautiful for your party.

  1. Off-the-shoulder midi dress

Flaunt your beautiful shoulder with such types of midi dresses. Well, combine it with sneakers to get a sporty look.


Go on and try out these midi dresses now. You will definitely fall in love with these dresses.

Modern Shapewear Piece Every Women Want 2020

The invention of shapewear is the biggest revolution for women to attain a hot and presentable figure. The shapewear is meant for the ladies who are not happy with their body shape and have no time to work out in the gym for attaining a good figure.

Here are some of the modern-day shapewear for the ladies to get in the year 2020 to get a desirable body shape and get rid of embarrassment.

Powernet 5027 Firm Sculptwear shorts

It is one of the best shaper shorts available online for giving you the perfect lower body. It has an excellent compression level that holds your tummy and waist fat, firmly extracting the gorgeous female features of the body. It consists of four steel bone-structures to define your curves elegantly. It also helps in giving you the right standing and sitting posture by supporting your back.

high waist shaping shorts

Comfort 4022 Butt Lifter Shaping shorts

It is the butt lifter of the recent era and is high waisted giving light compression even to the plus size women. The material is purely breathable and is one of the best seamless shapewear available in the online store of Cosmolle. It targets the zones such as tummy, back, waist and thigh and gives you a perfect hourglass figure with enhanced butt shape.

seamless shapewear

Luxury Lycra 0228 Mid-Thigh Power Slim Shorts

It is the best modern shapewear that makes you feel beautiful inside out. It is again one of the top shaping shorts available for giving you a high-level compression. It targets your tummy and waist to provide you with a perfect shape. The material is breathable to provide you with comfort even for long time use. You can wear it to parties or the office without any hassle of adjusting it over time. You can also wear it casually at home while attending some guests.

seamless shapewear shorts

Seamless Power 1028 High Waisted Shaping shorts

It is one of the most profound collections of modern shaping shorts by Cosmolle shapewear that has a medium level of compression. The material is very light in weight and feels comfortable to the body. It also gives a fantastic grip and shape to the butts to give an enhanced look to your body during a special event or a party.

seamless shapewear shorts

Comfort Mid-control 4023 Sculptwear

It is high waisted shapewear that gives uplift to your butt, making it look enhanced on the outer clothes. It targets the midsection of the body and compresses the tummy, waist, thighs, and back. It is the best gift for new mothers who have just come out of pregnancy. The grip is firm and does not roll down during long time use.


luxury seamless shapewear

These are a few of the modern shapewear products for the year 2020 that are hot selling and are widely preferable by the women.

Dressing Guide for Plus Size Women

It is true that loving the curves can sometimes be very hard, but dressing up for your shape, accentuating the assets will make you look super stylish as well as increase your confidence level. Well, this really matters. But it has seen when it comes to dressing, plus size women often face issues.

Dressing plus size body takes little patience, and you will have to try out a lot of clothes. Don’t think that you are limited in dressing your body. Once you identified your body shape, you can go for unlimited options. Here you will get some dressing ideas for dressing plus size rectangle, apple, pear, and hourglass shape.

  1. Apple shape plus size body type

If you have an apple shape, then you should always try to define your waist. The reason is you are carrying most of your weight in the upper and middle sections. With this shape, you can show off your legs by wearing a pencil skirt or a flare dress. You can buy skinny jeans, strapless dresses, deep V-necks, wrap dress, and a printed bottom.


  1. A pear plus size body shape

Some famous plus-size models with such body shape prefer to show off their figure with a body cone dress. However, choose a body cone dress having intricate details on every smallest part of the body. You need to choose a dress that can offer a perfect balance between the lower and upper body. Go for high-waisted pants, long blazers, printed tops, flat pats, and flare dresses.

  1. Hourglass plus size body shape

Hourglass shapes tend to have a large chest area. So, here your dressing goal should be wearing a cloth that can perfectly fit and falter the curves. Remember that if you have an hourglass shape, you can look great and beautiful in classic styles and cuts. You can use structured dresses or tops, body con dresses, and high waisted jeans or pants. Buy stretchable clothing.


  1. Rectangle plus shape body type

Talking about some common characteristics of a rectangular plus size body shape, they include the same size hips and bust and undefined waistline. They generally look little boyish. Here you need to choose clothing that can offer you a perfect curvier shape. For your rectangle body shape, you can try out ruffled tops, bold print tops, wide-leg jeans, and tiered styles.


  1. Go for button-down shirts

It is true that a button-down shirt always complements your curves. Buy one with stretch and design that can create a shape like wrapping or darts. For a stylish look, layer it under jacket or cardigan.

Remember that these are just some suggestions. Use your fashion sense, and you can wear anything you can. Just keep in mind your body type.

These Cosmolle Shapewear Styles Embrace Body Positivity

Today shapewear is taking up the charge for giving the ladies the perfect body shape to look presentable under the designer outfits for parties and casual wears. You cannot prefer single shapewear for all types of clothing. Therefore there are many Cosmolle Shapewear styles available for the ladies to choose from.

Here are some of the best shapewear styles for you to add to your wardrobe.

Luxury Lycra 0228 Mid-Thigh Power Slim Shorts

Looking beautiful is not the only thing today that the ladies are craving for. They are also expecting to feel beautiful from inside out. This product of Cosmolle is the best seamless body shaper slim shorts that give a firm compression to the thighs, waist, and tummy. It gives you a perfect waistline and is ideal for long time wear.


shapewear shorts

Luxury Seamless 1021 Exclusive Butt Lifter

If you are looking for the best shapewear bodysuit, then this is the best product of all time. It targets the midsection of the body that covers the waist, tummy, and thighs. It also gives a lift to your butt to enhance your sexy look. It provides a high level of compression to the body that holds the fat zones firmly without causing any irritation in the body.


best shapewear for women

Comfort 4022 Butt Lifter Shaping Shorts

If you are willing to get a sexy look for your next special event, then this butt lifter will give you the best figure. This shapewear is made up of breathable fabric and provides light compression to the tummy and waist portion. It enhances your natural shape to make you look slim and sexy. So, the next event you plan to rock, put on your butt lifter to rock the party with the best designer outfit.

high waist shaping shorts

Luxury Seamless 1022 Half Slip Shapewear

This product is the best seamless shapewear by Cosmolle at a very reasonable price. It is made up of super-stretch material and comes with the strapless design. It has a high level of compression and gives a smooth and soft finish for ensuring full comfort.


shapewear slips

Seamless 1028 High Waisted Shaper Panty

It is one of the best shaper panties that make you look ten times slimmer instantly. It has a medium level of compression that compresses your waist, tummy, and back. This product is made up of 360 compressions that make it the best choice for the ladies.


shapewear panty

These are few of the best selling shapewear that is widely preferred by the women for acquiring the sexy hourglass figure to walk into the parties or events in style. So, book your best choice of shapewear today and add them on to your wardrobe.

Top Sports Accessories for Your Exercise

It cannot be denied that sometimes workout equipment seems like an astronomical expenditure. As if, you would require a whole gym in your basement. But that is not true at all. The sports and workout accessories are easily available, portable and you can keep in in your home according to your preference. But one of the most important factors of concern is there are a plethora of sports equipment and accessories available online. Thus, you need to know the best ones depending on your requirement. We are going to make things easier for you. In the following section of the article, we are going to sort out the list of top 5 best sports accessories for your workout/exercise.

The first thing that you need is the recovery compression sleeves. These are the best options for quickening the recovery time, enhance your performance and get faster relief. These sleeves will protect you against tennis elbow, golf elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome, and forearm tendinitis, arthritis and arm hyperextension.

Sports socks are something that you cannot miss out. These are the smarter version of anklets that you were wearing. The best part of these sports socks is they come with special padding along the heel and ankle that will keep your feet blister-free, with extra cushioning on the foot beds. It also comes with honeycomb stitching around the middle section for arch support.

The next option is to get a Pilates ring for full body. This is just the right option if you are keen on enhancing the core strength, abdominal strength, thigh muscles and arm toning. There are pads on the outer and inner side of the circle that allow for more versatility within the workouts.


The fourth one on our list is the ab carver wheel. Rolling the ab wheel might look like it is extremely easy while it is being done online but once you try it out, you will know exactly how much it takes to work on the abs. Not only do the ab wheels work on all the abdominal muscles but it will also give your arms a nice workout.

A stretch out string is the final one that you need. Yes, we know you probably think that it is not needed to stretch out but how many times in the past six months have you practised stretching on your own? It doesn’t hurt to have something to initiate the practice.