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6 Guides to Choose Wholesale Body Shaper for Women

Do you remember last time when you wore your favorite dress to an event and you didn’t quite feel confident in it? I’m sure you do! Probably you would have liked for your waist to be slimmer or your abdomen flatter and they were not. This made you think you need to lose weight and the faster the better! However, it is not easy to lose weight and it takes time and a lot of effort. But there are some things that can speed up this process and they are called: body shapers!

If you want to speed up the weight loss process to give your body a boost and also to feel confident whenever you wear your favourite dress, you definitely need to add some shapewear items into your wardrobe.

It probably crossed your mind by now that you should buy some shapewear products or at least a bodysuit, but you didn’t see the idea through. And this is mainly due to the fact that you didn’t know what body shaper to buy or where from. But if you keep on reading this article, you will find out everything you need to know.

So, here’s a quick guide with 6 tips on how to choose and buy the right body shapers!

1. Think why do you want to buy shapewear

The first thing to do when you start looking into shapewear products is to know for what purpose do you want to use them. Do you want to lose weight or only to smooth out your silhouette? And if you want to lose weight, is it the whole body or a certain area like the abdomen, the waist, the thighs, butt or the arms?

2. Find information about the body shapers you need

Now that you have established for what you need to buy body shapers, you have to do some research. You have to find and understand what each shapewear product does and how it works. You have to know from what is made, how to use it and when.

For example, if you want to lose weight and get an hourglass silhouette you have to know what a waist trainer is and what it does. This neoprene body shaper has the role of making your waist line slimmer by making you lose excess water and fat from around that area. You will lose inches very fast by using this body shaper. It usually has one, two, or even three belts that you can adjust so that you can add as much compression as you can handle. For great results, you should wear it when you do your workout training, but you can also wear it at home when you relax. It can also come in form of a vest that will also lift your bust and help you have a better posture. It’s also great for postpartum recovery!

On the other hand, if you only need to smooth your body into looking more toned and slimmer you will need a bodysuit. This shapewear item is usually made out of nylon and spandex, is super comfortable and can be worn underneath every piece of clothing. It will make your waist smaller, the abdomen flat and it will lift up your bust and butt, so that you will have a beautiful hourglass silhouette.  

3. Buy shapewear from a reliable online store

There are many places out there that sell shapewear, but not all are reliable. It’s also very important to buy high-quality shapewear that is made out of good fabrics and makes you feel comfortable. The best is to buy it online because you will have access to a lot of information about the shapewear and also there will be more products from where to choose from. And for this, you need to find a store that specializes in selling only these types of products. One place that meets all these criteria is HexinFashion, an online store that sells wholesale shapewear at competitive factory-direct prices. Because they have their own factory and this way can control the manufacturing process, all of their products are of high quality and have great designs. Also, their prices are the best in the market and they offer international delivery too.

4. Find out your right size

It is very important to pick the right size for the shapewear items that you want to buy because only this way you will feel comfortable and will lose weight faster. So, you need to take a measuring tape and start measuring your body: the waist, hips, butt, bust, shoulders. After you have written down your measurements, you have to consult the size chart for each product from HexinFashion. This way you will manage to buy the perfect fit! Also, very important, do not forget to buy a new body shaper in a smaller size after you lose weight!

5. Chose shapewear made out of a highly quality fabric

When it comes to body shapers the quality of the fabric is extremely important. You should always choose shapewear made out of neoprene. This is a very thick, yet breathable fabric that will add the right amount of compression to the body and help you slim. It also warms up your muscles, so that you can lose fat and get slimmer faster! All of the shapewear items from HexinFashion are made out of highly quality neoprene.  

6. Set your budget

You should never go shopping without having a budget in mind. And this applies when buying body shapers too! When you know how much money you have to spend then you will be able to plan your expenses and buy everything you desire without spending too much. Also, it’s best to have a wishlist made and wait the sales periods at HexinFashion to buy everything for amazing prices. This way you will be able to buy much more and even more colours for each body shaper.

If you follow all these six tips on how to chose the right body shaper from you and also follow all the instructions and the size chart from HexinFashion, you will find the perfect shapewear product for you that will help you get back in shape in no time!

5 Benefits of Wearing Best Full Body Shapewear

Wearing full body shapewear comes with a lot of benefits. Often, it helps address the following primary areas: the bust, waist, hips, and thighs. In case you are a woman who desires to get an instant feminine silhouette, this is the right type of garment to go for. With this body shaper from HexinFashion, you are guaranteed an hourglass figure that compliments well with your outfit. Wit this shapewear, then you do not need to visit a cosmetic surgeon to achieve an instant and adorable figure.

Sleek Nude Boyleg Body Shaper Adjustable Straps Waist Slimmer
Sleek Nude Boyleg Body Shaper Adjustable Straps Waist Slimmer

Getting the best full body shaper helps improve posture and abdominal muscles. It gives you compression and makes it possible for you to stand with the back straight and firm. This support helps relive any strain or discomfort, more so, in the lumbar region and lower back. This shapewear is also recommended for those ladies who’ve conceived, it boosts their confidence a notch higher when wearing their pregnancy attire and also helps restore muscles around the tummy area. Using this garment frequently and in the right is an effective way to strengthen your abdominal muscles.

Distinctive Skin Color Full Body Shaper Open Crotch Straps Comfort Revolution
Distinctive Skin Color Full Body Shaper Open Crotch Straps Comfort Revolution

Secondly, this type of body shapewear will help you lose excess body weight instantly. I once met with a lady complaining of difficulties in reducing in reducing her waistline. The reason why this lady was putting efforts slimming her waist is due to the experience of muffin tops. What she did not know is thet shapewear could help her fit into a smaller size as she is dieting and engaging is daily workout. This shapewear garments have distinct features and are made of high-quality material that control the appearance of cellulite, hence reducing inches. For instance, they have a tight fabric around the waist for a perfect hip curve, stretch fabric around the tummy region for a shaping effect, and an elastic patch under the armpit region for supernumerary breasts.


Smoothing Nude Plus Size High Waist Butt Enhancer Panty Moisture Wicking
Smoothing Nude Plus Size High Waist Butt Enhancer Panty Moisture Wicking

Just like other wholesale shapewears, full body shapers help in boosting self-esteem and confidence. Why are we saying this? This lingerie can change your outward appearance and your attitude towards weight loss as well. When using this type of garments, it is highly recommended that you maintain and healthy and active style of living. With time you will see yourself achieving a sexy silhouette and sporty curve that will not only boost your confidence but also self-esteem to put on any desire out-fit for a sleek look.

Appealing Black Lace Hemline Queen Size Butt Lifter Hooks Blood Circulation Boosting
Appealing Black Lace Hemline Queen Size Butt Lifter Hooks Blood Circulation Boosting

Another benefit is that these garments help in promoting weight loss gratitude to HexinFashion’s innovative fabrics. Take for instance, a Black Lace Hemline Queen Size Butt Lifter wholesale shapewear is made of spandex and nylon material. It works by increasing the circulation of blood to burn excess fats and give you a curvaceous shape in the desired areas.

Of course, in today’s special period, exercise at home also needs a shapewear. You can find thigh and waist trainer at HexinFashion to help you maintain your figure.

Red Neoprene Thigh Trainer High Waist Adjustable Moderate Control
Red Neoprene Thigh Trainer High Waist Adjustable Moderate Control