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What Type of Coat Do You Like in WInter?

There are a whole bunch of various coat types for the colder times of the year. While shopping for a winter coat, you’ll stumble upon petite cape coats, which are vibing with vintage and style, cozy and casual wrap coats, that look like a bathrobe, and, of course, popular trench coats. Whether you prefer your coats to be classy, or extravagant, you are going to enjoy reading about styling options for this winter attire.

Khaki Double-Breasted Midi Coat With Pocket Comfort Fabric

Trench Coat

Modern women love trench coats. It’s become an essential, almost must-have winter piece in everyone’s closet. Long or short, basic or bold, the trench coat is easy to style and it looks fantastic on everyone. Dress it down together with other basic clothing you have in your winter arsenal. By the way, wholesale women’s jeans will go well with this type of winter coat.

Black Hooded Collar Solid Color Drawstring Coat Simplicity

Cape Coat

If you love spending your cold, winter evenings, wrapped in a warm blanket, then you are going to enjoy sunny (but also chilly) winter days wearing a cape coat. This type of winter coat looks adorable and elegant, they are unique with their “armless” design, which creates a wonderful silhouette. Wear your cape coat with sophisticated skirts and vintage accessories.

Red Solid Color Turndown Neck Belt Coat Charming Fashion

Wrap Coat

If you try to stay away from posh winter looks, you are going to appreciate the simplicity and elegance of wrap coats. They are called wrap coats because they wrap around the body like bathrobes and worn with belts around the waistline. And if you are hunting for the most perfect, cheap women’s winter coats, you may be interested in these types of coat models.

Absorbing Apricot Slanted Zipper Plush Jacket With Pocket Loose Fit

Push Coats

When someone says winter, we automatically think about the plush coats. Of course, they have always been controversial in the fashion world. Some adore the cute, squishy appeal of the coat, while others hate this trend. We love it! Strike the snowfall with a double dose of cuteness by opting not only for a plush but also for bright colored coats.

Green Lace-Up Lapel Neck Drawstring Suit Jacket For Work

Lace-up Coat

And last, but definitely not the least coat style is the alternative, lace-up design. It looks slightly vintage, and a little bit steampunk, but oh so stylish without any doubts. Hopefully, this coat style will become super trendy this season, because we want to see it everywhere on the streets. View Feelingirldress on sale and pick one of these daring lace-up coats for yourself, you’ll love wearing it this winter.

View Feelingirldress Plus Size Sales

Feelingirldress offers you a with a solution of wearing plus-size dresses. View Feelingirldress sales now!

Regarding the selection of plus-size dresses, the first element is color.

For suit skirts of similar styles, black and white plaid patterns generally make you look thinner than red. Red and yellow are visually swollen colors. If you want to look thin, don’t wear it on a large area of your body.

Vintage Light Orange Big Size Bowknot Cut Out Plaited Bikini At Great Prices‎

Secondly, look at the style

Oversize girls should pay particular attention to choosing a fit style. The loose-fitting style looks like a flesh-covering, but it also makes you look like a moving bucket. It is better to show your proud curve generously than to cover it up!

The high-waist A-line hem skirt is very suitable for overweight girls. The open hem naturally covers all the small belly!

As the weather cools, overweight girls can also wear knitted skirts to the streets! However, it is also necessary to pay attention to the choice of styles!

Some dresses are A-line skirts made of plain knit, and the upper and lower two pieces are independently stitched together. This style of knitted skirt will make you look thinner. Come and see the plus size dresses wholesale event on Feelingirldress, find your inspiration!

Surprising Black Flared Large Floral Long Hemline Dress Luscious Curvy

Third, look at the details

If you choose the right color and the layout, is that done? Of course not, it is said that details are the devil, if you want to wear fashionable and elegant, details are very important!

Sometimes, some small accessories can help you adjust the visual effects, so you can prepare more accessories like necklaces and earrings!

In addition to necklaces, bow tie ribbons with clothes inside can also be your thin weapon.

We should keep only one bright spot in each look: Leopard print is a bright spot, and the red leather skirt is also a bright spot. When the two bright spots are put together, they will conflict with each other, giving people the feeling of overstrength. So often choosing monotonous colors is not a bad thing.

Looking at the details of clothing, in addition to the length, pattern, and decoration of the clothing, there is also the most important item for whether the clothing looks — high-quality material.  There is a cheap wholesale plus size clothing promotion on Feelingirldress website, come and check it out!

In terms of clothing materials, there is a chain of contempt. Natural fibers (wool, cashmere, silk, cotton and linen, etc.) are more advanced than man-made fibers (polyester fiber, nylon, spandex, etc.).

The above is the content of today’s overweight girl dress selection that I have compiled for you. A brief summary is:

Big Unique Solid Blue Plunge Neckline Babydoll Criss-Cross Straps

Choose a dark color, choose a V-neck, have a waistline, simple patterns, simple colors, and avoid weaknesses (exposed grooves, concave curves, exposed the thinnest parts such as calves, arms)

5 Different Combinations of Fashionable Shoes and Clothes

It is such a huge temptation to stuff all the empty shelves in your closet with sneakers, heels, and booties. But, despite all of the stylish choices, there is only a limited amount of shoes that are worn regularly. Stop wasting space in your closet and your budget on shoes, which you are going to wear rarely. Here are five stylish shoes worth investing in.

Black Hollow Out Button High Waist Jeans Leisure Time

Everyday Flats

Basic ballet flats are the most versatile shoes, which you can wear with jeans, skirts, dresses, and shorts. Ballet flats are comfortable, easy to wear, and come in millions of colors and styles. The only thing to consider, when choosing your versatile flats is the size of a heel and the color. Nude, white, and black are usually worn with a bigger amount of outfits.

Slimming Waist Skin High Elastic Mesh Panty Shapewear Plus Size Bandage

Nude Heels

There are two fashion items, which you rarely consider purchasing, but once you get them, can’t imagine your life without them anymore. We are talking about the basic nude heels, with moderate heels and cheap shapewear for women plus size, that flatter your figure. The first one looks elegant and fits the strict office dress code, while the second tame the unwanted volumes, making your shapes look fantastic.

Black Side Split Line Stitching Mini Dress Sensual Curves

Comfortable Sneakers

Whether you love and wear athleisure, do sports or follow an overall active lifestyle, you have to own at least one pair of comfortable sneakers. The reason behind this must-have is obvious: sneakers aren’t only fit most of the outfits from jeans and skirts to Wholesale sweatsuits and dresses, they are also incredibly comfortable.

Khaki Double-Breasted Midi Coat With Pocket Comfort Fabric

Ankle Boots

Boots are another essential shoe style, which is worth your investment. Of course, the design, style, and model of these boots should be chosen according to your style and wish. Ankle boots are usually worn through spring/fall time, and at the beginning of winter, when the weather is not too cold. View Feelingirldress sale to get yourself an appropriate outfit for your ankles boots: trench coats, pants, and sweaters.

Flirting Sling Maxi Dress Floral Pattern Online


Of course, it is hard to imagine a fashionista’s wardrobe, without a pair of summer sandals. They can be simple and sporty or sexy and strappy, but sandals are an essential item in your shoe collection. Wear your summer sandals with lightweight dresses, flowing skirts, jeans, shorts, and pants.

Participate in Event, Do You Know the Benefits of Feelingirldress

November is our favorite month of the year. And it is not only because this month is a threshold before the winter holidays, but also because of the Black Friday event. It is not only the first Friday after Thanksgiving, but also an unofficial beginning of holidays shopping. Or a time when you can start prepare presents for your loved ones. This year Black Friday falls onto November 27th, and we can’t wait for the big promotion deals to start. Whether you are going to shop for presents, or refresh your wardrobe, here what you should know before participating in the Black Friday Event.

If there is anything you need to refresh in your closet, it is without a doubt a brand new sweatsuit. Despite regular workouts, wholesale sweatsuits are one of those things. We all tend to underestimate, or simply not give too much importance too. It’s shame because such a small detail as a comfortable and beautiful. Sweatsuit can provide you with a source of indefinite workout motivation.

Shapewear isn’t only one of the essential fashion items in the wardrobe, it is also an excellent gift for someone you love. Your mom, sister, or a close friend will be happy to receive a pair of basic thigh-length shorts, which will not only feel convenient and be seamless underneath the clothing but also give the figure an attractive shape.

Who said that cardigans aren’t fashionable? When styled properly and matching with other items in your look, cheap cardigans receive a whole new, unforgettable look. This white and red cardigan looks like it was done in a patchwork technique, which is going to be back into trend this winter. So, take it into consideration when shopping this Black Friday.

Hopefully, until the next warm season, the worldwide lockdown will be canceled and we’ll be finally able to enjoy a vacation close to the sea. And for now, we can all take advantage of the big promotions and prepare ourselves for the journey. For starters, get yourself a new swimsuit, covered in flirty rhinestones and mesh cut-outs. Choose Feelingirldress as your swimsuit supplier and treat yourself with new stuff.

Blue Hoodie

The hoodie is a real wardrobe staple for any fashionable person. It has a long and colorful history and never goes out of style, especially in winter. Black Friday is just the perfect opportunity to give yourself, your friends, and relatives a new hoodie. We especially love fleeced options, they feel particularly snuggly during the cold winter days and nights.

It Is Too Late If You Don’t Buy Autumn Clothes Check Out These Models

You must have essential autumn clothing. Get yourself a cooler blazer, sweatshirts, oversized hoodies, and dresses. Invest in new undergarments and be ready for the fall season. Below are some of the outfits we have in store for you.

Black Spaghetti Straps Polka Dot Jumpsuits Wide Leg Modern Fashion

Its round neck design convinces with other items. For an evening party, choose a pair of cute wholesale jumpsuits for your choice and mood.

Fabulous Fit Rose Red Hollow Out Square Neck Letter Romper Female Charm

The halter design shows off the shoulders. Its side lace-up makes your legs look more attractive open back finishes off the look with a personalized flair.

Noticeable Blue Side Slit Sleeveless Large Size Dress Supper Fashion

The feelingirldress flawless range of plus size dresses wholesale will make you feel feminine, flirtatious, and classy. Slipping into a side slit dress makes you feel like a total goddess at your upcoming formal party.

Enthusiastic Light Blue Hollow Out High Waist Maxi Dress Women Forward 

The v-neck style exposes your cleavage. Its side slit lends a touch of cool sass to the whole.

Incredible Khaki Wide Strap Bodycon Dress Pleated Backless For Beauty

Sculpt your shape from head to toe with this bodycon dress. It features a square neck that adds cleans lines and sophisticated touch. Its wide straps are meant to lift and support your bust for a scintillating look. This dress will never go out of fashion as it hugs your curves in all the right places.

The Autumn season is all about layering. feelingirldress black friday 2020 got anything serious cozy glam vibes. All our clothes are discounted for the annual occasion. Stock your autumn closet with a new style for the season at affordable prices. Shop for our vast collection of fall outfits to help you work through the season.

Feelingirldress- Contract Your Clothes for All Seasons!

A person’s dressing style speaks volumes about them. That’s why it’s necessary to look trendy and chic. Feelingirldress is the ideal site to get cheap yet chic clothes that will not make a dent in your wallet. The clothes have impressive quality and you’ll look like a show stopper as soon as you step out. Here is an awesome collection of clothes that will suit your needs in all seasons –

  1. Soft full-sleeved white top

This soft woolen top is ideal for any occasion. The full-sleeved, oversized top gives off a chill, cool vibe to your outfit. The white color adds elegance and can also be paired with all kinds of denim and skirts. The V neck highlights your cleavage, making you look flirtatious and cute. Buy it from feelingirldress right now!

  • Hot pink crop top and legging set.

This hot pink and white set is an absolute must-have in your gym wardrobe. The stretchy, soft material wraps itself around your body so beautifully, that you will definitely be in the limelight anywhere. Its soft absorbent material absorbs any sweat that you may get.

  • Polka dotted romper set

Polka dots are all in this season. These cute perky designs flatter everyone. This blue romper set with a long cardigan is a really cute outfit to have in your wardrobe. The spaghetti strap paired with a loose cardigan makes you look chic and cute. It is especially good for those who want to stay trendy but do not want to show off a lot of skin. If not a cheap sweater dress, you can go for such outfits in winter.

  • Green leafy swimsuit set

This summer, look super trendy with these cute green swimsuits. The spaghetti straps emphasize your bust making you look sexy and hot. Pair it with proper accessories and you will definitely steal the show. The best part of this outfit is that you can coordinate it with your daughter for a cute mommy and me swimwear theme.

White Bandeau One-piece

This summer, get this cute one-piece set. The white floral design and deep neck accentuate your curves in the right way. With the Feelingirldress collection, you can even get the matching outfit for your little one and both of you will not look any less than celebrity divas. This outfit is best for your post surfing strolling.

Trendy Clothes from The Most Popular Clothing Store – Feelingirldress

Most of us do our clothing shopping in the most popular stores. These are the stores that provide the right mix of high-quality, better-priced, and trending clothes. Feelingirldress is the famed online clothing store with the best quality fabric at retail and wholesale.

Clothes mean everything to a woman. Fortunately, we have a massive selection of stylish outfits. We try our best to cater to every body type and size to fit any budget size and style. Here is a snapshot of what we have.

Amazing shapewear

At a certain age, women become wobbly and acquire lumps and bumps. They lose elasticity of the skin and start feeling uncomfortable. In need to maintain shape, a piece of shapewear would do wonders. We have bodysuits, butt lifter, corsets, and shorts, depending on the part you want to control. In case you want to control your tummy, a sweat waist trainer will help slim your waist. 

cheap waist trainer

Affordable Jumpsuits

Make the one-piece look a bit sexier with a strapless jumpsuit. I prefer the bateau neck jumpsuit in ivory with long sleeves. The figure-hugging fitted bodice features an illusion bateau neckline. Get the wholesale jumpsuits at the click of a mouse

wholesale jumpsuits

Beautiful Dresses

Dresses are part of clothing that never goes out of style. They can be worn on any occasion, including socials, parties, work, and night-out. We have them all in various styles and sizes, from mini to maxi dresses, bodycon, and smocks.

sexy dresses cheap

Beach Cover Up

Hit the beach in style with our vibrant colors and prints of beach cover-ups. From short dresses to breezy kimono cover-ups. They come in handy when they feel like taking a break from sunbathing and swimming.

sexy lingerie wholesale

Cute Jean Pants

Please choose from our endless options of cute jean pants like skinny jeans, straight leg, bootcut, and boyfriend. You can wear jeans, pants for work or play. Our extensive collection includes various sizes with varying lengths to suit your needs.

cheap trendy women's clothing

Save a lot on clothing with a feelingirldress.com store where you will get cheap and affordable fashion. Shop your favorite sexy lingerie, bodysuits, plus size dresses, skirts, shirts, and more. Our goal is to satisfy the apparel needs of our customers with plenty of options.