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These Are the Best Shapewear to Hide Your Lower Belly Pooch

Let’s face it , women pay extra attention to their waist area and can instantly take notice of every minor difference . For many ladies – including yourself I suppose if you are reading this article- having a flat stomach is the ultimate goal. But what if , for many different reasons, you are not able to reach the results you desire by eating healthy and going to the gym?. Muffin tops are known to be a woman’s worst enemy BUT , fear not! We have the perfect solution to get rid of your lower belly pooch – aka muffin top- in just a few minutes. How? Clearly, the most ideal approach is to  “camouflage it”. How to choose the best shapewear for lower belly pooch ? Well, keep reading.

Best waist trainer with shorts

waist cincher for women

Waist trainers, consider them your closet besties – easy to wear, effective, and very flattering. They cover your waist by highlighting your curves while instantly prolonging and smoothing out your legs. Except if you have zero thigh fat, they’ll keep your body firm and complement your booty. The Neoprene Sweat Body shaper shorts is the best waist trainer for women , the easiest way to hide your muffin top AND burn more calories due to the fabric that naturally increases sweating – if used while working out-.The elastic waist panel offers secure fit and abdomen control.

best shapewear shorts

Moving on to the Compression body shaper with butt lift. What’s the best thing about it? It’s literally virtually invisible due to the front cut effect that does not restrict your bust. The straps are adjustable and the inner layer is breathable in order to be dry and comfortable throw-out the day . The best choice for low cut fitted dresses and midi skirts.

shaper panty
thong shapewear bodysuits

The high waist firm control shaper panty Is specifically made for the women who want to camouflage their lower belly fat and create the illusion of an hourglass silhouette with minimum effort . Additionally Shapellx shapewear can be used as a mean to relieve you of back pain due to the shaping belt – perfect to keep your core and back muscles straight – .

The Benefits of Wearing Full Body Shapers

Body shapers are the latest inventions for women to experience their dream fittings on their outer clothing. Everyone in this world wishes to change their body types to fit into a particular dressing style. The full body shapers are here as a remedy to let the women be who they are and look appealing at the same time despite the event type whether wedding or school reunion, looking fit and attractive is the priority.

In this article, you will know about some of the benefits of wearing full body shapers to parties or events.

Minimize your waistline

Buy the best body shaper that will tone your body completely but also target more on the focused areas such as waistline. These shape wears are made available to the women for instant compression of bulk areas that can minimize the waistline for up to 3 inches mark.


Slimmer body structure

The shapewear will give you an enhanced and slimmer look giving you an hourglass figure. The waist is the most targeted area for women amongst all, and you need to select the right body shaper and its size to fit you perfectly to attain the right body structure under the beautiful outfit.


Compresses fat on the back

The working of full-body shapewear is no rocket science as they are just compression devices for the body. A full body shaper compresses the overall body fat, including the back. The effect is instant and gives a slimmer look over the outer clothes.


Complements sleeveless cocktail dresses

You must choose a strapless full body shaper if you are opting for the sleeveless cocktail top on it. It will give you a toned look under the fitted outfit or dress for your party. Different shapewear compliments different outfits, so choose wisely that will suit your pair of cocktail dresses.


Compresses the belly bulginess

Coming to the belly, the fat often bulges out and destroys the show of a beautiful outfit. Getting full shapewear bodysuits for women helps the women compress their fat belly and give a slimmer front look with fewer efforts. There are different shapes that are made especially for targeted areas, so make sure you know yours before you go shopping.

These are a few of the benefits of wearing full body shapers to add more glamour and appeal to your beautiful outfit that fits your body the best. The shape wears boosts up the morale and confidence of a woman to carry her body type without hesitation.

How to Choose a Comfortable Shapewear for Women?

Shapewear is simply magical things for women. It makes the woman look flawless irrespective of her body flair and complexion. The secret behind the gorgeous look of many divas is actually their knack of picking the right shapewear. Given below are some of the handy tips for women on how to find the best and most comfortable shapewear.

Finding the perfect bridal shapewear:


The prime challenge for the women while donning a wardrobe has been to shed the lower belly fats. On the other hand, shedding the same is considered the most challenging. Specifically, things get even more challenging in case of bridal wear with which it can be tough to cover the lower sections. Picking the right comfortable bridal shapewear would be the best recommendation on such occasions. While selecting, make sure the lower ab targeting with the shapewear is perfect. One can easily find the perfect option as per the size constraint in the modern era of online stores.


Check the perfection around tummy control sections:



One characteristic that is common among all forms of the best shapewear bodysuits is their comfort. It can’t deliver the best result unless it is comfortable. In this context, the backless bodysuits are highly preferred these days. At the same time, the tummy control segment should be perfect to address the bulges well. Equal emphasis should be given towards the material as well; specifically, while going with the high waist shapewear with front panel should be made up of best quality fabric for the best comfort.

Pantyhose designs for all wardrobes:


It’s not that only the backless or partially covered ones are ideal; one can find incredible collections in full coverage segments as well. Women who love the full coverings can find crepe wedding dresses as well. Otherwise, those of footless pantyhose designs can be excellent, as well. Shapewear of these kinds can be excellent for all types of female wardrobe. Specifically, it can work well for those with thicker love handles. It can be a great idea for them especially while wearing bridal gowns.

Treat the belly button well:

Most women find it challenging while dealing with the belly button or finding the best shapewear for it. On such occasions, it is advised to go with a little bigger size shapewear than the normal. Most importantly, find the best quality fabric on such occasions where the flexibility of the best level can be delivered. There should be a distinct lower body segment as well for best class comfort. One may choose the ones made up of pure cotton as well in this regard. Ultimately, finding as per comfort would be the best suggestion.

High waist full body cover for utmost comfort:


When comfort is a priority, complete body cover shapewear of high waist design is indeed preferable. It would be even better to go with the lace print designs. Technically, if the hips and tummy section is perfectly arranged or if comfort at these sections is ensured, one can find a high waist full body cover shapewear as the best option. Women who want to wear light colour clothing inside on their special occasions or marriage can find it an excellent option.