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How To Get The Ultimate Tummy Control With Shapellx

Shapewear, your quick and easy solution to tummy control and slimmer silhouette. Over the last few years, mainly due to popular celebrities like Lucy Hale endorsing this miracle undergarment, shapers have become a staple in every woman’s wardrobe. The numbers can’t lie, “ The global shapewear market size was estimated at USD 2.26 billion in 2018 and is projected to expand at a CAGR of 7.7% from 2019 to 2025” shared the experts of GrandViewResearch. As a result of the high demand the market is filled with dozens of variations – yes we know how overwhelming this might seem to first time buyers- so we put together a quick guide on how to choose the best body shaper design to help you hide the dreaded muffin top and complement your natural figure.

  “In the beginning, shapewear used to be too tight and it would push the fat in the wrong way, which was just not flattering” states the celebrity stylish Sophia Banks-Colom, and we agree. We have come a long way since them. Shapers were never meant to transform your natural curves into something completely different – we have many plus size waist trainer options for that-, on the contrary, you can choose the areas of your body you wish to target – stomach, thighs- and pick the right level of control to accommodate your own, individual needs.

Best shapewear styles for waist and tummy control

Camouflage your tummy and overall waist area with a comfortable pair of high-waisted shapewear design with smooth edge technology to ensure invisibility under any type of dress, skirt, or trousers. Shaper panties can help you create an instant hourglass figure without adding any unwanted pressure to your core. The Nylon and Spandex fabric combination moves comfortably with you like a second skin, plus the thong will stay out of sight even in the tightest fitted clothes. Available in many styles from light control to the firmest support these types of underwear will not only assist you with hiding your “problematic” areas, they are also able to enhance your natural curves by adding some extra inches and lift your butt area in no time.

Tips on finding the correct shaper 

shapewear shorts
AirSlim™ Removable Hip Pad Booster Shaping Shorts

Find the correct size according to your measurements. Don’t be tempted to order a size smaller to ensure the best results, choose your design according to the level of control you are aiming for. Go for fabrics that are firm yet breathable and easy to wear on the daily. Last but not least, make sure to include a few different shapewear staples in your wardrobe for different occasions. Are you naturally curvy? You can buy plus size women shapewear at Shapellx .

Choose Best Shapewear that Could Help Make Picking Out an Outfit in Morning More Effortless

Choosing wearable shapewear that`s easy to put on, comfortable, and stretchable for daily wear seems quite difficult but if you know what to look for, you can definitely find many options from different physical and online shops like loverbeauty which will fit your needs and budget.

If you have health conditions, just gave birth, or just had surgery, it`s always recommended that you consult your doctor first and do a lot of research before wearing shapewear. This is so to certify that it`s completely safe for you to have any sort of pressure in your torso, waist, and hip area.

No worries though! There are postsurgical body shapers available online and waist trainer for women that are safe and effective.

Picking out clothes in the morning should be one less thing we have to worry about especially with the hustle and bustle of an empowered woman like you. Feeling confident with whatever was wearing should come easy with the best shapewear. A high-waisted shaper panty is one of the best because you can wear it like regular underwear with the added benefit of making sure that you have smooth flowing curves when worn under a dress or office attire.

Another excellent shapewear you can include in your wardrobe is a seamless slimming body dress because you can actually wear this by itself and add a blazer or shawl with a pair of high heels to complete the look. It`s a tight-fitting dress that can also help in making sure that the right curves are highlighted.

If you plan on wearing a short dress, it`s highly suggested that you use a high-waisted shaper short instead of a shaper panty so that you have added protection to cover your intimate wear in case there are mishaps or clothing malfunctions. You can simply wear your bra on top of the high-waisted shaper shorts.

Choosing the best underwear and shapewear can definitely ease your concerns about what to wear every morning because you won`t have to worry about bulges in your outfit. Having the best shapewear can definitely aid you in facing the day with confidence because clothing malfunctions and the like shouldn`t be a problem. Whatever outfit you have on, you can rest assured that you can flaunt them with the most fitting shapewear.

Tummy Control Shapewear Fit All Your Needs

The modern-day shape wears are one of the few things that the women always have a soft corner for. The shape wears are the best remedy for providing the best and desired shape that the user has been thriving. The tummy control shape wears are a must in the wardrobes of most of the women and are quite essential for getting worn under any outfit and provides a touch of sensuousness.

Seamless Power 1028 High waisted Shaping Shorts

The best part of wearing of the material includes the best quality of fabric that helps in the providing of the comfort that is par excellence. The product is one of the best seamless shapewear that comes up with the built-in booster for the butts and thus gives you one of the best looks to your body and enhances the sexiness in you.

seamless shapewear shorts

Comfort Mid-control 4024 Bodysuit Fajas

The product is one of the major outputs of the fabric that possesses a higher rate of elasticity and helps you in the process of breathing of your skin. The product is seen to be getting absolutely invisible under any dress and has the level 3 compression of having the firmness. The bodysuit is much helpful in the enhancement of your bust with its open chest design.

best shapewear bodysuits

Luxury Seamless 1023 Shaping Panties

The great range of products comes up with the best quality material that helps in the providing of the gorgeous look to support the process of tummy trimming that has been taking place predominantly. The product comes up with the benefits of having no visible panty lines that are visible in some other products and has the level 2 firmness compression.


shaper panty

Seamless 1028 High Waisted Shaper Panty

The product is a complete blend of style and elegance that gives you the benefit of having the best quality material that provides you with sheer confidence. The shapewear does not allow the fat to accumulate in the areas of waste, tummy, and back portion. The firmness of the material comes up with level 3 compression and thus is one of the revolutionary products in its segment.


shaper panty

Comfort 4022 Butt Lifter Shaping Shorts

The best breathable fabric of the product makes it one of the best tummy control shaper panty that helps in the uplifting of the butt to give you the best possible look that gives you the sheer sexiness that has always been helping in the flattening of the stomach and waistline. The specially handcrafted design is one of the few ones that help you in relishing the freedom to your breasts.


shaper shorts

The shape wears from Cosmolle Shapewear are a desire of every woman for attaining a perfect shape and are crucial in the flattening of your tummy fat.


Popular Shapewear by Shapellx You Need

Who in this world does not need a good shape for their body? The demand for a well-toned body is the utmost priority of many people, and that has led to the extensive use of shapewear products. The shapewear is designed accordingly to give every possible support in the decreasing of the fat level from the body and come up with the best possible results.

Shapellx Plus Size Ultra Conceal Compression Bodysuit Shapewear

The shapewear is available in one of the most comfortable fabrics that provide sheer comfort to the user. The plus-size shapewear for women comes up with one of the best advantages of being available in a range of sizes from S to 6XL. The product gives you a better posture in addition to the slimming of your body. The product is helpful in enhancing your butt and gives you a sexier look.

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Shapellx Adjustable Crotch Hooks Tight Body short Shapewear

One of the best products that help in the good toning of the body and giving you the most desired shape that you have been thriving for long. The product comes up with the availability of possessing a crotch hook that helps you during the use of the restrooms. The major use of the product is the lifting of the buttock and releasing of the fat from the tummy area.

plus size shapewear for women

Shapellx plus Size Firm Control Body Shaper

The shapewear is one of the best products for the controlling of the tummy fat in the plus-sized people that help in the providing of a gorgeous look. The product is an output of the most comfortable and breathable material and helps majorly in the uplifting of the buttocks, and the zipper design provides firmness to the breasts and makes them look even more attractive.


plus size body shaper for women

Shapellx NEW-IN Women’s Shapewear Tummy Control Shorts

The tummy control underwear is one of the best products that has the options of being a strapless design, adjustable and removable straps, and has a braless design to suit the style of going with any type of bra. The best advantage of the front zipper product is the reduction of the fat from the abdomen and waist and also helps in the lifting of your butt.


best shapewear shorts for women

Detachable Straps Full Body Shaper Zipper Abdominal Control

The product is the best shapewear by Shapellx that has the combination of Nylon and Spandex and has the detachable straps for easier removal. The product also has the benefit of having a zipper at the crotch region to support at the restrooms.


best tummy control shapewear bodysuits

Body shapers are one of the few products that help in the boosting of your confidence and hence are one of the most desired products for their use in recent times.

Why You Should Wear a Shapewear Underneath Your Outfit

Over time, most ladies have been observed to pay significant attention to their visible outfits, no matter the occasion. However, when it comes to their underwear, very little or no attention is given. News Flash- It is 2020, and your underwear matters as much as your main outfit; and that is why you should get yourself familiar with the best of them. Not only do shapewear serve as your underwear, they also help your body look great in any outfit, for any occasion. Still in doubt? Here are some reasons why you should add Cosmolle Shapewear to your wardrobe:

  1. They Are Available As Panties:

This shaper panty is made to ensure that ladies do not just wear panties, but wear ones which properly shape the body. These panties are made with comfort and purpose as priority. They also come with seamless options that serve as a solution to the embarrassing protruding panties’ line that is associated with regular panties. So you are wearing panties that actively shape your body, without being visible. What perfection! One of such products is the Luxury Seamless 1023 Shaping Panties that comes with a very soft and comfortable waist band that won’t irritate your skin or leave marks on your body. It gives the perfect illusion of a second skin.

shaper panty


  1. They Serve as a Perfect Tummy Control:

Shapewear also come in different designs that seek to smoothen your midsection, cinch your waist and give you the sexy waistline that you have always desired. These designs include bodysuits, high waist briefs, shaping shorts amongst others. Not only are they made for all body sizes, they are also made for all skin types, with fabric that allows your skin to breath in them all day long. You want to go on an eating spree? Make sure you have one of these in your wardrobe.

seamless shapewear bodysuits

  1. They Serve as Buttocks Enhancer:

Some of these Shapewear are specifically design to enhance the appearance of the buttocks by making it look firm in any outfit. The buttocks region of such Shapewear is made with a special mesh that helps avoid flattening and enhances the volume of the buttocks. Also, the butt lifter band in such shapewear supports, lifts and enhances your natural body shape. This is unlike what the regular underwear does to your body.

seamless shapewwear butt lifter shorts

Apart from all these amazing benefits attached to these shapewear, they are produced in a way that they do not slide up or slide down underneath your outfit, as it is the case with regular underwear. So for your best seamless shapewear not rolling- down experience, this is your go-to. What more?

With all these in place, your underwear is as sexy as your outfit and you sure are ready for that party or event, with the perfect banging body, and the confidence you need all day long.  If you are still in doubt after all of these, then what you need is an immediate trial of one of these products.