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5 Essential Shapewear Pieces Every Wardrobe Needs

Who does not want to keep her figure in good shape? Shapewear is the essential outfit that you need to maintain the desired form of your body. However, you must get confused about which shapewear you should pick up for your wardrobe.

So, here we suggest 5 shapewear pieces that you must add to your wardrobe for giving your body the perfect form.

1. AirSlim™ High Waist Firm Control Shaper Panty

This thong shaped panty goes with different types of slim fit attire. The eye and hook closure pattern on the abdomen helps you to put it on and off quite quickly. The compression level is increased with the abdominal shaping belt. It is made with spandex and nylon fabric. Therefore, this elastic shaper panty gives you the utmost comfort to wear.

2. AirSlim™ Smooth Compression High-Waisted Capri Shaper

full body shaper
AirSlim™ Smooth Compression High-Waisted Capri Shaper

It is one of the comfiest shapewear pieces that you can invest in. The flexible straps give appropriate support to your bust. The three layers maintain the firm compression on your tummy. You can conveniently visit the washroom with the help of the open crotch design. The zipper with hook design makes it easily wearable.

3. NeoSweat™ Sport Vest with Triple Belts

triple belt waist trainer vest
NeoSweat™ Sport Vest with Triple Belts

Are you a fitness freak who loves to exercise every day? Then NeoSweat™ Sport Vest with Triple Belts is your ideal partner for abdominal, cardio exercises, and general workout sessions. Even you can get relief from your back pain, spine, and backpressure due to the vest with wide straps. The shaping effect is enhanced because of 9 steel bones. The waist trainer for women has a high compression level and can be adjusted easily.

4. NeoSweat™ Double Compression Waist Trainer

It trims down your abdominal fat without excessive pressure. If you have grown overweight, then this waist trainer will help in the beautification of your body. It rectifies your posture to decrease back pain. It enhances the temperature of your body and makes you sweat more. While wearing this best plus size shapewear, you will work out at your best.

5. AirSlim™ Power Control Full Body Shaper with Butt Lifter

You can easily wear this shapewear using the front hook eye closure design zipper. The open crotch is convenient for going to the toilet. During work out sessions and other physical activities, the wide shoulder straps keep your body pain under control. It is highly recommended if you want to enhance the hips and hourglass shape of your body.

The above-mentioned list of top 5 Shapewear pieces has something for everyone. So, you can get the Shapellx waist trainer and shapewear pieces for your wardrobe too and use them for different purposes and outfits. You are expected to have a comfortable experience with all of them.

Best Home Workout Equipments For You

No matter how good you are, not having the right group of friends can affect you in the long run. Think of a similar situation when workout is concerned. No matter how good you workout and how long you do it, if you do not have the right resources then your efforts are going in vain. Let us say that you can get a job done in 30 minutes. Will you invest hours to do the same thing? A wise man will only spend 30 minutes of his time to get the job done. Similarly, if you can get double benefits, more weight loss with the same number of reps that you do everyday, will you miss the chance? The right workout equipment will take you down that road and here is a guide to help you buy the best shapewear and workout tools.

best waist trainer

The best shapewear for women is the one that will enhance their weight loss. It It  is a very good resource that you should add to your wardrobe. They are made of latex and cotton to provide high-compression and also evaporate the sweat that forms. And that’s the job of a good waist shaper. The sweat that is forming indicates that the fat is burning and you don’t have to worry about anything else. The compression will not be too much if you buy the right size for yourself. That is why never ignore the size chart on online portals or go without measuring yourself while purchasing shapers.

plus size waist trainer

Certain waist trainers come with adjustable shoulder straps as well. More often than not, women have this feeling that their trainer is slipping so they have to increase the compression. That is  purely psychological and you don’t have to increase the pressure. Waist trainers for weight loss are designed to not slip and roll down. But if you still aren’t sure, going for the ones with shoulder straps is a good option. Take the control into your hands and adjust the shaper properly on your body before starting your daily session.

best waist trainer for women

The newest type of shaper is friendly and motivating. It comes with two belts that should be worn just below the bust and on the abdomen region. It helps to achieve the hourglass figure in no time. The compression is of high standards and your core muscles are tightened. Your crunches will start to show their magic and you’ll be thankful that you’ve chosen this one. They come in different colors as well so that you can stay on top of the fashion game.

home gym equipment

The resistance bands are a good replacement to the dumbells. Not many are able to access dumbbells during the lockdown. Some people don’t prefer them in fear of dropping them on their legs. These bands show the same action as a dumbell. In fact, they use your own body weight against the fat in your body. There are several workouts designed around resistance bands and you can find them after little research. They can be used by anyone in the house from children to adults.

best shapewear for women


Now that you know what you have to buy, where can you buy them? – Shapellx thigh trimmer and waist trainers are the best. It is the ultimate destination for durable and effective shapewear. They are loyal to their customers and you’ll love what you will find on their site.



The Reasons To Consider Wearing Shapewear

Shapewear is your day saver if you want to hide the extra fat around your waistline or other parts of your body. This relatively recent invention is back in the trend and women love the way it miraculously changes their body’s shape. But do you know shapewear has so much more to do than simply hide your fat?

waist trainer

Women still remain unaware of the other health benefits that shapewear can provide. When you wear the best waist trainer, it does more than hiding your fat. Weight loss is one of the main advantages of wearing shapewear for your gym. The compression that it offers against your core will work the muscles more and you will lose those extra pounds more easily. This can only happen if you pair the efforts of your shapewear with your lifestyle choices.

thong shapewear bodysuits

Shapewear is also helpful for women after childbirth. Because of the hormonal influx during the period of labor and before, there is a high chance that women will gain weight and find extra fat popping out around their waistline. Often, they cannot go to the gym or workout because they have to take care of their newborns. In that case, wearing the best shapewear for tummy and waist can help them lose some tummy fat while they are at home.


shaper shorts

The compression that shapewear offers can also act like the perfect policeman who stops you from consuming extra calories. But keep in mind that choosing the wrong sized shapewear can compress your organs too much and lead to harmful health issues later. The shapewear will give you the feeling of fullness and your stomach will refuse further food. So, you don’t have to worry about eating too much on your date.

seamless shapewear shorts

Shapewear is great at improving your posture. Along with your core and buttocks, shapewear also supports your back. This will help you to get the right posture while you are standing, sitting or moving around. Your figure will look more perfect and defined if you know how to carry yourself. The right posture will enhance your natural beauty. Also, you can avoid back pain and other spinal issues during your old days. You never thought shapewear is capable of all this, right?


thong shapewear


Shapewear can make your bust look bigger. This has nothing to do with altering the actual size of your breasts. When all other parts of your body are shaped properly, then your bust will look more toned and fuller. They do not sag because of the support that certain shapewear can give them. This will help you to improve your attraction ‘factor’ and also maintain good breast health.


If you want to buy some of the best shapewear in the city, you should choose Shapellx shapewear. Keeping the preferences of the modern women in mind, they design some of the most attractive, useful and authentic shapewear. It is easy to get the right size and navigation through their website is easier than saying ‘Hello’. Now that you know the benefits of having shapewear in your wardrobe, go on and quickly grab the best ones that will suit you.


Shop Essential Shapewear for Curved Women

Getting the best shapewear for women is not an easy task. But with some guidance, it can be done in the right way. A lot of plus-sized women feel the pressure to lose weight before the big day. Thus, they opt for sudden diet plans and rigorous exercises. That is not the actual way to lose weight. It is a gradual process and weight-loss doesn’t happen overnight. That doesn’t mean you cannot get into the dress of your dreams. With the best shapewear for women, you can hide the additional fat of your body. The trick is to value your body. Embrace your curves and choose the best silhouette that fits perfectly and does the job as well. Best shapewear for women is meant to work on the “problem areas” of the body and target specific areas to offer a thinner and smoother shape. Here are some of the best shapewears for curvy women.

The first Plus Size Shapewear on the list is the Shapellx adjustable straps plus-size shape bodysuit. One of the most important features of this shapewear is, it comes with a butt lifter. There is a waistband that has got an epoxy design. This Plus Size Shapewear prevents curling. The hip wrinkles will increase hip capacity. The part of the abdomen will fit your body closely and offer you a flat tummy.

full body shaper

The next Plus Size Shapewear is a high-waisted tummy control butt lifter. This one has got a high-elastic fabric attached to the inside of the abdomen to ensure a flatter tummy. It comes with adjustable and detachable straps that ensure comfort and flexibility. The hooks of the crotch design make it convenient to go to the toilet. The mesh present at the buttock is breathable and looks sexy.

thong shapewear bodysuits

The third Shapellx shapewear our list is the Shapellx ultra light seamless fat burner bodysuit. It comes with a breathable mesh on the butt and chest to ensure additional comfort. There are adjustable shoulder straps to enhance flexibility. Enhance your beauty by maintaining the hourglass figure. There is drop glue at the waistband and leg opening that prevents slipping and rolling edge.

Next up is the Shapellx over bust postpartum recovery slimming body shaper. This Shapellx shapewear comes with super elastic breasts that will fit any size and an unpadded design to ensure optimal comfort. There are 3 rows of hooks closure that can be adjusted to ensure better control. The crotch less design makes it easy to go to the toilet. You will feel comfortable with a wide flower pattern and lace hemline.

full body shaper

The final Shapellx shapewear on the list is the Shapellx adjustable crotch hooks with tight bodysuit shapewear. The design is such that it will train your waist and ensure maximum compression. It will lift the buttock and support the thigh area. You will achieve double tummy control and the effect is great.

shapewear bodysuits for women

The innovative thigh trimmer is definitely the last recommendation. As one of the most popular gear for working out, cycling, running, rowing, training and other activities in the Gym, the thigh trimmer will help you sweat more and support your body in the best position. It is made of latex-free neoprene materials, which ensures it comfortable to wear. More than that, the unique design for lower waist and thigh control compression will improve the performance while working out.


thigh trimmer


Best Tummy Control Shapewear Make You Look Different

Shapewear has now become a must-have collection in the wardrobe. There is a different collection of shapewear for women to suit different styles. You cannot go to wearing a single shapewear with all the outfits. There are different styles and varieties of shapewear to target different fat zones in the body, and you can choose to wear them as per your event outfit.

Here are some of the best shapewear for women to enhance their body and personality.

Shapellx Detachable Straps Full Body Shaper Zipper Abdominal Control

It is one of the best shapewear for women to target all the essential fat zones. It does not provide bust compression, so you need to wear your bra to give it shape. Apart from that, it is a comfortable body shaper with detachable straps to help you quickly take it off after you are back home from the event. It is available in all sizes, even for plus size women.

high waist shaping shorts

Shapellx Zipper Detachable Straps Postsurgical Body shaper

If you are looking for the best waist trainer shapewear for your body, then you can go for this bodysuit. It is a hot selling product amongst other shapewear. The shoulder strap of this shapewear is removable to make it compatible with wearing strapless party wears. It comes with a zip lock for comfortable wearing. It does not roll down the body even when the straps are detached from the shapewear.

best shapewear for women

Shapellx Well-rounded Invisible Butt Lifter Short

This type of shapewear is one of the best in the lot for some but lifting effect. The main aim of this shapewear is to give you smooth curves to provide you an appealing look. The maximum compression effect in this shapewear is on the butts but also compresses the waist and thigh fats to give shape.

best shapewear for women

Shapellx high-waisted Tummy Control shapewear

It is one of the best tummy tucker of Shapellx Shapewear that targets the waist and tummy portion to give you better curves on any outfit. You can wear it all day long as it is light and puts no stress or discomfort on the skin. It is made up of breathable material.

thong shapewear bodysuits

Shapellx plus Size High Cut Lace Thong Shapewear

As the name suggests, this shapewear is also available for the plus size women t carry an attractive look to the parties. It is sleek fitting shapewear that has removable straps on shoulders to make it ready for strapless party outfits.

best shapewear for women

These are few of the best tummy control shapewear that will complement different outfit styles to make you look presentable with sexy curves.


Body Shaper Girdles to Make You Slimmer and Curved

There is much confusion regarding girdles and curve figure. Many girls think that wearing girdles for a few hours regularly can help in getting a flat stomach. Well, this is true as it compresses your fat against the tummy area and evenly distributes all the extra fat on tummy so you don’t get the abdominal fat. By wearing girdles you will look 3-5 inches slimmer especially on your waist. Surely not only the best waist trainer can help you realize that effect, but also full body shapers will offer a tter appearance for yourself. Today, we are going to list top 5 body shaper girdles that can definitely slim your waist as well as being comfortable to wear.

Some popular girdles used among the girls are:

Breathable training corset

Corsets are very popular girdles that you can go for and is very effective. With these, you can get the perfect look of an hourglass figure instantly and can flaunt your any bandage dresses that you want. These are available in various designs and hooks are attached in the front of the training corset to give you the perfect fitting according to your waistline desire. These are highly adjustable and suitable for all body types. go for the breathable material as they do not irritate the skin even after long usage.


Straps attached girdles with zipper

Zippers in the front of your girdle can make it much more convenient for you to slip it quickly on your body. The straps attached to this shaper can be adjusted according to your dress neck cutout. You can also go for the detachable straps if you want. These shapers are available in various colors you can also go for the vibrant colors like red in it if you are bored with all those black and white shapers. Besides, you are able to find the largest selection of waist trainer and shapewear on Shapellx, the most professional shapewear retailer store online, and you will always find the right one for you.


Tummy and thigh control girdles

If you want to have a slim thigh effect along with the slim tummy look, you can choose this girdle. These are very easily available online and come in a breathable material which does not irritate your skin. You can wear them entire day as they are comfortable enough. These shapers give the effect of lifted butt which give you the curvy figure overall.

full body shaper  girdles

Full body shaper girle gets you the flat tummy look and illusion of slim legs. You can choose the full leg length of these girdles if you want to get slim legs. High waist girdles keep you away from all the side bulges and you get the smooth finish look on every well fitted dress. These are very stretchable and are available in various sizes thus you can go for your body size easily.