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Why People Are Becoming More Keen on Shapewear

People invented shapewear to keep up with the beauty standards in ancient times. Nowadays, more women are using shapewear not merely because of the beauty standards, but more to feel good with the dresses that they want to wear.

The invention of body shapers is not to merely alter your body completely. Contrary to popular belief, bodysuits, shaping shorts or waist trainers naturally and quickly improve your body posture, shape and curves. Not yet convinced? Below are just some of the best reasons why there`s an increasing number of people wanting to use shapewear daily:

1. Keeps the Skin Tucked In

If you ever had the experience of having a minor or major surgery, or have given birth, you would know that there are times you have to wear bandages to keep any wounds from opening. When it comes to pregnancy, there are times the skin becomes quite loose after giving birth.

Thankfully, there are body shapers explicitly made for post-surgery or postpartum to make sure that your body has a well-fitted garment to keep the skin from being loose. There are many benefits to wearing bodysuits after surgery, but you should always consult your doctor before doing anything for safety purposes.

2.  Smooth Body Line

Instead of wearing regular bodysuits, you can opt for an adjustable bodysuit which you can quickly wear underneath your everyday clothes. Just like this backless bodysuit from FeelinGirl which you can wear as is, put on a pair of pants, and a jean jacket, and you`ll be rockin` the streets with your shapewear.

The backless and adjustable shapewear is available in black and nude, so if you want to wear light dresses, you can always choose to wear the beige/nude one.

3. Improves Body Posture

Based on a study about shapewear from Iowa State University, wearing shapewear can improve body posture. The structural form of most shapewear, especially compression body shaper has materials with a combination of rubber, spandex, nylon and cotton, can change the way you sit, stand and positively do your daily activities.

4. Shows Off Outfits Well

It has been well-known that a proper posture can change the way you wear your outfits. By wearing body shapers regularly, the body can have the best form hence can improve the way clothes fit the body.

Wearing a bodysuit seamlessly underneath a tight-fitting dress can reduce fat bulges and enhance your body curves in the right places.

5. Helps to Achieve an Hourglass Figure

If you want to focus on having an hourglass figure, the first step in achieving that is through cinching the waist because an hourglass figure is most known for the sexy and slim waist. There are many women waist trainer that you can find online so finding one which suits your level of comfort is most important.

6. Convenient to Wear

Gone are the days when corsets and shapewear were so uncomfortable that you can damage your internal organs by wearing it. Thankfully, technology has improved, and there have been many improvements with the shapewear you can find online.

Waist trainers are comfortable to wear if it`s from FeelinGirl because of its high-quality, and durable fabric which usually has cotton, nylon, rubber or spandex. A lot of times, these waist trainers are individually patched and sewn to create form-fitting shapewear.

7. Seamlessly Wear with Almost Any Outfit

Shapewear used to be so bulky that it was quite embarrassing to wear them because the bulges show even when wearing layered clothes. The good thing is you can find bodysuits which have seamless edges which can stick to your skin without that uncomfortable feeling. You can have all the benefits of a smooth body line, and flattened stomach without the shapewear being noticeable.

Improved body posture, flattened stomach, and ease of use are just some of the many reasons more people are becoming interested in wearing shapewear regularly. It`s important to note though that not all shapewear is meant for all body types so it`s best to do research and search for the best body shaper you can get. Rest assured that with FeelinGirl, you`ll get well-made shapewear that`s worth the bucks.

Lady’s most elegant gesture

There’s nothing that hurts more than a woman’s body being trolled. It becomes her delicate gesture that can have a negative impact overall on how she feels about herself. Fortunately, your body language can become successful when the body can speak what the mouth cannot say. If a woman feels right about her to look then, it would be easy to express herself both orally and physically. Body shapers play a vital role in improving a woman’s body language. The woman gains courage and confidence to gain the attention that automatically shifts gears to her hourglass figure look. Several best body shapers for women are ranging from bodysuits to shaping shorts that are both flattering and comfortable. Here are a few of them.

Shaping Shorts

Body shapers shorts are the bestselling for a reason. They sculpt your thighs and stomach as well as lifting and firming your backside. With these shorts, you do not need superpowers to gain attention, and the body does it. Get yourself a pair of shorts and thigh slimmers to use as a secret weapon.

tummy control shorts


The compact compression at the back gives the belly a smooth appearance and tightens the abdomen where it is needed most. Put on a sculpting garment and forget to sag or sag. The slender waist has stiffness, reflection and a pleasing appearance.

shaper shorts

Seamless shapewear

Who said you could not have a perfect body shape if you are a plus-size woman. Try our seamless shapewears to enhance your curves, tame your trouble spots, and smooth your silhouette. With the current technology, modern fabrics control plus size bodysuits that are quite comfortable for every body size.

seamless shapewear

Strapless Bodysuit

Do you have strapless dresses and jumpsuits? Please do not put them aside for fear of how they will look on you. Get the strapless bodysuit shapewear for a going out look. The bodysuits maintain a sleek look and lay an ultra-flattering foundation for any outfit on every occasion.

shapewear bodysuit

Shapewear Underwear

No more worries on panty line with shapewear underwear. The underwear is made from a laser-cut seamless material. It smooths your stomach and waist areas without being noticed under your garment. If you want a smoothing undergarment, go for shapewear underwear.

Shapewear Underwear

You don’t have to express yourself using words, let your body do the talking. Cosmolle stores have the best body shapers for women that flatters your body. We have body shapers for every body type. The body shapers not only shape your body but also helps you get rid of toxins from your body.

All of the Best High Waist Shaping Short Ideas

When you want to look beautiful, it is important to try your level best to nail your look and wear the hell out of your dress. When situations like weddings and parties occur, you want to flatter your looks by smoothening and accentuating your curves. The best option is to pair your clothes with one of the best high waisted shaping shorts. However, if you are new at this, or you crave for a reminder, there are a number of considerations you need to know before jumping in.


Wearing this type of corset has several benefits. The fact is that it helps boost your confidence a notch-higher more so during these special events. It also helps you smooth your body and gives you curves by burning excess calories around your tummy region.


There are different types of high waist shaping shorts. This shapewear offers your body control and coverage. There is the light control that can be worn for everyday use underneath your outfit. This helps smooth lines around your stomach, bust, and waist. Secondly, there is the firm control which most ladies prefer when going out on special events like weddings. It helps nail your outfit and provides support and tucking to your target areas.



When coming to the selection of the right high waist shaping short for you, there are certain things you need to consider so that you may get something that will make you feel comfortable when worn. Stick to your size. Secondly, try on your shapewear to ascertain whether it is the right type for you. And also, the corset you choose should be suitable for your occasion and pairs well with the clothes you wear with. Often, it is advisable that when choosing the right high waisted shaping shorts, consider your stomach, butt, and bust which are the target areas.

Have a look at some of these cheap bodysuits we offer from FeelinGirl.

Open-Bust Zipper Lace Bodysuit


This is a black nude bodysuit purposely designed for women. It is made of spandex and nylon materials and comes in a wide range of sizes. Most people love this type of bodysuit for its ability to better your posture, shape your body, smooths and tones your body, and lifts your buttocks because of its specialized fabrics.


Finally, you can also try out a booty sculptor from FeelinGirl. I believe with this type of booty sculptor; you are guaranteed instant results. Have a look at some of the features of this shapewear.

It has a connected waist belt that helps the corset to remain intact, a double stitched latex neoprene to prevent sliding during workouts, and adjustable hooks and loop fasteners for target and controlled compression.

Best Tummy Flattening Shapewear You Should Own

Shapewear is the revolutionary creations of this era that gives an instant slimming effect to women to walk with confidence to special parties or events with an attractive look. For that, you need to buy the best shapewear for tummy. Here are some of the best-in-class tummy shapewear to compress the fats in the area to give you an hourglass figure.

Shapellx Adjustable Straps Tummy Control Thong Bodysuit shapewear

This tummy shapewear is one of the best products of Shapellx that comes with adjustable straps. It is available in size starting from Small to 3XL. It is a perfect party shapewear to blend perfectly with all your outfits. The shoulder straps are adjustable to give a lift to the bust for attaining better shape. It is highly elastic to support all bust sizes. The material is exceptionally breathable.

Shapellx Seamless Tummy Control Shaping Shorts

This product comes under the category of tummy control underwear that compresses the thigh and waist zones and also clinches the tummy. This shapewear is incredibly comfortable and does not roll down in long time use. It consists of steel bones to give support to your back and abdomen.

Shapellx Seamless High Waisted Tummy Control Butt Lifter

Finding a comfortable butt lifter is very difficult, but this product by Shapellx guarantees you comfort and efficiency. It is made up of breathable material and focuses more on clinching your tummy and giving a lift to your butt for fantastic shape. It blends with all types of outfit and is perfect for wearing it for full-day parties and events.

Shapellx Seamless High Waist Shaper Underwear Hip Lifting

This product is a perfect Shapellx Shapewear for the ladies who are slightly bulky and need to compress their tummy and waist to look presentable in designer outfits. This product is available in size Medium up to XXL. It also gives a prominent and firm shape to the hips to make your figure look attractive over the outfit.

Shapellx Waist Control plus Size Butt Lifting Panty

It is one of the most profound products amongst the collection of tummy control underwear. It is available for plus size women and gives an hourglass figure in no time. It is made up of breathable material to cause no irritation during long time use.

These are few of the popular tummy control shapewear widely preferable by women for carrying an attractive look to parties or events.