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Ultimate Sandal Style for Cozy Summer

According to the founders of the famous brands, this summer is all about comfortable, long-wear shoes with an elegant touch. To add to that, vibrant colors are in fashion. If comfort and trends are your aesthetics then here is your ultimate prep guide this summer.

1. Platform Sandal

 Sounds basic right? But this is a perfect combination of comfort and style. It adds height and gives you a retro kind of feeling with a fun take on casuals. Be it elevated, fully covered, or with straps, pair it with a dress, skirt, or shorts and you are good to go.

2.    House Slippers

 2020 has been a year staying in your house. If you are hanging around in your house in a slipper then why not step out in it. It has been quite trendy among celebs. An oversized shirt or flared jacket with shorts or denim is easy to pair with slippers.

 3.Flip Flop

Let your feet breathe. Slip on to the various types of flip-flops. They are easy to carry and are best for those who prefer a minimalist style. Neutral shade, optic white, black hue, or shimmer, opt to have a cool and comfy all-day look.  

4.  Kitten Heels

Not so fond of high heels? Then there are cute kitten heels for you. Simply, you can go in it from day to night. This is a must-have in your wardrobe to go trendy.

6.    Chunky loafers

Chunky loafers are a big trend nowadays. It is versatile, elegant, and comfortable. Pair it with jeans, dresses and you will have an effortlessly classy look.

 7. Mules

 Add a mule to your wardrobe and you don’t need much effort or thought to stand out. It is easy to carry with formals and denim. When you are in a rush but need to have a classy and preppy look, slide into a mule.

 8. Lace-up leather sandal

You may not consider yourself as a lace person but for those who want to go trendy this summer, consider this as the most stylish one. This barely-there leather sandal will give you a lighter feel and trendy look.

 Here we rounded up a good range of sandals to choose from this summer range. You can opt for any of them and style it up with your favorite dresses. There is a myriad of options to choose from. You can pick the one that best aligns with your fashion statement. However, do not forget that fashion never demands the dialing down of comfort. So make sure that the sandals you choose to step in this summer are super comfortable and you can then walk your way to glam!

These Boots Styles are Favored by Everyone

When you have a perfect pair of boots, you will feel like a model and walk in style. Besides, you can prevent cold feet issues. Modern boots are very versatile, and you can combine them with different types of outfits. Even though boots are widely used during winter, some prefer to have them during summer. However, to look stylish, you need to choose the perfect boots styles. To help you with this, we have listed some best types of boots that will take your overall look to a new level. Have a look.

  1. Uggs boots style

These boots are comfy and cozy. You can see Kendall Jenner with such boots, and most of the women are now following her style. You can use it anytime you want, and such boots look amazing with every outfit. So, grab a pair of uggs boots and keep your feet warm and happy.

UGG News Styles
  • Hiker boots style

Well, don’t think that these boots are designed for hiking.  You can wear this during normal days. They are super stylish as well as comfortable. As they don’t come with heels, you can use this as your everyday shoes. They are designed to offer you a perfect feminine look. Use it with your skirts, leggings, or tight jeans, and you will get a super stylish look. Use then, and show off your unique style.

Gigi Hadid wear hike boots style
  • Wedge boots style

When you have this, you will feel like wearing a boot and a wedge at some time. With ankle-length design and wedge heels, it offers you the desired level of comfort. What’s more? You will look a little taller with this. If you are looking for the best type of wedge boot, you can always go for the stylish wedge sneaker boots. Combine them with many outfits to get a fresh look.

Wedge boots style
  • Suede boots style

When it comes to getting a break from the regular leather boots while not compromising your style, you can go for suede boots. They look super classy and feminine. You can go for both knee-length and ankle-length design based on your style preference. With these boots, you can create a vintage look without any issue. For the best look, try them out with a floral dress and wear a leather coat on it.

  • Glittery boots style

Sparkly and glittery boots are now trendy. These are perfect boots for parties or even for wedding events. Made of sequin material, they feel comfortable. In terms of length, you can go for ankle-length or knee-length. For the best look, you can use it with your monochrome dresses.


Fresh wave of shoe styles is one of the beautiful creations a person will love to own at the start of a new decade in the year 2020. After back-to-back wears of low-heeled, 90’s inspired shoes, it’s time to make a new change that will add fun and color to your closet.

Finding it difficult to make a decision on the preferred shoe style to own in 2020? Here is a list of 7 lovely shoe styles you can choose from:

  1. Chain Accents

Chain Accents are shoe styles that add sparkle to your shoe collection in various forms. They are either done on a sleek bootie or a strappy sandal with anklets built-in for your shoes. These chain Accents are fancier than previous models of heels. They are taken to the next level with chain embedded around the ankle, creating a type that can be worn on a night out.

  1. Zumi 65mm Leather Loafers

These new wave of shoe styles are different from the “old grandpa” loafers with chunky heels. They are a modern version that speak classic and are also designed in various forms, including the cool-girl package. These Zumi Leather Loafers will be a trend on social media this season, as they match with a pair of jeans on the weekend, and also match along with office wears. Loafers are exciting fashion trends. In 2020, expect the introduction of your favorite loafer, but with vestiaries, smart and fascinating twist.


  1. Highland Booties

These sets make it easy to flow with the trend,as they are designed with colors that will add that soft touch to your closet. Get ready for the modification of Boots for various occasions in 2020. They are a perfect reformation for winter preparation and style. The Highland booties are a perfection fashion addition to your wardrobe.

  1. Orange Suede Knee-High Boots

Burnt orange boot is a perfect transition shoe for winter-to-spring. This will cause an unexpected shade of color to be added to your wardrobe. Spicing up the usual go-to  back knee-high boots. The Orange Suede Boots  will  trend in 2020, whether they are paired with sleek minimalist look and you let your boot do the show off or you rock as full minimalist. You just don’t want to miss this trend.

  1. Carina 30 Canvas & Jule Espadrille Wedges

This is an effortless way to get bold during spring and summer. If you really want to go bolder, lace these shoes up over your pants with the Carina 30 Canvas & Espadrille Wedges. In 2020, you get to play it safe by styling your shoe your preferred way. These ropes come in varieties that can be tied in its uniqueness. This shoe style can be worn for any period so you don’t have to bother about seasonality.

  1. Minimal Designs

Stella Toe Ring Sandals is a form of minimal design that is designed with a sleek toe ring specifically for the summer period. You just get your look right when you rock your dresses with minimal Designs in 2020. It ranges from toe-ring leather designs to thong styles. Although these designs are likely to trend in 2020, it doesn’t imply that the styles are boring. Expect some new styles with intriguing design this 2020.

  1. The Return of Mary Jane

Mary Jane pump has always been a classic shoe, although it has always been referred to the “boring office shoe”. This style is coming back in playful, whimsical and bold design that goes beyond the board room. Bella Leather Mary Jane is a design among other shoe styles with kitten-heeled twist and T-strap that looks cool when combined with a favorite work dress or denim. These pairs are elegant, dressy and trendy.