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Do You Understand Body Shaper? Why More and More People Wear It Now.

People want to look pretty, stunning, gorgeous, and beautiful for themselves to meet the standard that other people want them to be since other people’s judgment is inevitable. Therefore, people tend to find something that will make them look more appropriate and fit society’s beauty standard.  

To help you understand body shaper, you need to know what it is. The body shaper is a clothing piece that allows an individual to have a slimmer and flatter body. It also helps them to look sexier since it flatters your butt area, highlight your bust part, and trim your stomach portion. Body shaper also enhances your body figure to make an hourglass figure.

Some purchasers think body shapers are a must-have collection for their wardrobe since it is perfect for any dress and clothes. This type of undergarments is not visible under anything you wear. They are also useful for anybody who has different body figures and shapes. They are popular among plus size and petite woman.

Many people misunderstood the use of body shaper since it is suitable for everyone. However, it has different uses depending on your body. Some will help their bodies look smaller, but some allow them to have bigger busts and even bigger butt.

Here are some lists of reasons for you to understand why people like to wear them.


In terms of something that can easily adapt to any changes, shapewear is one of the things that is known for it. Since it has different uses in many different circumstances, it became popular. In the picture, you can see that shapewear can be used as a butt lifter, which gives your butt a natural lift, or full-body shapewear that gives your whole body a perfect shape and a perfect body silhouette that is good for any type of dresses.

Nude Open Butt Tummy Control Shapewear Shorts Sensual Curves

There is also shapewear that enhances your butt and slimming your waist area which gives you a sexier look.

There is also a shapewear that is used for a pregnant woman or even after they give birth; it is to control the shape of the mother’s tummy and also to help support your body.

Dark Skin Butt Lifting Hooks Straps Full Body Shapewear Slim Waist

Good for Any Outfits

Brown Solid Color Full Sleeve Maxi Dress Latest Fashion

Conforming to the shapewear’s versatility, it is also perfect for any type of dress you wanted to wear. It fits in any clothes you wear since it is not visible under any of it and it is also right for any type of outer garments you wear since it gives your body a lifting, trimming, and enhancing effect that will make you look good while wearing it.

Black Seamless Shapewear Bra Removable Pads High Elasticity

Shapewear is good for your little pink dress that is made from a piece of fabric or for your wedding dress that is perfect for your best day since it creates a big differences towards highlighting your body figure.

Body Shaper Skin Color Large Size Solid Color Custom Logo

Enhances Body Figure

Nude Full Body Shaper Adjustable Straps Queen Size Fat Burning

Shapewear is known for its uses that create a big difference from your own body figure. It gives a perfect body silhouette since it will reduce the actual figure of your body turn it into an hourglass body shape. They are also known for their slimming effect and lifting outcome towards your different body areas. It flattens your stomach and will straighten up your body bumps to look smoother and better. There are different kinds of the best body shaper that we need to discover since it gives us the different effect that we can’t possibly imagine.

Ideal for Any Types of Body

Other people may think that shapewear is only for people who have a plus size body shapewear since its uses are for slimming and trimming your body areas. However, there is shapewear that can possibly do good things for petite people or thin people since there is shapewear that is used to give your bust and butt area a natural lift to make you look better.

Desirable Designed Skin High Waist Flat Tummy Queen Size Shapewear

Shapewear is for all the people who want to look sexier and even to people who want to smoothen their body figure beautifully. Some thin people may think that they don’t need any shapewear since they don’t need any slimming or trimming effect towards their body. However, shapewear is made to smooth and 0068elp a peson to straighten up their body and supports their posture.

Can Boost your Confidence

When you are in your time which you lose your confidence because of what your body looks like, body shapewear is on the rescue. Since it can help you to boost your confidence at the same time, it helps you to express yourself freely without any insecurities towards your body. It also helps you to feel good about your own self.  If you are not capable enough to buy expensive shapewear you can invest on a cheap waist trainer that can give you the same effect.

Black Latex Waist Cincher Zipper With Hooks Closure Waist Slimmer

Shapewear can also help you to have a strong belief in your own beauty and will help you to realize more about how you can have the perfect body you wish for without even doing so hard.

Choose a Body Shaper That Suits You and Start Your Body Shaping Plan!

Nobody has a perfect body shape, not even your celebrity crush. There are times that we wish we are one size smaller or a have a heavier chest, or a bubbly butt. Bodysuits, waist trainers, butt lifters can offer you those instant services when things are not right. The big question is which body shaper will suit you to start your body shaping plan.

At feelingirldress, we don’t disappoint. We have a huge collection of shapewear necessary for your underpinning wardrobe. Scroll down to see and shop for the best this Black Friday.

Desirable Designed Skin High Waist Flat Tummy Queen Size Shapewear

This bodysuit is for you if you have a fuller midsection. It helps you prevent sharp cut-offs over the top of your waistband like noticeable skin bulging. 

Body Sculpting Skin Color Full Body Shaper Solid Color Plus Size Good Elastic

This is the best body shaper as it smoothes all out and puts your confidence back and makes you look attractive for dinner. 

Dark Blue Double-Layer Body Shaper Ankle-Length Abdominal

Wear this at the gym or when working out. Look sexy, even when doing exercises to achieve the exact shape. Features abdominal strengthening for higher compression.

Slimmer Pink Sticker Hourglass Shaper Waist Trainer Slimming Stomach

Good news! We are selling our waist trainer at wholesale price. Get this perfect fit to get the results you are raving about. It is that time to achieve your body goals.

Glam White 3 Rows Hooks Waist Trainer Big Size Soft-Touch

A much better alternative to corsets is this waist trainer. It is smoother on the body and offers the best outcomes for that curvy figure to be achieved. Wear it while working out to induce more sweat for a slimmer waist.

A traditional body shaper offers a thin compression film layer that helps build a smooth base underneath other clothing. It prevents the presence of areas of trouble. Moreover, these undergarments are no longer expensive as they used to be. Visit feelingirldress black Friday 2020 and get a body shaper of your dreams at wholesale price. Begin your body shaping with us, and you will never regret it.

The Five Best Body Shaping Products for Black Friday

Just like the modern generation that wants instant solutions, shapewear does exactly that. The body shaping products are giving instant results in a span of a short time. That’s why they have become significant in toning the body and achieving a new look.

Although there are other ways of getting a sleek body shape, they take time and require patience. Body shaping garments are here to assist you in getting that size you have always admired. The good news is that you can ow get the shapers at a discounted price for this black Friday. Here are the best five that feelingirldress has in store for you.

1. Neoprene Black Zipper Waist Trainer 10 Steel Bones Fat Burning

Get our cheap waist trainer online that helps in burning tummy fat, reducing your abdomen and waist. The ten steel bones act as a posture corrector. The clasp design prevents the zipper from sliding and enhances the binding force of the zipper.

2. Highest Compression Rose Red Double Belts Waist Cincher Rubber

It provides double compression for the waist to strengthen tummy control. The double belts are used for adjusting for sizing accuracy and target your midsection to increase heat and burn targeted fat.

3. Best Cami Shaper Plus Size Black 9 Steel Bones Latex Custom Logo

Say hello to your beautiful curves with a cami shaper. It offers a high power during exercise and increases perspiration allowing the removal of toxins.

4. Queen Size High Waist Slimming Shorts Black Lace Hemline Hooks Lose Weight

Gives you curves in all the right places. It can be used to slim your tummy, lift your butt, and slim your thighs.

5. Ultra Hot Black Adjustable Straps Plus Size Shape Bodysuit Body Slimmer

Try out our black Friday plus size shapewear bodysuits as your choice. With adjustable shoulder straps to fit you right.

Black Friday is always thanksgiving day; view feelingirldress for the best deals. Whereby we give our clients crazy discounts for our undergarments. The best thing about this upcoming black Friday is that you will save for high-quality brands. All our prices are slashed. You don’t have to get stuck in traffic or queue on chaotic lines. Neither will you have to get off the couch. We are just a click away. Order online, and we will deliver on time.

Feelingirldress Black Friday wholesale, don’t miss it!

Black Friday wholesale, don’t miss it!

Still wondering where to buy cheap shapewear for women plus size? Come to Feelingirldress find your own size!

First of all, let me briefly introduce the shapewear.

The principle of slimming: the shapewear is tailored according to the structure of the human body, and then the pressure difference is used to “adjust the fat distribution in the body” to create the body line; Wearing time: You can wear it for 2-3 hours a day at the beginning, and try to wear it for 6-8 hours a day after getting used to it; Tailor quality: strong elastic fiber, etc.;

Many people may have questions about shapewear. For example, are shapewear really useful? Are there some body-sculpting bras that can really remove the accessory breast? Today’s article will let me answer these questions for you based on my own experience!

The effect of the shapewear can be seen immediately, with a funnel-shaped figure, chest support and waist reduction. Because the fabric and keel are very comfortable, you will not feel restrained when standing. The support of your back and abdomen makes you look upright, and every piece of clothing looks like a model. Looking in the mirror, you feel so beautiful that you are not willing to take it off. But it’s not good after sitting down, because the abdomen fat accumulates after sitting down, you have to sit upright to prevent chest tightness caused by keel squeezing, and to extend the life of your underwear. But when you get used to it, you find that it’s actually not that painful. In the next two months, I found myself more and more inseparable from it, and I could see my changes almost every day.

The most important thing is of course to check whether the shapewear is suitable:

Too tight is not good for blood circulation, breathing and digestion, but too loose has no effect. Personal experience believes that the suitability of shapewear can be measured from the point of Changes in breathing: Due to pressure, breathing will become deeper or more frequent, and it is advisable to increase it by 5-10 times per minute. Vital capacity will also become smaller. It can be reduced to about 1/3 to 1/2 of that when it is not worn. For example, when it is not worn, its vital capacity is 3000 ml. After wearing it, it can be 1500-2000 ml. The body needs a period of time to adapt to the vital capacity Become smaller. In normal times, try to develop the habit of deep abdominal breathing and maintain the original number of breaths, which is also good for the body.

Through these introductions, I believe that you already have a certain understanding of shapewear, then you are very welcome to join our View Feelingirldress Black Friday event, where you can find

wholesale body shapers.

Cheap Body Shaping Suit That Everyone Can Wear

The sale season has arrived. It‘s a Feelingirldress Black Friday Special Waist Trainer Sale. Yes, grab the best quality of shapewear at very cheap prices. No need to spend too much on body shapewear, gym training when you can get a slim and reduce rate without spending much.

It is the right time to fit those pair of jeans that no longer fits you due to extra tummy fat. With body shapewear, feel comfortable in your tight fitted dress and other outfits that no longer fit you. Do not worry if you are plus size.  Show the world you are proud to be plus-size, feel comfortable, and confident in your body. We offer plus size shapewear bodysuits as well that helps to smooth and contour your plus size body. Show off your curves and let the world know you are beautiful.

You might be thinking about how to choose the right size of body shapewear for your body. Choosing the right shapewear is a difficult task. People often make mistakes between body measurements and body parts areas need to be reduced. Choose the right body shapewear according to your body measurements. Know your measurements and body parts you want to flaunt and choose shapewear accordingly.

Once you know about your body measurements, decide the compression level according to your body type. There are three compression levels, Light, Medium, and Firm Compression level.

No matter what your size is or how bulgy you is your body. Always wear confidence. These smooth, comfortable, and breathable body shapewear fit under every outfit on your body. Wear the cheap waist trainer, bodysuits, body shapewear, and show off your best version to the world.

Do not miss Feelingirldress Black Friday Sale to feel confident in your own body. Grab it all that you want. Be Beautiful! Be proud! Be glamorous with Feelingirldress high-quality body shapewear at the lowest, cheaper, and the best price in the market.

Sweat-Waist-Trainer Product Collection at Feelingirldress

If you are planning to make waist trainer wholesale purchase then there is no better place than Feelingirldress to get the job done. The makers are aware of the growing demand for quality products among female purchases. That is why the collection is a combination of different styles, colors, and products that are highly efficient and also affordable. Here are a few masterpieces that you will find on the clothing site –

Latex double belt waist trainer

This is the perfect gym companion that provides optimum compression to enable quick weight loss. The belt has a smooth inner lining that doesn’t create friction against your belly but still manages to generate the needed heat for burning fat. It also has a special pocket to secure your phone.

Corset style waist cincher

The 25 steel bone design makes this waist cincher an ideal choice for women who want to step out of the neoprene territory. It has a firm hold on your tunny while you workout and generates enough sweat that indicates fat loss and also keeps you motivated.

African print waist trainer – single belt

This waist trainer comes with an exotic African print that adds a touch of temperament to it. The zip system secures the latex around your stomach and the wide belt is an added advantage. The compression is sufficient to double your weight loss results.

Camouflage print waist trainer

When you are stepping out to the gym for your exercise session, you also have to live up to your image of a fashionista. This latex waist trainer helps you with that. The multi-color camouflage print enhances its look while the steel bone designs establish the stiffness. The zip and belt secure it around the belly and it doesn’t loosen during the workout.

2-in-1 red thigh trimmer

This waist and thigh trainer is an ideal option for women who are planning on cutting down on thigh fat along with the flab around the stomach. It has secure velcro straps to ensure stiffness and firmness. The red stripes add glamour to the workout necessity.

Trendy Clothes from The Most Popular Clothing Store – Feelingirldress

Most of us do our clothing shopping in the most popular stores. These are the stores that provide the right mix of high-quality, better-priced, and trending clothes. Feelingirldress is the famed online clothing store with the best quality fabric at retail and wholesale.

Clothes mean everything to a woman. Fortunately, we have a massive selection of stylish outfits. We try our best to cater to every body type and size to fit any budget size and style. Here is a snapshot of what we have.

Amazing shapewear

At a certain age, women become wobbly and acquire lumps and bumps. They lose elasticity of the skin and start feeling uncomfortable. In need to maintain shape, a piece of shapewear would do wonders. We have bodysuits, butt lifter, corsets, and shorts, depending on the part you want to control. In case you want to control your tummy, a sweat waist trainer will help slim your waist. 

cheap waist trainer

Affordable Jumpsuits

Make the one-piece look a bit sexier with a strapless jumpsuit. I prefer the bateau neck jumpsuit in ivory with long sleeves. The figure-hugging fitted bodice features an illusion bateau neckline. Get the wholesale jumpsuits at the click of a mouse

wholesale jumpsuits

Beautiful Dresses

Dresses are part of clothing that never goes out of style. They can be worn on any occasion, including socials, parties, work, and night-out. We have them all in various styles and sizes, from mini to maxi dresses, bodycon, and smocks.

sexy dresses cheap

Beach Cover Up

Hit the beach in style with our vibrant colors and prints of beach cover-ups. From short dresses to breezy kimono cover-ups. They come in handy when they feel like taking a break from sunbathing and swimming.

sexy lingerie wholesale

Cute Jean Pants

Please choose from our endless options of cute jean pants like skinny jeans, straight leg, bootcut, and boyfriend. You can wear jeans, pants for work or play. Our extensive collection includes various sizes with varying lengths to suit your needs.

cheap trendy women's clothing

Save a lot on clothing with a feelingirldress.com store where you will get cheap and affordable fashion. Shop your favorite sexy lingerie, bodysuits, plus size dresses, skirts, shirts, and more. Our goal is to satisfy the apparel needs of our customers with plenty of options.

The best bodysuit every woman should have

Hey, beautiful ladies worried about your favorite pants and fitted dresses that don’t fit you anymore?  Stop worrying and make the best use of it by wearing them as many times as you can. You must be wondering how? You can easily and comfortably wear them even in your gained inches and excessive body fat. Shapewear can help you in wearing all your favorites and not fitted dresses, pants tops that you have kept aside for a long time.wholesale waist trainer

Get rid of your unwanted bulges and wear the shapewear to appear more gorgeous and beautiful. Good quality and perfect size of shapewear can benefit you a lot. You can know about the benefits you can get from the below-listed information.best shapewear bodysuit

Looks and Appearance

Wearing the best and good quality of shapewear can help your body to appear more appealing and smooth. It hides your unwanted body fat, inches, and bulges giving your body a perfect shape.wholesale body shapers

Improves your posture

Shapewear gives compression to your back muscles that help you in improving and creating good body posture.thigh trimmer wholesale

Builds self-confidence

Shapewear builds confidence in you as it helps you look more gorgeous with a perfect body as you desire. You feel much better that affects your attitude and encourages you to proceed with the healthy diet lifestyle which is good for your body and soul.


Comfortable to wear

To be in your comfort zone and to feel comfortable in your shapewear always buy for yourself. The best and good quality of shapewear is comfortable to wear and make you feel free.

We serve in various types of shapewear for our customers. Shop with us and get a huge variety of shapewear from hip-hugging, thigh-length, dress cuts or slip to full-body coverage shapewear. The shapewear we manufacture at our warehouse is created from high-end quality fabric that is easy to wear and helps women to breathe properly in it. Experience the best Feelingirldress’s shapewear and make your body look more appealing and beautiful.