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Why You Should Wear a Shapewear Underneath Your Outfit

Over time, most ladies have been observed to pay significant attention to their visible outfits, no matter the occasion. However, when it comes to their underwear, very little or no attention is given. News Flash- It is 2020, and your underwear matters as much as your main outfit; and that is why you should get yourself familiar with the best of them. Not only do shapewear serve as your underwear, they also help your body look great in any outfit, for any occasion. Still in doubt? Here are some reasons why you should add Cosmolle Shapewear to your wardrobe:

  1. They Are Available As Panties:

This shaper panty is made to ensure that ladies do not just wear panties, but wear ones which properly shape the body. These panties are made with comfort and purpose as priority. They also come with seamless options that serve as a solution to the embarrassing protruding panties’ line that is associated with regular panties. So you are wearing panties that actively shape your body, without being visible. What perfection! One of such products is the Luxury Seamless 1023 Shaping Panties that comes with a very soft and comfortable waist band that won’t irritate your skin or leave marks on your body. It gives the perfect illusion of a second skin.

shaper panty


  1. They Serve as a Perfect Tummy Control:

Shapewear also come in different designs that seek to smoothen your midsection, cinch your waist and give you the sexy waistline that you have always desired. These designs include bodysuits, high waist briefs, shaping shorts amongst others. Not only are they made for all body sizes, they are also made for all skin types, with fabric that allows your skin to breath in them all day long. You want to go on an eating spree? Make sure you have one of these in your wardrobe.

seamless shapewear bodysuits

  1. They Serve as Buttocks Enhancer:

Some of these Shapewear are specifically design to enhance the appearance of the buttocks by making it look firm in any outfit. The buttocks region of such Shapewear is made with a special mesh that helps avoid flattening and enhances the volume of the buttocks. Also, the butt lifter band in such shapewear supports, lifts and enhances your natural body shape. This is unlike what the regular underwear does to your body.

seamless shapewwear butt lifter shorts

Apart from all these amazing benefits attached to these shapewear, they are produced in a way that they do not slide up or slide down underneath your outfit, as it is the case with regular underwear. So for your best seamless shapewear not rolling- down experience, this is your go-to. What more?

With all these in place, your underwear is as sexy as your outfit and you sure are ready for that party or event, with the perfect banging body, and the confidence you need all day long.  If you are still in doubt after all of these, then what you need is an immediate trial of one of these products.

5 Plus Size Dress Style Hit Every Single Summer

 Finding the perfect choice for your plus size summer collection might be a bit challenging. However, with the right guidelines in mind, you can still stay hot and sexy all summer long. For example, instead of going for synthetic fabrics like polyester, look out for natural fabrics like cotton and linen. Natural fabrics are more breathable and are perfect for your skin for the weather condition, which makes you sweat less. And even when you do, natural fabrics would not stick to your body. For a variety of the best dresses you should be caught in this summer, check these out:

Shein Plus Keyhole Back Surplice Wrap High Low Dress

This high low dress is everything you need and more. It is a perfect way to show some skin without being embarrassed during summer, when it gets all windy. The length of the back keeps you from flashing the entire world, while the front high cut makes you show some legs. Also, it is a wrap dress that is most suitable for persons with fuller upper bodies and broad shoulders. The neckline gives a perfect illusion of a longer chest than broad shoulders, and that is just what you need. Apart from these, this beauty is made of rayon, which is one of your best bets during summer. It is definitely a must have.

Plus Floral Print Halter Belted Dress

This amazing Boho belted maxi dress is definitely a must- have this summer. It perfectly accentuates the arms, shoulders and waistline, while gracefully flattering the lower parts of your body. The halter neckline is perfect for the weather, as it lets your underarms breathe without worrying about chafing or obvious sweat lines. This leaves your underarms fresh and sexy all day long.

Plus Ruched Surplice Cami Dress

This dress does not only make you look slimmer, (going by the dark color rule), it definitely highlights all your assets in the right proportion. You can flaunt your slim shoulders, as well as you bust and your hot legs with all confidence, and this shifts the focus from your tummy area. With this in your wardrobe, you sure would be killin’ it at that dinner you have planned out.

Plus Broderie Bodice Ruffle Hem Dress

This dress is certainly a way to look casual, yet chic and sexy. Very suitable for body figures with slimmer shoulders, it accentuates and highlights the right curves and skin. Made of cotton, this skin friendly dress leaves you less sweaty all through the day. This is definitely worth going for.

Plus Oblique Shoulder Striped Curved Hem Belted Dress

Just like every other staple piece, shirt dresses also do not go out of style. If you want just a bit of skin exposure, then this is for you. The belt definitely does a good job of highlighting your waist line and making it the point of focus. Fabric has no stretch so it gives a firm fit on you. This is a perfect way to look casual and hot.



Fresh wave of shoe styles is one of the beautiful creations a person will love to own at the start of a new decade in the year 2020. After back-to-back wears of low-heeled, 90’s inspired shoes, it’s time to make a new change that will add fun and color to your closet.

Finding it difficult to make a decision on the preferred shoe style to own in 2020? Here is a list of 7 lovely shoe styles you can choose from:

  1. Chain Accents

Chain Accents are shoe styles that add sparkle to your shoe collection in various forms. They are either done on a sleek bootie or a strappy sandal with anklets built-in for your shoes. These chain Accents are fancier than previous models of heels. They are taken to the next level with chain embedded around the ankle, creating a type that can be worn on a night out.

  1. Zumi 65mm Leather Loafers

These new wave of shoe styles are different from the “old grandpa” loafers with chunky heels. They are a modern version that speak classic and are also designed in various forms, including the cool-girl package. These Zumi Leather Loafers will be a trend on social media this season, as they match with a pair of jeans on the weekend, and also match along with office wears. Loafers are exciting fashion trends. In 2020, expect the introduction of your favorite loafer, but with vestiaries, smart and fascinating twist.


  1. Highland Booties

These sets make it easy to flow with the trend,as they are designed with colors that will add that soft touch to your closet. Get ready for the modification of Boots for various occasions in 2020. They are a perfect reformation for winter preparation and style. The Highland booties are a perfection fashion addition to your wardrobe.

  1. Orange Suede Knee-High Boots

Burnt orange boot is a perfect transition shoe for winter-to-spring. This will cause an unexpected shade of color to be added to your wardrobe. Spicing up the usual go-to  back knee-high boots. The Orange Suede Boots  will  trend in 2020, whether they are paired with sleek minimalist look and you let your boot do the show off or you rock as full minimalist. You just don’t want to miss this trend.

  1. Carina 30 Canvas & Jule Espadrille Wedges

This is an effortless way to get bold during spring and summer. If you really want to go bolder, lace these shoes up over your pants with the Carina 30 Canvas & Espadrille Wedges. In 2020, you get to play it safe by styling your shoe your preferred way. These ropes come in varieties that can be tied in its uniqueness. This shoe style can be worn for any period so you don’t have to bother about seasonality.

  1. Minimal Designs

Stella Toe Ring Sandals is a form of minimal design that is designed with a sleek toe ring specifically for the summer period. You just get your look right when you rock your dresses with minimal Designs in 2020. It ranges from toe-ring leather designs to thong styles. Although these designs are likely to trend in 2020, it doesn’t imply that the styles are boring. Expect some new styles with intriguing design this 2020.

  1. The Return of Mary Jane

Mary Jane pump has always been a classic shoe, although it has always been referred to the “boring office shoe”. This style is coming back in playful, whimsical and bold design that goes beyond the board room. Bella Leather Mary Jane is a design among other shoe styles with kitten-heeled twist and T-strap that looks cool when combined with a favorite work dress or denim. These pairs are elegant, dressy and trendy.

Are Shapewear Really Useful? Choose the Right Ones for Perfect Fit

When it comes to choosing shapewears, the right one can create a beautiful look while the wrong one can destroy it completely. Shaper shorts can be worn under an office dress, a party wear or even a jeans and t-shirt. If you have not tried shapewears before, then you might be in for a surprise. During the advent of shapewear, they were too tight and it would push the wrong fat of the body. Thus, they didn’t look flattening. With course of time, the shape, size and design of shaper shorts changed. It is imperative to remember that shaper shorts should feel comfortable if you get the right one. Thus, in the following section of the article, we have come up with five different shapewears that will fit comfortably for different types of body.

The first in our list is the luxury seamless exclusive butt lift sculptwear. The best feature of this advanced seamless shapewear is it smooth your mid-section cinches your waist and offers a flatter bottom. It comes with level 5 compression and full back coverage with breathable fabric. The shapewear has got seamless and breathable fabric.

butt lifter shapewear

Next in our list is the comfort line compression short. This one is available in different sizes. You will be able to stay cool and comfortable with this shapewear. The best feature of this seamless shapewear is it is designed in such a way that it will help you maintain the perfect body contour. It has got anti-slip silicone strip for no rolling down.

seamless shapewear

The third one on our list is the comfort mid-control bodysuit fajas. Why shouldn’t you get to stay sleek and sexy all day along with being comfortable? It is time to flaunt your body curves and wear the short and skimpy dresses that you loved to wear. The best part is, once you get in these butt best Cosmolle Shapewear, it immediately lifts your butts and offers a tight appearance.


best shapewear bodysuits

The fourth one is luxury Lycra mid-thigh powerslim shorts. Don’t just look beautiful, feel beautiful as well. With level 4 compressions of this best Cosmolle Shapewear, you will have optimum comfort, flatter tummy and reduced waistline.


seamless shapewear shorts

Finally, check out these butt lifter shaping shorts. The best feature of this shapewear is it comes with seamless and breathable fabric. This best Cosmolle Shapewear has got high waist design control top along with a tummy panel for optimum comfort

high waist shaping shorts

New Fashion Dresses for Ladies 2020

Fashion is something which changes every day; in fact, every hour. With such a faster changing of fashion trends, it is also quite important to stay updated with the latest fashion dresses for women. It is said that a perfect dressing style can greatly boost up your level of confidence, and you can make yourself look beautiful.

So, are you looking for some trendy fashion dresses to show off your style? Don’t worry, here are some options that you try. Let’s have a look at the options.

  • Little black dress

Little black dresses, the words may sound very common, but the dresses are still in trend. This is something that will never go out of fashion. Planning for a night out with your friends at the club? Go for this dress. When you have no other option, it can be the ultimate savior. Such dresses come in a lot of styles, designs, and cuts. You can easily find a perfect match.

  • Bike shorts along with a blazer

This is something unique, as well as quite stylish. This type of dress offers a new blend of sportswear and speaking about the look; it is striking. Well, remember that this is not a perfect dress for the gym or offices, but you when you are roaming around the street, wear it with confidence. Try it out now.

  • Anima instinct

Let your animal instinct take over with some wild prints. How about a leopard print?  Go for a complete leopard print look and have some matching jumpsuit or dress. To make yourself look more stylish, you can use a bag printed with leopard design. Such fashion dress will never fail to impress others.

  • Backless dresses

Looking for an ideal solution for your semi-formal and formal worries? Well, backless dresses are the perfect option for you. These dresses are sexy, and while offering a sophisticated look, they also make you look amazingly beautiful. Starting from the laced-up back to the jeweled piece, the options are unlimited.


  • Long sleeve dresses

Well, all types of dresses are just amazing. But by adding long sleeves, you can take it to a whole new level. There are some dresses, such as pencil dresses, tunic dresses, .and more which can be used along with long sleeve dresses. The sleeves design also can vary from ruffled to belle to straight.


So, go on and try them out. You can find more such options on the internet. Grab the best fashion dress and show your unique style.

A Guide for Choosing the Best Shapewear for Lower Belly Pooch

It is so easy to gain weight or have excess body fat. It could be as a result of your fatty diet, genetic makeup, lack of exercise and also pregnancy.

If you’re finding it difficult to wear your outfits, put on that gorgeous gown or fit into that jean and you’re unable to attend that party, feel comfortable on your date because of your belly pooch, well, you don’t need to hate your body anymore.

All you need is the perfect shapewear that would give you a flattened tummy and amazing curves that would get you noticed and stand out! Now, check out these awesome shapewear below for your belly pooch.

  1. Shapellx Bodycon Post Surgery Compression Board: This is among   the best shapewear for tummy control out in the market.

You can use it after surgery too, it helps to support and restore the tummy after surgery and also helps in burning fat around the abdomen and compressing the tummy with its compression board. It is a great lower belly pooch with butterfly design for tummy coverage. It has strong yet comfortable materials to avoid folds, give your tummy relief and give you a nicely shaped body figure.

  1. Shapellx High Waist Best Tummy Control Shaper Shorts: You need a charming curve and slimmed tummy, then, this high waist tummy control shaper short is for you.

It will give you a powerful shaping with its front black hook and eye that keeps your tummy firmly placed. It comes with a plastic bone on each side to prevent it from curling and a breathable fabric that is suitable for you. It is an awesome body shaper shorts with adjustable and detachable straps. It will also enable you to use the restroom easily making it one of the best shapewear pant and shorts out there.

  1. Shapellx Open Crotch Flatten Tummy Bodysuit: This bodysuit is very effective in giving you an overall great body shape.

It has adjustable straps for reducing your shoulder pressure and a three-layer design for a firmer compression power on your tummy. Its hem also prevents curling and the open crotch makes it easy for you to use the restroom easily. It has amazing features and you can easily wear it to boost your confidence, thus getting a nod for our list of best shapewear.

  1. Shapellx Adjustable Straps Underbust Plus Size Thong Bodysuit Shapewear: This is the perfect plus size bodysuit and amazing lower belly pooch for you to show your gorgeous shape.

This makes our list of best shapewear because of its  special thong design and a stretchy lace trim that provides you with a sensitive feel. It smoothens your curves, flattens your tummy and it comes with adjustable straps that makes it easy to wear.

  1. Shapellx Slim Elastic Black Lace Patchwork Body Suit: This shapewear comes with a fabulous black lace design and lace stitch that makes your curves smooth and attractive.

It has a breathable slim elastic fabric with beautiful patchwork and double-layer mesh that strengthens and gives support to the abdomen. There are buttons on the crotch that makes it easy to wear. It is an amazing lower belly pooch shapewear that you can wear under your outfits and it gets a thumbs-up amongst the best shapewear panty and shorts.

These are the best shapewear that you can easily wear, look great and stunning. Step out in these shapewear types and show off your hourglass body figure and flattened tummy. Get one in your wardrobe now.  Shapellx shapewear available in various styles, colors, fabric as well sizes.

There Casual Wear Types Are Stylish and Cozy

With time the popularity of casual wear has increased a lot. Super comfortable and stylish clothing is considered a perfect garment in the wardrobe of women. However, when it comes to wearing casual dresses, you need to wear something that can offer you a maximum level of comfort, style, and relaxation. Well, the design of such dresses greatly depends on the preference and personality of a woman. However, some types will look good on everyone. So, if you are looking for such types of casual dresses, then go through the list below and pick your favorite one now.

  • T-shirt dress

Such types of casual wear are perfect for different occasions. These dresses are made from high-quality cotton and come with short sleeves. You will find these in different colors and lengths. Such casual wear types go perfectly with leggings or jeans. So, for it and you will definitely look stylish.

  • Bodycon casual dress

Bodycon dresses are quite popular among women, and it offers a sexy and hot look instantly. Such clothing is presented in maxi, midi, or mini variation. The sleeves can be long or short, and you can choose the length as per your comfort. These are body-hugging dresses and sometimes look provoking.

  • Dungaree casual dresses

These are very simple yet stylish. Go for black or blue denim made dungaree to stand out of the crowd. Wear it along with your favorite t-shirt and tops. For more stylish looks, wear a pair of shoes, sunglass, and a round hat. Hit the town and roam around with style with such fashionable casual dress.

  • Strapless dress

When it comes to choosing a perfect and stylish casual wear type, you can always go for strapless dresses. These sleeveless dresses offer a super sexy look. They come with a corset that supports them on the body and don’t let them slip from the body. A perfect dress that you can use for weekend parties.

  • Shift Dress

These dresses are very popular as they are quite comfortable as well as offer a stylish look. With no waistline, loose design, and a-type skirt, this dress is the perfect option if you are going to attain a dance party. They come made of different patterns and fabrics. Go for different colors and make yourself look stylish.

So, these are some of the casual wear types that you can wear. Just grab the perfect one and get ready to enjoy your day.

Best Tummy Control Shapewear Make You Look Different

Shapewear has now become a must-have collection in the wardrobe. There is a different collection of shapewear for women to suit different styles. You cannot go to wearing a single shapewear with all the outfits. There are different styles and varieties of shapewear to target different fat zones in the body, and you can choose to wear them as per your event outfit.

Here are some of the best shapewear for women to enhance their body and personality.

Shapellx Detachable Straps Full Body Shaper Zipper Abdominal Control

It is one of the best shapewear for women to target all the essential fat zones. It does not provide bust compression, so you need to wear your bra to give it shape. Apart from that, it is a comfortable body shaper with detachable straps to help you quickly take it off after you are back home from the event. It is available in all sizes, even for plus size women.

high waist shaping shorts

Shapellx Zipper Detachable Straps Postsurgical Body shaper

If you are looking for the best waist trainer shapewear for your body, then you can go for this bodysuit. It is a hot selling product amongst other shapewear. The shoulder strap of this shapewear is removable to make it compatible with wearing strapless party wears. It comes with a zip lock for comfortable wearing. It does not roll down the body even when the straps are detached from the shapewear.

best shapewear for women

Shapellx Well-rounded Invisible Butt Lifter Short

This type of shapewear is one of the best in the lot for some but lifting effect. The main aim of this shapewear is to give you smooth curves to provide you an appealing look. The maximum compression effect in this shapewear is on the butts but also compresses the waist and thigh fats to give shape.

best shapewear for women

Shapellx high-waisted Tummy Control shapewear

It is one of the best tummy tucker of Shapellx Shapewear that targets the waist and tummy portion to give you better curves on any outfit. You can wear it all day long as it is light and puts no stress or discomfort on the skin. It is made up of breathable material.

thong shapewear bodysuits

Shapellx plus Size High Cut Lace Thong Shapewear

As the name suggests, this shapewear is also available for the plus size women t carry an attractive look to the parties. It is sleek fitting shapewear that has removable straps on shoulders to make it ready for strapless party outfits.

best shapewear for women

These are few of the best tummy control shapewear that will complement different outfit styles to make you look presentable with sexy curves.


Timeless Sexy Dresses Every Woman Needs

When it comes to the wardrobe, women enjoy a lot of options than men. Well, that is something really amazing. But it is true that when you have a higher number of options, your wardrobe will definitely be going to be packed with clothes. But why to overcrowded your closet with clothes that you don’t want at all. Don’t make such a mistake and choose something that will make you look gorgeous and beautiful.

If you are feeling confused about this, then don’t worry at all, as here you will find a list of timeless, sexy dresses. So, let’s explore it.

  1. The Little Black Dress

Among the women, such dresses are known as the LBD. Such dresses are really classic and can make you look super sexy. These are perfect for different occasions, like office parties, casual party and all. It is slim and quite easy to accessorize. Want to look a little different? Well, combined it with some pieces of accessories and lipstick, prefer bold one. Use black flats, and you are ready to rock.

  1. Maxi dress

They are flowy and long. Such dresses are here to dominate the fashion market for a long time. As the dresses are long, you will enjoy unlimited options when it comes to choosing a perfect pair of shoes for the dress. They come in different styles and colors.


  1. Sheath Dresses

When it comes to express the beauty and look of the sheath dresses, here two words can be used, i.e., sexy and polished. Well, there is a hidden meaning it this. When you have this dress, you can transition straight to the club from the office. No need to visit your home and change the office outfit. You can go for a printed or basic black sheath dress for a sexy look.


  1. Showstopper dress

Such dresses are one of the sexiest dresses that every woman should have in the wardrobe. If you are looking for something head-turning, jaw-dropping, and bold, go for such dresses. But choose one that goes perfectly with your body. You can go for sheer lace, sequin, and other dresses.

  1. Off-shoulder dresses

There is no doubt that every girl has a piece of such dresses in her wardrobe. It is also known as the Bardot dress. It shows off your shoulder to give you a super sexy look. There is no such particular season to wear them. Wear then, and flaunt your beautiful shoulders.


Go for them all and get ready to look sexy and beautiful for your upcoming parties.

Best Tummy Flattening Shapewear You Should Own

Shapewear is the revolutionary creations of this era that gives an instant slimming effect to women to walk with confidence to special parties or events with an attractive look. For that, you need to buy the best shapewear for tummy. Here are some of the best-in-class tummy shapewear to compress the fats in the area to give you an hourglass figure.

Shapellx Adjustable Straps Tummy Control Thong Bodysuit shapewear

This tummy shapewear is one of the best products of Shapellx that comes with adjustable straps. It is available in size starting from Small to 3XL. It is a perfect party shapewear to blend perfectly with all your outfits. The shoulder straps are adjustable to give a lift to the bust for attaining better shape. It is highly elastic to support all bust sizes. The material is exceptionally breathable.

thong shapewear bodysuits

Shapellx Seamless Tummy Control Shaping Shorts

This product comes under the category of tummy control underwear that compresses the thigh and waist zones and also clinches the tummy. This shapewear is incredibly comfortable and does not roll down in long time use. It consists of steel bones to give support to your back and abdomen.

shaper shorts

Shapellx Seamless High Waisted Tummy Control Butt Lifter

Finding a comfortable butt lifter is very difficult, but this product by Shapellx guarantees you comfort and efficiency. It is made up of breathable material and focuses more on clinching your tummy and giving a lift to your butt for fantastic shape. It blends with all types of outfit and is perfect for wearing it for full-day parties and events.

high waist shaping shorts

Shapellx Seamless High Waist Shaper Underwear Hip Lifting

This product is a perfect Shapellx Shapewear for the ladies who are slightly bulky and need to compress their tummy and waist to look presentable in designer outfits. This product is available in size Medium up to XXL. It also gives a prominent and firm shape to the hips to make your figure look attractive over the outfit.

thong shapewear

Shapellx Waist Control plus Size Butt Lifting Panty

It is one of the most profound products amongst the collection of tummy control underwear. It is available for plus size women and gives an hourglass figure in no time. It is made up of breathable material to cause no irritation during long time use.


shaper shorts for sale

These are few of the popular tummy control shapewear widely preferable by women for carrying an attractive look to the parties or events.