Womens bikinis sale babes strip to find best rear in ‘Women’s Beautiful Buttocks’ series

Brazil’s Miss Bum Bum has become so popular now that womens bikinis sale the trend is spreading around the world.

The communist countries are often known for their harsh attitudes and natural reservations.


However, a group of muscle babies were stripped to womens bikinis sale underwear to prove that they had “the most beautiful hips”.

The disguised contestants marched around the surprised shoppers and collected some strange pose.


Some people even have the opportunity to squat down in front of the lucky people to show off their strong hips.

The competition was held at the Shenyang Shopping Center in Liaoning Province.


The winner of the game will continue to national prestige, like the winner of Miss Bam Bam, Brazil.


The annual competition is highly sought after by the womens bikinis sale model, they often get a rich shape career, and with the world-renowned football players linked.

Last year’s champion Erika Canela has claimed womens bikinis sale that Cristiano Ronaldo has invited her to dinner after you’ve been through WhatsApp.


And Miss Bum Bum 2015, Suzy Cortez has drowned his main competitor, Lionel Messi’s sexy Instagram picture with her copy shirt.