womens bikinis sale are summer’s must-have trend

Baywatch will bring a new generation to CJ, Stephanie and Summer this weekend, along with them, one of the most representative swimsuit in popular culture: womens bikinis sale.


To a certain extent, the timing of the resignation of the Sautgogden can not be improved at all.


Garment designer Dayna Pink said: “This work is really a big trend.” I once again read in the original program, the trend on the womens bikinis sale and what happened to the study, and said: “Well, that what’s going on?”


In the past few seasons, fans led the Baywatch lineup similar to womens bikinis sale the swimwear industry. A single-piece suit with modern details, such as visible zippers, cuts, bold prints and colors, as seen by Alexandra Dagaria and Kelly Rohrbach are on the rise. Polyvore is a community-oriented fashion application, in the search for “single swimsuit” grew by 282%.


Similarly, fashion retailers “universal swimming” search volume increased by 26%. Although this classic style has become the main brand, and these brands have been widely known advertising has brought twists and turns of Ashley Graham (Ashley Graham) ads, and to seek womens bikinis sale a wide range of customers to provide services – creativity and Sara Mitzner, vice president of the brand, said they have expanded into a new market, which they call “sexy bold”, including one.


Mizner said that over the past year, the product inventory and sales more than doubled.


What constitutes a sexy and bold piece The brand new Baywatch start-up clothing includes Graham, Teyana Taylor and Niki Taylor, all of which conform to the bill.


“All body type and age are all unique things.” I think it’s what makes it so sexy. The suit itself has a high leg, no one does not want longer sexy legs. ”


Baywatch-style suits are just part of the overall rise in swimsuit, more than bikini’s mail order. Although the North American coast suffered the North American coast in the early sixties, the beaches of the United States were in a leading position, but once again over the years.


Farrah Fawcett’s rusty suit, seen in the posters of many teenage boy’s bedroom walls, and Bo Derek’s naked appearance helped to womens bikinis sale make tights at the age of 10 in the late 1970s and early 1980s. spare parts.


Pamela Anderson in the early 90s produced the original “Gulf Star” suit. Like Taylor Swift (Taylor Swift) such a star, 15 years later to help bring back the retro, Marilyn Monroe style works.


Earlier this month, Miss Carolina, Kara McCawov (21) became the first lady in the United States to win in the swimsuit match.


McCullough’s suit has become Yandy’s best-selling suit, second only to another unique black and white V-neck.


“We believe that true women are sexy and confident in their own body, rather than on the basis of least coverage,” said Thom Brodeur, chief executive officer of Yandy. “This gives us a chance to make this statement loudly on national television, saying that we think it is cool, not just the trend.”