“Trump Baby” is part of a massive protest in London; “Bikal Khan” is a softer thing

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In July, when a balloon describing President Donald Trump flew over London in London, it was the beginning of a day of protests. Thousands of people blocked the streets of the city and opposed Trump’s visit to the UK.

The reaction was more moderate when a balloon depicting London Mayor Sadik Khan lying next to him and wearing a yellow bikini was released on Saturday.

Organizers say the 29-foot inflatable boat “Bikini Khan” floats in response to the “Trump Baby” balloon.

The 28-year-old Yanny Bruere is the brain behind Khan Blimp. He told the Washington Post that it was done in retaliation for the London Mayor’s approval of the Trump balloon. This is what Bruere thinks is not a “very suitable” thing. The leader of the great British ally. He said that he wanted to “test the angle of freedom of speech” and proposed a balloon to apply for flying – “Look at whether Sadik Khan is willing to accept the same ridicule because he is willing to impose on his leader. The world of freedom. ”

On Saturday, a small group of supporters and amused bystanders gathered at the Parliament Square to watch the release of “Bikini Khan”. The choice of bikini is to refer to Khan’s 2016 delete ad, where a woman is wearing a bikini from the subway and a traffic system used to promote the “unhealthy or unrealistic” body image.

At the Khan Blimp press conference, the organizers wore T-shirts that read “Let London be safe again,” referring to London’s crime rate under Khan’s watch and Trump’s “Make America Great Again” slogan. Some people wear a sweat mask. A woman wearing a sweat-filled inflatable pig.

When the balloon fired, a small group of people shouted: “Higher, higher.”

At the same time, Bruere conducted a detailed review of the deleted Twitter account. A group of online investigators, Bellingcat, said he found that he deleted some tweets, some of whom said anti-Semitism and promoted conspiracy theories.

Bruere told Sky News that the old tweets are out of the background. “This Twitter account was deleted eight months ago. These tweets are out of context. They are a much broader part,” he said. He later added, “In order to do this, I was called the extreme right. However, when the Trump team did this, they received extensive applause.”

The organizers of the two balloon efforts said they were overwhelmed by the reaction and planned to take an airship on the tour. Bikini sweat balloon organizers raised more than £59,000 through crowdfunding, equivalent to about $77,000; Trump baby balloon crowdfunding raised more than £34,000, or about $44,000.

Trump believes that the Trump Baby Balloon is one of the reasons he spent a little time in London during his visit.

“When we launched the airship that made me feel unpopular, I guess he had no reason to go to London,” Trump told the Sun in July.

Khan is laid-back and even fun for the whole thing. “If people want to look at me in a yellow bikini on Saturday, we welcome them to do this. I don’t think yellow is my color,” he said.